Office gay story of a fun time with colleague: 1

Akbar ki Chudaai ki Hindi Gay Sex Story: 1

Office gay story: Hello Friends, this is Anand again. For those who do not know me, I am fair, fit with 5’9″ height, hairy chest that my partners find very sexy, chocolaty seasoned tits and 7″ long uncut tool that has beautiful pink head (due to my thick pubes I sometimes call my tool a Black Panther in Jungle).

I live alone in Kolkata and I am a bi. Though I discovered my gay side recently, I have had many gay encounters since then. Have been sharing with you few significant ones, this incidence goes like this….

“How about joining us for dinner tonight?” Mr. Varun Agarwal asked, “We will be glad to have your company”.

Mr. Varun was country head for After Sales Services of the company that was one of our major equipment supplier. He had flown from Mumbai to attend in person, such was the importance of the just concluded meeting.

Mr. Varun was about 5’11”, fair, wearing a French beard and the thin rimmed spectacle gave him an aura of a person who holds a controlling position. He was somewhere in late-forties looking very handsome with a black business blazer with a Campania silk tie.

The sales head was accompanied by his executive named Mr. Ankush Singh who was taller and little broader than his boss but not as fair; clean shaven and looked equally impressive in the dark blue business blazer with mauve colored plane tie.

Ankush too wore a dark framed slim spectacle; he seemed an alert, attentive executive in his mid-thirties who was a dependable subordinate.

The daylong meeting had ended in a win-win situation so everyone was relaxed. I noticed that my subordinate Samar was busy winding up the documents, shutting down the video conferencing systems and stuff like that goes with; I realized that it had been well past office hours and Samar had to do the job as no supporting staff was available. I also noticed Ankush helping Samar to clear the things.

While both Samar and Ankush were busy; I and Mr. Varun waited for them to finish; discussing other general matters in a lighter mood. Soon Samar caught my attention and said “Done Sir”, thanking him and Ankush I got up to call it a day.

That’s when Varun proposed a dinner. I looked at my watch, it was about 6:30pm, as if reading my mind Mr. Agarwal said “We will have early dinner, in fact I have been up 3:30 in morning to catch Kolkata flight for this meeting and would prefer sleeping early” he paused and added apologetically, “Of course if it’s ok with you”

For me, today being Friday evening, this offer was definitely okay; also their hotel was very close to our office. I looked at Samar who requested to be excused as he had a preplanned family engagement. I, however, decided to accept the invitation alone.

“You please go ahead and freshen up” I told them, “I know you came here directly from the airport. Samar and I will finish some other leftover day work and then I shall join you”

As they left I quickly reviewed meeting points with Samar and he left in hurry. I went thru some important/urgent documents left on my table by my other subordinates, closed the matter. While going to office washroom, I noticed the typical weekend state of office with empty cubicles and cabins. I freshened up a little and left for hotel.

As I entered the hotel lobby, Mr. Agarwal came forward to welcome me. With no formals on him he looked friendly. “Welcome” he said and we shook hands.

Ankush greeted me “Good Evening”, approaching from far side of the lobby. It took me some time to place Ankush as he had changed his appearance. He was now without glasses, in casuals but still had an attitude of efficient subordinate. He wore light yellow colored tight T-shirt with blue denim’s.

He gave me a smile that made me give him an exploring look, twice. He had a cute face and sexy pink juicy lips. He looked much younger than I had perceived him in his business blazer and tie. I reckoned that he must be a regular gym goer. He had dressed up himself to exhibit his chiseled body that was not visible during the day due to his formal dress up.

He had broad shoulders, strong biceps, firm jaw and thick neck and deep chest with his nipples throwing a challenge at you by protruding invitingly.

Anyways, we shook hands again and proceeded to the garden restaurant. The restaurant manager, who knew me, ushered us to a secluded reserved table.

The garden restaurant was nicely decorated with diffused dim lights along the pathways, colorful bulbs on the plants and green beam lights reflecting on the trees. There were no lights other than these except a small lamp on each table that made it appear light a candle light.

The light sound of western music had filled in the atmosphere making the experience very pleasant and relaxing.

As I took my chair, Ankush walked to the chair beside me rather than beside his boss on the other side of table. As he walked and sat beside me, the light on table highlighted the rhythmic movement of his muscular thighs; making a great show beneath the tight jeans and made my heart miss a beat. I noticed his bulge that I was sure he took special efforts to ensure that it gets noticed.

I felt an uncontrolled restlessness between my thighs but commanded my black Panther to stay.

We ordered our drinks and started chatting. Slowly the alcohol started taking effect and we were more informal and relaxed. All three of us soon opened up and became friendly, the supplier-customer or senior-junior barriers fell apart.

It had been around 45 minutes, we were enjoying the get together and continued sipping our drinks when Varun looked at me apologetically and said “I seem to have some health issue and feeling restless; may be some travel exertion. If you will please excuse me, I would take your leave”

“Most certainly” I said and signaled the manager, “Do you need any medical help or something? The manager would arrange for it”

“No thanks! Some rest should help me” Varun said, looked at Ankush and said, “I am sorry, but you need to carry-on on my behalf and ensure our guest is comfortable”. Ankush assured him readily.

