Sex office story of a new intern’s sexploration: 2

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Office homo story: Crossing his hands over his crotch again, Raj followed Mr. Kumar back through the reception area and into the hallway, toward the second door which opened into the staircase.

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Raj could feel the nasty grin of the guard seated nearby, glaring into his wet ass behind him. As they climbed up the stairs, Raj figured the structure of this office building.

It was built upon a narrow, but long stretch of land, with probably five or six floors stacked on top, with every floor lined with a long narrow hallway, that opened into several rooms on the same side. Like rail compartments.

At one point they crossed a peon carrying an empty tray as he grinned, almost mockingly, at Raj. Right as he crossed them, he quickly spanked Raj’s ass and went on.

Raj’s penis had lost the previous erection at the experience of having to walk naked through an office space, but blood begun to return to it.

On the final floor, as they entered the hallway, he saw a big older man, with salt and pepper hair, dressed up in old school formals, already walking towards them.

As they intersected, they stopped to have some conversation about some shipment, while Raj awkwardly waited behind Mr. Kumar.

As they wrapped up the conversation, Mr. Sharma finally looked at Raj, rested his palm on one of his shoulders, and rhetorically joked, “New khaashi?” Mr. Kumar smiled and shook his head disapproving the crass humor, and reasoned, “Let’s see…”.

To which Mr. Sharma, more dramatically deducted, “Ah! The final interview, of course” and they both laughed.

Mr. Sharma quietly, yet intently studied the smooth texture of Raj’s hairless body, caressing down the back of his fingers against Raj’s fleshy chest, and gently pinched his left nipple.

As he slightly moved in further to extend the same hand down, coiling around Raj’s back and squeezing his ass, he said, “Looks like he’s in.” Mr. Kumar responded, “Seems like it so far…”

Mr. Sharma sunk his middle finger into Raj’s wet ass cheeks, and very expertly curled the finger in a way, that it slid right into his hole. He tightly inserted the entire finger deep till the knuckle, while pulling his hand up with some pressure, that Raj had to rise up on his toes to accommodate the sensation.

After a pause, he yanked his finger out of the hole and brought his hand back to Raj’s face; and rested the warm and wet finger on his lips. Raj opened his mouth and sucked the entire finger clean, that tasted of his hole and lube.

As Mr. Sharma returned his finger out of Raj’s mouth, Mr. Kumar pulled out a sanitizer and squirted on Mr. Sharma’s hand. Raj found all of this bizarrely amusing and ended up letting out a chuckle.

Mr. Sharma noticed it and flashed a wide smile at Raj, probably registering his chuckle as a sign, that he liked being randomly fingered. Raj later reasoned to himself, perhaps this was a good thing, as Mr. Kumar informed him after Mr. Sharma left on his way, that he would be Raj’s team leader.

There was only one giant doorway on this final hall. As they entered, Raj saw a medium sized office space, with six spacious workstations lined up in pairs, along each of the three walls, with a lot of combined chair space in between; with a fancy door on one corner.

Mr. Kumar asked Raj to wait there as he knocked on the door and went in.

There were two young men dressed in formals, seated on workstations on the opposite sides. One of them was busy on his phone so he didn’t pay attention, while the other one had been observing with a turned neck while still at his desk.

This probably was the most awkward Raj ever felt, standing naked being observed by random strangers.

The guy finally commanded Raj in a low voice, “Hataa” gesturing toward his arms that were still covering his genitals. Raj removed his hand to the sides revealing his semi-erect penis.

The guy smiled and continued, “Ghoom ja”. Raj hesitantly turned around. “Part the cheeks” the guy instructed sternly. Raj brought his palms around upon each cheek and pulled them apart to reveal his wet hole.

In an abruptly aggressive tone, the guy growled, loud enough for the other guy to finally notice what was happening; “More!”

Raj stretched the flesh of his cheeks wider and pushed his rectum so that his hole would open and gape. Right at that moment, Mr. Kumar emerged from the door, rolling his eyes, told the other guy, “Dheeraj rakho”.

Then he told Raj, “You can come in now” and returned back in expecting Raj to follow behind through the door, that had a brass etched nameplate on it: ‘Virendra Singh’

Mr. Singh’s office was huge. Perhaps two thirds of the entire floor. Three couches surrounded a center table, some shelves stocked with books and ledgers, and on the other end of the room, a giant desk placed in front of the only window Raj had seen in this office so far.

The sunlight stippled in through the blinds and befell upon this tall man, seated on an even taller chair, as he talked on his phone, facing toward a wall calendar the side.

Mr. Kumar nudged Raj to go ahead as he parked himself on one of the couches, leaving his files on the table.

As Raj walked toward the table, Mr. Kumar gently pulled his hands open, which had returned to the customary position above his flaccid dick, like some futile attempt at a forgone idea of privacy.

Raj stood in front of the desk, while Mr. Singh continued to talk on his phone without even looking at Raj. Time seemed to have excruciatingly slowed down in those few anxious moments of waiting for Mr. Singh to be done. In those moments, Raj observed Mr. Singh from his seated side profile.

His physique didn’t have a gym bulk musculature, it was toned like an athlete. Yet he could tell the shape of his strong biceps, as the sunlight rendered his pale lavender shirt translucent.

He could see the top of his dense chest hair through the unbuttoned collar and the thick, but trimmed beard beneath sharp cheekbones while donning crew cut hair.

