Office gay romance story between two horny colleagues: 2

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Gay romance story: Hi Everyone, myself Ajay from Bangalore, before I take you guys into the story, I would like to Thank IGS team and the readers for all your love and support. Without wasting much time on reintroduction and all, we will get into the story.

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Around 12 o clock in the office he just said Hi and went off before I could respond he was not looking as usual, and in the evening I saw him leaving the office early. During the lunch time also I did not see him. After some 30 minutes I got a message from him around 4:30, Hi, how are you.

I was not in the mood to reply. Later saying what are you doing? Are you busy? I did not reply. Had your dinner? Shall I join you for dinner? Please! I did not reply. Actually I was not in the mood either to have dinner or to reply him.

So slept early. When I woke up in the morning, saw few more messages saying, I am missing so much buddy. Please reply. At least speak once. In the morning also I did not reply him, saw those messages and slept again.

I reached office as usually and was busy with the work, later in the evening I did not find him in the office throughout the day, around 7 in the evening he messaged me, shall we meetup for coffee.

Then I replied. I am not so well; I think I should go to sleep. He said Ok, take care, good night. By the time I was completely disturbed and did not reply. Later that I did not get any messages till next day.

In the office also I could not see him, during lunch time one of his team member came to me and asked is Jay not well? I said may be, since couple of days I have not seen him. Usually he will be on leave whenever he visits his home town, it seems he is there at his flat only, the guy added.

I did not respond much and he left. After sometime the other team member came and asked the same thing and said it seems he is not well. You are his friend; can’t you take care of him? He asked casually and with a smile.

I replied with same smile; you are his teammate; can’t you take care of your teammate? We both laughed and he left.

The next day also he was on leave at office, continuous 3 rd. day in the row. It made me to worry little and started to understand that all is happening because of me. As the day started passing at office, I started missing him.

Felt like at least I should have replied to his messages. Even I could not have the lunch properly. Around 3 o clock got his call, I tried to speak normally but no voice from the other side, I felt like he was crying. He tried to say something, but stopped and finished the call.

I got more worried and started feeling guilty for making him to cry. I took an excuse from my lead and left the office around 4 o clock, when I came out the weather was so cloudy. I was not understanding what to do? Tried to call him twice, did not get any answer.

After reaching home tried to call him, so that we can meet. Called him multiple times, but no use. The time was still 5:30 but it was getting so dark in the evening due to heavy clouds. Still waited for his response, when there was no response I decided to go near our regular coffee shop.

I thought maybe I can find him there. When I was on the way it started raining heavily, I opened my umbrella and reached there and called still he did not pick the call. I reached near his flat, then I messaged him; I am waiting for you at your house cross road, I don’t have umbrella also, can you please help, I am completely drenched.

Please come and meet else I will continue to get drenched in this heavy rain. Exactly in 3-4 minutes he was there, after seeing him coming I just got bit relaxed.

I said “Hi”, he replied “Hello” and why did call me here?

Me: to have some coffee with you.
Jay: I just had, you can have I don’t need.
Me: Ok, are you angry with me?
Jay: No, why I should be? No tell why did you lie? You are with umbrella and told me u are drenched?

The next moment I folded my umbrella and went into the rain, within a minute I got completely drenched.

Jay: Hey are you crazy? Where did you learn such stupid things?
Me: from you Jay. BTW you are looking sexy in angry mood.
He did not respond at all.
Jay: please stop being crazy,

He dragged me under umbrella and took me inside that residential area, and stopped under a large tree. The road was almost empty due to that rain. He has not wanted us to be notice by the people having tea and cigarette at the nearby shop. The conversation as follows.

Jay: You did not tell me, why did you come here.
Me: I have wanted to see you and have some coffee with you.
Our conversation was getting bit serious.
Jay: See Ajay, I am not in the mood to speak much.

Me: May I know the reason?
Jay: Just let me know one thing, what do you think about me.
Me: My Sweetheart!
Jay: Do you know the meaning of Sweetheart? If you had understood the meaning of sweetheart, you would not have asked me to leave when I was lying on you that beautiful morning.

I have wanted to take to you to some temple for being blessed with such a beautiful relationship. OMG your tone was like; you are fed up with me. So kindly let me go. This friendship really means a lot to me, I want hold this in my memories, please don’t spoil it. I request you to leave. Please.

By saying this he halted at the point and he has wanted to go back.

Me: Sorry buddy, I had misunderstood about you.
Jay: What was that misunderstanding Ajay?
Me: Let me be more open and more honest here.
Jay: Yes, please!

Me: When you kissed me for the first time on my cheeks, I found that affection in your eyes and the innocence, still I trust your innocent, that is different thing. Whenever you fed me the food from your plate, I lost my heart.

When kissed on my lips, I thought you are drunk and maybe you are missing girlfriend like that, so I did not take that seriously. When you been naked and shagged in front of me I have accepted your reason.

But when you sucked my dick with cum and all, I was not ready to see you that way, seriously I have a lot of respect for you as a colleague, as a senior, I have an affection as a friend. So I was disturbed very much after all this.

Jay: Then why did you allowed me to have sex with you?
Me: I am really sorry jay, I had it just because I was horny and was unable to control myself.
Jay: are you serious, I cannot believe this. Let me clear few things from my side Ajay.

I was very happy and humbled with the way you treated me, you supported me in my difficult times especially for the great tasty food you prepared for me, but I have never come to you with lust. I did not know when I fell in love with you.