I got up to exchange some pleasantries and thanksgiving to Varun, he apologized again and bid us a good night and went away, I noticed that the restaurant manager had already arranged one person to escort Varun to his room.

Ankush asked the waiter to refill and we resumed our drinks, now more leisurely talking personal info, likings etc. We both wanted to switch to Rum from the whiskey, which is considered sort of official/formal drink that we have been having so far.

“Would you like to shift inside Sir?” he asked, “The dew will start setting in now”

“Can we shift to my room?” Ankush intervened, looking at me.

“No issues at all” said the manager.

“Please send a bottle of Old Monk, with lots of ice, Coke and repeat our starters” I looked at Ankush sort of “anything else?”

“Thumbs Up for me please”

The manager nodded and withdrew.

We got up and headed to Ankush’s room, he was walking ahead of me, still showing all the courtesy of the host, guiding me to his room. I noticed his perfect V-shaped back with broad shoulders narrowing down to a slim waist. His thigh muscles making the same fascinating movements and his round bums were making my walk little awkward as my Panther was now refusing to stay calm.

The thought of my tool giving his ass crack a massage while I holding his firm slim waist made my tool harder and my walk more awkward.

We reached Ankush’s room, he opened the door that had auto shut arrangement; he bent a little and stretched his left arm to hold the door open with palm and gestured with other arm for me to enter first. Doing this he had blocked the entrance making it little narrow.

The half ajar door made me to squeeze into the room having wall on one side and Ankush on other; as I walked past him my side arm literally rubbed against his broad chest so I could feel his hard tits and my hand brushed against his right hand, sending an electric shock wave thru my entire body.

I wanted to start my act then and there only but so far I wasn’t sure if Ankush is in for the play, so the courtesy called for an apology.

So I turned a little to say sorry and noticed that his face was very close to mine. Our eyes met and we froze as if our eyes got locked into each other. His eyes had a mix of hesitation, invitation, challenge, aggression and most importantly the lust.

There was no need to waste time now, I decided to proceed and kissed his tender lips. As if he was waiting for my signal, he put his one hand around my waist and held my head with the other and forcibly pushed me on the wall and started kissing passionately.

His full juicy, hot lips sent me into frenzy and we sort of started proving to each other who is better kisser. Both of us were breathing heavy and moaning. As Ankush had removed his hand, the auto closer was pushing the door against us, as if trying to bring us out of the frenzies.

I realized we were standing right at the room door and anyone in corridor would see us but Ankush was too lost in kissing so I sort of pulled him into the room. The auto closer shut the door automatically. I pushed Ankush against the closed door and we continued making our kiss more passionate.

Ankush had a long tongue that he kept using to explore my mouth. I too took advantage of the same and was sucking it every time I got a chance. Whenever that happened, Ankush would groan loudly and pullout. I would grab this opportunity to start sucking his lip and like this the game went on and on.

Ankush was still holding my head and waist while my palms were on his back, feeling every movement of his back muscles and enjoying it. However as the initial surge of passion began settling down I started moving my hands to feel his body.

I slowly started moving my palms from his back to downwards thru his waist and rested them on his firm perfect round butts and I again started fantasizing my Panther sandwiched between them.

But Ankush seemed to be a kissing maniac, he continued kissing, licking my earlobes, biting my neck and so on. Though it was exciting but I wanted to proceed further exploring his body and enjoying each part of it, but he continued holding my head firmly and kissing aggressively.

His aggression was discomforting me. So I started getting wild and started sort of attacking his tongue, lips that increased the loudness of his moans; his grip on me weakened but the game of proving the one-up kisser continued. It went on for around 10 minutes or even more.

The sound room buzzer broke our activity, we quickly tidied ourselves; I switched on TV and settled on the sofa as Ankush went to open the door. The room service was standing out with things we had ordered. The boy arranged them on the table and left.

Office gay story of hot fun with colleagues

“Come sit here you kiss lover, let’s have some drink” I said taking the bottle in my hand, he signaled me to wait.

He kicked out his shoes then pulled out his T-shirt in a manner of a person who about to put his is prized assets on display and threw the T-shift on bed. Then instead of sitting beside me on a sofa he went on to pull the study chair and placed it beside the table so that he was facing me.

While he did all these his body language was that of a man who has only sex on his mind and looks forward for the thrilling sex that his body is soon going to get engaged in.

He slumped on the chair keeping his shapely thighs apart, adjusting his bulge to ensure proper shape and started making drink for us. As he was expertly making the drinks, I was having a visual treat of his bare upper body. He had unbelievingly smooth skin, I couldn’t notice a single shred of hair on his chest or arms, except for the thick black shrubs under his arm pits when he removed his T-shirt.

His biceps moved fascinatingly as he was working intently on our drinks which I saw were being made strong.

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