Office gay story of a wild drunken night

Indian Gay Story of Hookup with an Actor Friend

Office gay story: I am a bisexual young average looking guy but always decent sexy complements from my mates. This incident happened a few weeks back when I made a new friend in office and I realized that he is as alcoholic as I am.

So to check his drinking capacity and have a friendly competition, I took him to a nearby pub and we started drinking. I realized this guys is a fun to be with and he turns out to be really interesting one after a couple of pegs.

But as you know it’s shit expensive to get drunk in a pub so next time I invited him over my apartment. I live alone and I enjoy living alone.

So it was Friday evening and we started drinking and chatting and smoking and then I thought of playing a comedy movie on my projector and awesome bass speaker system. I don’t exactly remember which movie was that but I know it was comedy genre.

We were still drinking and watching that movie and laughing and then suddenly he tripped from couch and wanted to sit on floor. A couple of minutes later he was fine and I brought another round of drinks.

He was just lying on the floor on his side facing towards screen and I was sitting just at his back side and giving him support. This way I was unintentionally touching his ass.

I didn’t realize it earlier but whenever he was moving or making himself comfortable, his ass was rubbing on my toe. And when I started realizing that it woke my little monster.

Goddamn I was so aroused that I had no willingness to control myself but since he was an office friend I shouldn’t do such thing. I got up immediately and told him that it looks like I drank a lot and I must go to sleep. I asked him to stay over as I have an extra pair of mattress and blanket.

Then he asked me if I have a pair of shorts too as he was wearing jeans and was feeling really uncomfortable. I went to my room and gave him shorts to put on.

He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans and let it fall freely. He was not wearing underwear and my eyes were just staring at his private parts. I think he saw me staring at his assets; he immediately turned and bent to wear shorts.

I was again amazed to see that cute hairless ass. I already had a boner and this made my boner of steel and then he came towards me and said why do you want to sleep, lets finish this movie.

I sat back again and he lied down in the same position but this time his ass was touching my boner. I took that move as his agreement on having some fun tonight. I played the movie back and then we started watching but this time it was a bit different as I started touching his ass while laughing at the movie’s silly jokes.

I kept my hands in such a position that whatever move he makes either I touch his ass or his dick. He chose to share his dick with me this time and moved. Now he was lying on his back and my hands were touching his dick.

I then suddenly moved my hands back and apologized for touching his parts but he dint react at all. I thought that he is so drunk that he passed out.

I took this glorious moment and grabbed his dick and balls outside the shorts. I could see that he is not down completely but was definitely not aroused with his limp penis.

I made some sound to wake him up but he was not in a position to get up too. I thought that it’s not a good idea to explore his body now. I tried to slip away and move but he got up and said where you are going. I said its time to sleep and asked to come with me and sleep on mattress.

He got up and went straight to my room and crashed on my bed. He said that it’s a huge bed and two guys can comfortably sleep.

I tried to make some space for myself and the moment I lied down he said that he loves me a lot. I thought he was saying so because I was the only guy who invited him for drinks and offered a nice warm hospitality at my home.

But then he kept his hands on my chest and came close to me and said it again, I love you.

I told him, yes I love you too. You are a nice person but not many people know about you and you should also go and try to make friends in office and while I was still saying he got up and sealed my lips with his. I couldn’t say anything and didn’t want to.

Without saying anything else I enjoyed the moment. At that time I was not thinking about anything else but just living the instance of pure enjoyment. I really liked the flavor of his lips and after a few minutes when we came out of that state of utopia.

I looked into his eyes and saw a desire to be loved and when I looked at his lips they were turned so red and I was so tempted to suck all the juices of those roses. I kissed him and then this time it was so passionate that we started undressing each other.

Without taking a moment’s gap he pushed me back on bed and started with my neck. He knew very well how to seduce a man’s body and he did it really well. He touched each part of my body with his tongue before reaching my penis.

He spends a lot of time playing with my belly button and places near the ultimate point. I was shooting pre-cum and my penis was dying to be touched.

He was playing with me by kissing my penis and not using his hands at all. And then he finally gave me a blowjob which blew my mind and I am not sure if I was making the sound that porn actors make.

I was very close to climax and I told him to give me a way to go to the bathroom to take it out. He stopped me and asked me to cum on his face which I totally denied and went to toilets.

Office gay story of sexy encounter with a colleague

He came with me and started giving me blowjob again and then he gave me a last quick tickling touch which made me cum. He offered to clean my dick by licking it which I denied and washed it and went back to bed.

I gave him a kiss on his forehead and told him that I really like him and respect him so I didn’t cum on his face or mouth. He said, “That’s fine. What about round 2”. I smiled and he started giving me a blowjob but this time he offered his ass for the fun and I ran to my closed to get a condom.

Put that on and gave him a nice real fuck. I was not sure about his preference but I realized that he definitely liked my meat entering his meat.

We had many more such incidents and I want to share all of them with you. If you liked it or have any suggestions please write a note to [email protected]