In that moment, Raj realized, that he wanted this. Whatever ‘this’ was, he wanted it. That thought instantly gushed into his groin, and his penis sprang up erect to its peak perpendicularity.

Mr. Singh noticed the movement that just took place at Raj’s crotch and looked up at him. While continuing to talk on his phone, he stared at him for a few more moments, scoping his entire body.

Then he raised his other hand and flicked two of his fingers to wordlessly gesture Raj to come nearer. Raj walked around the desk and stood in front of Mr. Singh, who was smartly dressed with shirt tucked into black fitting pants fastened with a black leather belt.

After a couple of more moments of staring, Mr. Singh pointed towards his own crotch this time.

It took Raj a moment to comprehend what he was being instructed to do. But while he was mustering himself to go down, Mr. Singh impatiently opened his fingers to wordlessly question, ‘What are you waiting for?’.

As Raj went down on his knees, Mr. Singh slightly slid down his chair and parted his legs to let Raj in. Raj realized how nervous he was, as his fingers shook vigorously trying to figure which loop to pull the belt out from.

Mr. Singh continued on his phone, which sounded like he was trying to persuasively convince the person on the other side of the phone, for something; he dexterously reached down to his waist, quickly unbuckled the belt and unhooked his pants.

Raj slowly pulled the zipper down, and moved the flaps apart, to reveal a blood red underwear inside. He pressed his palm upon Mr. Singh’s crotch over the underwear, and was unsure if he was erect yet or not.

As he stretched the elastic of the waistband down, he realized, that Mr. Singh was not erect. It was a giant flaccid cock. Surprised, he looked back up to Mr. Singh’s face, who was still on the phone, while observing Raj.

Mr. Singh raised his eyebrows and nodded, gesturing Raj to continue.

As Raj began to slide the soft penis into his mouth, it went all the way to the back of his throat. He started suckling on it as hard as he could, and in no time the cock grew into a long, thick boner, that now reached the back of his throat only half way in.

It filled his mouth tightly, leaving not much space for the tongue to move around. Raj tried to lick and blow the cock for as deep as he practically could, but it wasn’t as pleasurable for Mr. Singh, since Raj had to leave some space to ensure his teeth didn’t graze the skin.

Mr. Singh placed his free hand behind Raj’s head and pushed it into his crotch. Raj head never done deepthroat before. Definitely not with such a large cock.

He tried his best to push the cock into his throat, but every time he would end up gagging and coughing.

After some time, Mr. Singh irritatedly snapped his tongue and asked the person on the other line, if he could call him back.

Mr. Singh placed his phone on the desk and stood up, pushing away the chair behind him. Raj couldn’t believe how big this cock was. It was curved upwards like a big banana robusta, and seemed to extend from the perinium below.

He moved forward, and held the back of Raj’s head and gripped them tightly, and slowly pushed his cock into Raj’s mouth which obediently opened up.

He didn’t stop the insertion, as he kept pushing Raj’s face into his hairy crotch. The cock got obstructed at the throat, but Mr. Sigh kept pushing until it forcefully slid into his throat.

Raj was gagging repetitively, with slime spluttering out from the corners of his mouth. Mr. Singh did not stop. He kept pushing his cock deep into his throat, until Raj’s entire face was pressed hard against his groin. And he held his head there, not letting him move.

After a few moments, Raj couldn’t breathe. He began to shift uncomfortably, tugging at Mr. Singh’s thighs pleading him for release with his fingers.

Mr. Singh, gave one last thrust, pushing his cock further down and yanked out it out of Raj’s mouth, as he fell to the ground coughing dollops of slime and mucous pouring down his naked body.

Seeing Raj continuously cough, he slid his water bottle on the desk, nearer to Raj, and said in a heavy intimidating voice, “Water?”.

Raj had somewhat calmed down from the coughing, as he looked up at Mr. Singh and then glanced at the bottle. He nodded his head to communicate, he didn’t need water.

To which, a half-smile emerged on Mr. Singh’s bearded face and he returned his hands to Raj’s head. Raj opened his mouth even before he started to push his cock toward him.

For next ten minutes Mr. Singh deep fucked Raj’s mouth. His gag reflexes grew sparse as the giant cock slid in and out of his throat. Mr. Singh made sure to push his entire cock into his throat and banged his pelvis on his face as if he was fucking a different kind of hole.

Finally, Mr. Singh peaked as he buried Raj’s face tight into his groin one last time and ejaculated. Raj could feel the warmth of all of Mr. Singh’s hot semen fill up inside his throat, but couldn’t taste any of it, as it all flowed directly into his gut.

Raj propped his arms back on the floor and hung his head once Mr. Singh released him from his current task. Everything above his head hurt.

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His jaw ached, his throat burned, his mouth wouldn’t stop salivating and his eyes were red and watering. Mr. Singh buckled up his pants and belt, stood there for a few seconds at Raj, until he raised his head and looked back up at him.

Mr. Singh turned toward Mr. Kumar, who had been quietly observing the final interview this whole time from his couch; and nodded. He moved past Raj and walked out of his room, leaving the two behind.

With Raj still on the floor behind the desk, breathlessly naked in slime and sweat, unaware of what he should do next; Mr. Kumar walked over to the desk, and pushed a box of tissues next to the bottle of water. With a deep breath, Mr. Kumar informs Raj:

“Congrats. You start on Monday.”

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