Indian Gay Erotica of Wild Night with Hairy Uncle: 2

Indian Gay Erotica of a Hot & Romantic Facebook Fuck

Indian Gay Erotica: After a good session of lovemaking, I was fast asleep. I was sleeping on the hairy matted chest of my uncle and I could hear his heartbeats and nice muscled chest rising up and down with every breath.

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It was quite late around 3:30 pm and I was confused whether it was a pleasurable dream or reality. I was lying on my back and I could feel a warm wet tongue on my nipples as they were gently being suckled. I’m not bragging but I have well rounded large nipples that many guys are still crazy about (be it 21 or 35, my peach colored nipples have been the most supple and biggest attraction of my body).

With my eyes closed, I was enjoying the nipple play quite a lot. My dick was throbbing and upright with all the pleasure. With my eyes half open I looked down and it was my uncle who was refusing to let go off my nipples and chest. I started rubbing his upper back with my palms and then dug my nails into his back.

He was aware that I was fully awake now. He came up to my face and I grabbed his face and kissed him so passionately as if I was sucking nectar out of his mouth. I could feel his bushy moustache and he went down on me once again.

This time his tongue was sliding over my chest edges, center of the chest and straight down to the navel. All the suckling of nipples made the two nipples throb and ache a little but I was craving for more. He knew it instinctively and slid his mouth to my nipples.

This time he did not use his tongue but just cupped his mouth on the edges of my nipples. I was wanting more tongue action and kept pressing the back of his head but he was having an evil plan of teasing me and making me crave for more. As I kept begging, he placed his warm wet tongue on the tender button nipples.

Now he held both our throbbing dicks and started wanking them together. Since both carry the south Indian genes, we both had similar sized dicks (7.5 inches and thick). He could not even hold both of them together in his palm.
As a bonus to this story, I am sharing real photos of my dick and my nipples (unfortunately I can’t share my uncle’s photos).

My dick was dripping with pre-cum and I was surprised of what happened next. In one swift action, my uncle went down and decided to lick off the pre-cum on my hard dick. He took my entire dick in his mouth and started playing with his tongue.

After fucking me like a hardcore top, this was a huge surprise. At the same time, I was enjoying this as I don’t believe in the idea of top and bottom. Sex is to be enjoyed in ALL ways possible. He finished sucking my cock and it had risen an inch higher with his moustache magic.

He looked at my dick and said “It’s hard to find a matching dick size like mine and that’s the reason why I enjoyed sucking it. Otherwise, I rarely ever go down on any other guy”. He kissed on my hip bone and bit it lightly. It gave me electric shocks in my body. He turned on his back and I knew it was my turn to explore his body once again.

I raised his arms gently and licked his hairy armpits. He had a musky smell and it was intoxicating me deeply. Once again the hair was getting in my mouth and instead of removing them I was keeping them in my mouth and eventually swallowing them.

I licked and sucked both his armpits one by one and kissing his lips when I swaddled between the pits. I rose up slowly and massaged his hairy chest with my palms. Tickled his nipples hidden underneath his mat of hair. Seeing me tease his nipples, he reached out to my chest and nipples. I bent down to kiss him passionately.

My butt was raised slightly and I could feel his dick throbbing on my butt crack. I slowly placed my hands on his shoulders and sat up and this was even a bigger surprise. The surprise was that his dick entered my hole without any sort of hand usage.

The hole was still moist with the coconut oil that he had applied last time but his dick felt bigger and stronger. He slid it deeper and I could feel him nudge my insides. I contracted and loosened my ass lips and his dick was entering deeper. It was as if my ass was giving him a slow blowjob.

I rotated my hips slowly and I could feel his stiff dick swirling inside my hole. He moaned even more and was raising his hips in a slow thrusting action. Both of us were ready to go wilder this time but wanted it to be quite passionate too.

I held his chest for support and started riding his dick and in intervals contracted my ass lips so as to give him complete pleasure. He picked up the bottle of oil and poured it over my lower back. The oil poured through my back and dripped right into my butt crack and his dick.

Oil and bareback was a pleasure of a different league. He held my palms in his hands and his elbows on the bed firmly. He made me raise my ass slightly and he was in charge of the pumping now. He pumped slowly and then in greater speed right into my ass. My dick was getting harder with the wild fucking.

The oil was making sloppy noises and his dick fit every inch of my hole. I placed one palm on the center of his chest and started holding my dick with the other free hand. To offer better support, he held my hips with both his hands and continued with his fucking rage. He was merciless this time but there was a lot of passion.

With his wild rage, he was going deeper now and I could sense his dick and hip muscles tighten. As promised in the earlier session, he ejected his warm cum load in my ass. It was deep within my ass and I could feel a heavy cum load. He continued to fuck and it started lathering and foaming up on his dick and my ass rim.

Feeling all the wet cum, I wanked harder and with his dick inside me, I shot my load on him. My cum usually reaches quite a distance and I could see that a few drops had gone above the pillow and some on his face, moustache and chest. I shivered and shuddered and fell limp on his body.

Indian gay erotica of second round with my wild hairy uncle

I kissed him gently and he licked up my cum and we did a passionate cum exchange. His dick was still all foamy and hard inside my ass. Slowly, I fell on my back as I was super exhausted with all the action. He turned around and put all his body weight on me.

His nipples touching mine, wet dicks brushing against each other and his head was perfectly docked in my shoulder blades. He whispered in my ear “You are mine forever. No one else apart from me will ever get to touch your nipples or ass. Remember that it’s a pact”.

I could not respond in words and simply held his face and kissed his lips once again as if telling him that I agree to every word and surrender my assets over to him. We kissed deeply and later fell into blissful sleep together.

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