You know I had started speaking with you when you were not there with me. I have wanted to spend more and more time with you. When I knew all this thing it was already late, I realized that I was getting hard when I am missing you. I could not come back.

I think you know about my girlfriend, we broke up in a bad way, still I have some good time saved in my memory. Here also same case, I have gone a long way it’s impossible to be normal friend with you. And one more thing I had come forward till sex with you is, I had feelings for you.

I believe I am in love with you, and I am not ashamed for having sex with you. if you understand the difference between love and lust, you wouldn’t had taken the things negatively. Just I was not able to hold my feelings for you and expressed it.

Silence for some moments, the speed of the rain was fluctuating and we did not notice that electricity was already off.

Me: Exactly jay, I have understood that and your feelings too.
Jay: what feelings buddy? Shall I tell you something?
Me: yeah please tell.

He was still in anger. I had completely lost the knowledge, was feeling like I am in a new world when I was seeing him.

Jay: I have never seen such an idiot like you. Moreover, as I have understood you, I have realized that you have started loving before I knew that. Sometimes you don’t agree with the things.

I just kept listening him and was just looking into his eyes. He too was looking into my eyes and sometimes was trying to look on the either sides. Jay continued…

Jay: You know about my family BG; I visit on festivals just because all my friends visits their hometown. I know sometimes you miss your parents and you have lost them. I have my parents still they don’t have much time to care me, you know whenever I go to my home I feel like visiting hostel, I have everything there, still I don’t have anything there.

His parents are doctors and they don’t have much for Jay, and his father was not at all happy with him for failing to get a medical seat and he never use to speak much with him. I have found all the missing things from you.

It seems you find all these things as necessity or need I don’t know. But you have always responded on all of the above. But I don’t find this all as need or necessity, I trust and respect my own feelings, and I have loved you.

I don’t want to get back Ajay. Please let me have this in my memories. And let me go.

Me: You have loved me so much that, after missing me so much you had to shed your tears. So sorry.

He did not respond at all; silence was there for couple of minutes. I understood, actually I trusted completely that he will not be convinced.

Me: Jay, I think I have lost you, your friendship, your love and I should leave now. Can I hug you for one last time please?

He did not respond. After a minute, I could dare to give him a kiss on the empty road side, I know it’s dark and heavily raining, no one was there to watch us. Still I can’t believe that I could do this for my love.

Hugged him for couple of seconds and later kissed him and dropped my hand into his undies holding the umbrella covered and pinched on his bubbly ass, while removing my hand turned it to front side and fully hold his beautiful dick, it was semi hard.

Me: Will not you ask me to pinch on the other side of your ass? (As he did earlier)
He did not reply. Finally, I said.

You know I too have many other good friends, but none has tried to make me laugh, tried to see me happy. Because of you only I have started enjoying this life, started being happy. If you are not there definitely I would go back to the earlier days Jay, I truly love you Jay, if you feel like you should support me, you should allow me to place my head and sleep on your shoulder.

If you want to see that joy in my eyes, please come back. I will be waiting for you near the petrol station (which is around 100mtr far), I folded my umbrella and left towards the petrol pump.

I took a turn towards the main road, before I reach to the petrol pump in the rain, he came back and asked to sit on the bike. I asked, why?

Jay: will drop you. Have your umbrella. (I thought he will accept me and take on his bike)
Me: Thanks, I know the route to reach my place. And moved few more steps by walk in the rain.

Again he came near me, now his ¾ of ass was opened on the bike, asked me, will you not pinch me on the other side?

OMG my heart laughed like anything.

By the time I saw a car was coming, I have not wanted his ass to be exposed in that light. So immediately sat on the bike and covered the area, squeezed the drenched ass, OMG what a pleasure it was. Then he moaned softly aaaaahhhh… then he covered with the shorts.

Later we had coffee and he told weather is awesome, I think we should go for a long drive on NICE road, immediately we drove to his flat and he came out wearing his leather jacket and brought one for me (his additional one). We drove towards the NICE road still it was raining over there.

A lot of people coming back from Electronic city were struck below some flyover and all. While he was driving, I was gone crazy and getting naughty. With some hesitation I tried to hug him below his belly button. He dragged my hands and held in his hands only.

I knew he is getting hard. After placing there for couple of minutes, I directly inserted my one hand into his shorts, I got to know that he has dropped his jockey when he went to bring the jackets. Whenever I see someone coming on the opposite side I use to take off my hands outside.

Gay romance story of two friendly and hot colleagues

Then he told, they are riding with 80-100 speed and they are not interested about what we are doing and laughed. I kissed on his neck and again inserted my hands and was playing with his dick (when he is aroused his dick use to be completely towards his face/sky, not straight facing the opposite direction) I was just pulling his very loose foreskin and was playing.

We both enjoyed this session a lot.

Again speed of the rain increased, we had to stop below some tree, so I stopped. He covered the area with jacket and we got down and opened our umbrella.

Jay: In the last week after that morning sex I have wanted to take you to some temple as I was feeling like I have got my love.
Me: I understood lately Jay, sorry

Jay: hey I have not wanted you to be sorry again. Just I was sharing that’s it.
Me: OK

We both were hesitating to speak about that things again. So we stopped speaking about that. Suddenly he said.

Jay: I am happier than the last week, we must celebrate this special evening. What do you say?
Me: of course Jay, definitely we have to put this evening in the everlasting memories. We have to make it most beautiful evening of our life.

Jay: then we have to leave now, it was being 8:30.

To be continued…