Indian Gay Erotica of Wild Night with Hairy Uncle: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: Godhuli: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: I was barely 21 then (just started with gym so I was all toned and lean) and I was still discovering myself and my sexuality (now I’m 35 just in case you wanted to know). I used to spend my summer vacations at Bangalore and used to stay at different uncle and aunts’ houses. I always had the hots for my maasi’s husband. He is dark, hairy and has a sexy toned body. The sight of him in a white veshti/mundu and bare chest (with a janoi/thread worn by brahmins) used to drive me crazy.

During one of those stays my aunt and cousin had to travel to Chennai. It was just my uncle and I left in the house. I kept lusting for him throughout the day and thought of making a move but was worried on his reaction and how I may even get yelled at.

The day passed and after dinner he asked me to sleep in the bedroom with him as the air conditioner was installed only in the bedroom. I was delighted but also nervous as I really wanted to make a move on him but was confused on how he would react. We lay beside each other in a matter of 15 minutes, he was fast asleep (that’s what I thought).

The dim light was on and he was wearing only his dhoti and sleeping bare chested. I could see the thick mat of hair all over and struggled to see his shape and size of nipples. The electricity had gone off and the AC got turned off. After 10 minutes, I pretended to fall asleep and turned towards him and placed my hand on his hairy chest.

He briefly woke up as my hand was cold due to the fear. To my surprise he kept his palms on my hand. After a few minutes, he started moving my hands over his chest gently. I was still pretending to be asleep but I was jumping in joy on the inside.

He moved my hands lower to his flat stomach which was also quite hairy and after a few minutes, he moved my palms to his dhoti where I could feel his hard dick throbbing underneath.

Now that he had favourably responded, I caught hold of his throbbing dick and started caressing it using my palms. He looked at me and I opened my eyes and gave him a smile. He moved his hand away and let my hands navigate on their own. I started squeezing his dick in a style of shagging him with his dhoti still on.

I moved upward with my palms, right from his hairy chest and landed on his face. I pulled him closer and kissed him gently at first and then vigorously. Just then the electricity came on and I could see him more clearly. His moustache tickled my upper lips but it was turning me on even more. He turned around and came on top of me and was kissing me passionately.

Both our dicks touched and throbbed together. He sat up and removed my t-shirt off and just as he was about to remove his janoi/thread, I asked him not to. I oddly have a fetish for janois and men wearing rudraksh maalas or any unique trinkets. He kept his janoi and returned back to be on top of me. He started kissing my neck and shoulder blades and I could feel his moustache scratching the skin lightly.

I held his back and wrapped my legs around his waist to get me closer. I could feel his chest muscles on me and his dick was starting to pump gently now.

I pinned him to his back and sat on top of him to get a full and inhibited view of him. I kissed him passionately and went down to his chest. Finding his nipples underneath his thick mat of hair was difficult and he helped by pointing out to his perked up nipples.

I licked his nipples and bit them gently. Oddly I didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for.

Understanding that nipples were not his hotspot, I moved lower and while he was ready to remove his dhoti, I once again stopped him. I dug my head into his dhoti that was loosely worn and I started licking over his underwear. I smelled sweat and musk from his warm dick. I pulled his underwear down and I could feel his thick and massive monster (7 inches and thick).

I licked it like a candy and then put it whole into my mouth. By now he was impatient and removed his dhoti. He was looking down at me sucking his tool and moaning a bit louder. Now that he had a full view of me sucking him, his tool got even bigger and started filling my mouth. I even gagged a couple of times while sucking him but it was sheer joy.

He pinned me on my back again and straight went for my soft nipples. He instinctively knew that was my hotspot and it got even better as his moustache brushed the area like a shaving brush. He kept alternating between nipples and I finally moaned “I will cum if you keep doing that”. He whispered into my ear, “Let me fuck you deep and feel you first”.

I was scared as he had a monster tool and I had a tight ass. He grabbed the coconut oil from the bedside table and started fingering me gently. He put a pillow underneath my butt and I started stretching my long legs up to give him full access. He applied generous amounts of oil on my butt and his dick.

Before entering, he asked me “Are you sure about this? I don’t like wearing condoms.” I was full of lust now and I replied, “Yes, fuck me. I want you inside  me and I want your cum inside me. Every drop of your hot cum should be inside me.”
He entered slowly and I felt as if someone had put a thick fist into my butthole.

With just the tip of his dick he moved in and out in a move to open me up. Instinctively my butt hole opened and contracted. This turned him on and he dug his dick fully into me. He was now in a push up position close to my face and he kissed me passionately. He was slowly thrusting his hips and I could feel his dick fill up every rim of my hole.

He got up and held my legs and started pumping with greater speed. Though it was hurting, I took it as sweet pain. I simply could not miss this golden opportunity. I took my palms and felt his chest, rubbing it and pinching his nipples. As he was thrusting, I could see that he actually had abs that were prominent when he was moving his hips. He started thrusting faster and deeper now.

I decided to change the position as it was getting painful to bear his monster inside me. I made him lay on his back, kissed him on his lips and browsed through his hairy chest again. This time, some of the hair went into my mouth and in the moment of ecstacy I gobbled up the hair. I wanted all of him and I was hungry for him.

I took his erect cock and put it into my ass again. I was in control as I rode him as per my comfort. I took him deep and I contracted my ass at the end of it. He went crazy with delight and held my hip high and started thrusting again. With my palms pressed on his hairy chest,

I raised my butt so that he could fuck me from below. He fucked as he pleased and after a few minutes rose up to sit with his dick still inside me. We were in lotus position now. His face was near my chest and he started sucking on my nipples once again. He looked up and asked “Would you like my cum in your ass or would you like to drink it?” It was a huge dilemma as I was hungry for both.

After a pause, I replied, “I would love to drink it now and you can fill my ass with your cum later in the night or morning.” He got up from the bed positioned my head on the edge of the bed and inserted my dick from the back. I could taste all the salty pre-cum. He started thrusting forcefully and started moaning “Like that big dick? You want to eat that cum right?”

Indian gay erotica of a young guy seducing his wild hairy uncle for a fuck

I couldn’t even speak as his dick had filled my mouth and was gagging me. He thrust in powerfully and I could feel every nerve and insides of his penis ejecting warm jizz in my mouth. He kept thrusting lightly inside my mouth and removed his dick. I held it and licked all the leftover cum and licked the undersides of the head of the dick. He shuddered in delight and kissed me upside down.

We got back to bed and this time I got to rest head and palms on the warmth of his hairy chest. He said good night and whispered “Get ready to have your ass covered in my cum in a few hours” I dozed off in his arms and waited for the next session.

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