Office gay story of a fun time with colleague: 3

Top to bottom story: Now that Ankush was in my arms, I wanted to start licking, eating his body but he had my pee all over his body so I pushed him under the rain shower. He stood there, like an obedient child while I was adjusting the water force and temperature, his tool hard and erect, water gushing down his well-built body like a water stream flows making its way thru mountain reefs.

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“I want this muscular body, badly. I want to explore every inch of that smooth skin” I told myself and joined him in shower.

I had seen so far that he likes things rough so I decided to be the same and started without wasting time any further. I squeezed his man boobs, pinched his tits and started sucking them hard.

He instantly started moaning. The exotic touch of his smooth body was maddening. I was touching him all over, hugging him, biting him; doing everything at once.

Ankush had gone into all his filthy slang mode again, by now, I had known that this is confirmation of his enjoyment. He was slapping me once in a while during his abusive moaning. I continued squeezing his boobs, biting them at times, also sucking and biting his tits had made the surrounding red.

I started moving down, my fingers gently ticking his abdomen, yet feeling his smoothness. Going further down I encircled his hard, firmly erect tool and held his balls; they were smooth and firm, “Wow! Incredible”, I said almost drooling now. I looked up, Ankush had closed his eyes, ceased cursing but was moaning in anticipation.

I licked his balls and he instantly cursed. Licking a smooth firm pair of balls was out of world experience, I just went into a frenzy, licking his balls, inner thighs.

Ankush spread his legs to make more room for my licking. I reached his crotch and gave him a tingle his response was as expected, “BxxxCxxx!!” he shouted.

Still tingling his pleasure point with one hand, I held his balls in another and squeezed them, Ankush cried. His knees seemed to have become jelly; but he quickly recomposed himself but he kept his eyes closed.

I couldn’t wait any longer and took his strawberry head into my mouth, Ankush cursed again looking down at me. As I was sucking his lollipop, I knew he was dying for me to take it fully in but I kept teasing him; again tit-for-tat.

But he turned out to be impatient partner, he held my head in his both hands and inserted his tool fully in. My reflex was to look for support and I freed his balls. He held my head by hair and started pumping hard.

I was able to take him in fully without any problem as he was not that long but the force and speed by which he was fucking sent me gasping. Every time he pumped in my nose would be pressed by his abdomen and his balls would hit me.

I held him by his ass cheeks to keep my balance and started enjoying the smooth ass and the hard fuck, his filthy curses returned again and his pumping speed too increased. I felt as if I am on a see-saw; some time on a peak of pleasure and soon moving down to a black out.

However, Ankush soon exploded into my mouth with long moans and emptied his balls in no time. He took support of the wall by his both hand in front, taking shower on his back; he was very exhausted, gasping. His tool still in my mouth, I licked his tool clean, kissed his balls and stood up to hug him.

He turned to me still gasping and gave me that sexy cute smile of his (which he gave me in the evening when I entered hotel), which was quickly followed by “BC”. We both laughed and hugged each other.

We relaxed into the shower with hot water running over us, rejuvenating us. By now my hands had unknowingly started feeling his smooth muscular body, my Panther ready again.

I turned off the shower, took handful of shower gel and started applying him all over. The combination of soft lather on his smooth muscular body was toxic. I was feeling his body, soaping him with both palms, his boobs, his biceps his abs, his butts, his balls.

He was moaning all along, still resting his hands on wall, little bent. Having enjoyed his body enough I took some more shower gel again, reached his ass and applied in his ass crack and started massaging his ass button. His moaning increased.

The moment I had been waiting for finally had come, I went to his back and pushed my longing tool into his tight warm ass crack. I then held him close and started enjoying his assets. Ankush turned on the rain shower again, the hot jets made an exciting impact on our lathered body.

My Panther had already managed to settle the den of ass crack; I gently started rubbing my tool up and down. His firm fluffy ass cheeks, my hot long Panther and the shower falling thru made the act amazingly sexy. Soon we both started moaning and I could no longer wait so I asked him to bend a little for my tool to get the more rubbing angle; but it just didn’t seem to be my day.

Just as I was hoping to fill his ass crack with my juices, he turned off the shower and disengaged.

“WTF now?!” I exclaimed. I was like a dog who is trying to enter but the bitch runs away and the poor dog just does the air humping, unable to control his urge. I slapped his ass hard.

Like he has been, he just turned to me and said “Not here, on the bed please. I want to enjoy the dry fur” and rubbed his face in my chest hair; then before I could anticipate his next move, he just scooped me into his arms, gently kissed me on my lips and started walking toward bed. Reaching the bed he gently put me down on the thick and soft mattress and started drying me using the towel.

All thru the evening, this was the first time when Ankush had turned polite. I suddenly recalled that he was not a bottom but he was trying to be, for my sake; this thought threw away my anger and frustration. I looked at him with a new understanding thought that had just dawn on me.

He sat beside me, gave a quick hug, held my hand and looked at me after a moment, “Do you mind if I rim you?” he asked. Normally my response would have been an immediate, firm NO. But then I too had to offer my partner the pleasure he expected from me, even if it had to be against my liking. So I nodded in a go ahead.

His face brightened, he again gave me that killing smile and made me lie comfortably on the bed. He quickly went his travel bag, pulled out a pouch that resembled shaving kit holder. He came back, placed an eye mask on my eyes.

“Oh! So he wanted to play blind” I thought and was excited guessing what happens next, my tool started hardening in anticipation.

He switched to a music channel on TV, playing some seductive peppy tunes and then I heard him climbed on the bed from the edge that had my legs. He made me spread my legs, climbed further and kissed my tool that had turned soft in all this period. Nevertheless, the kiss sent a shock wave again and my whole body shuddered.

Ankush was now sitting on his knees between my thighs; he lifted my both legs and bent them so that my ass reached his face. I had to hold my legs to remain in that position. I had seen this pose many times on IGS but never was part of it so far.

Ankush adjusted himself in a comfortable position, held my ass in his hands and said “Wow! Soooo sexy!” He then softly kissed my both ass cheeks. It felt good, I decided to relax which seemed a little difficult as I was holding my legs backward, my eyes covered and with hard tool slowly turning soft. Ankush started kissing all over my ass cheeks while softly squeezing them.

All of a sudden he bit my ass fiercely, I cried with pain while he laughed and started kissing, licking the place he had bit. After some time he pulled my ass cheeks to open my ass crack and kissed my ass button and immediately went into his slang mode “Bhoxxxx Ke, aisi balon wali gaand leke mujhe tarsata hai”

He started playing his tongue into my ass crack, moving it up and down, tingling my ass button once in a while. I kept my eyes closed and told him to go ahead and enjoy his chance.

Ankush continued his tongue play licking my ass hair, then he concentrated on my ass hole. I could feel his tongue tingling my ass hole, trying to enter it.

He paused for a while, I could hear him zipping open his kit bag and I then felt him applying some gel all over my ass crack, more on my ass button. It felt freshening but tingling cool sensation on my ass hole.

Soon Ankush lost his politeness, he seemed to have gone mad. He started biting my ass cheeks, licking my ass pubes vigorously and trying to shove his tongue into my ass hole which I had managed to keep tightly closed so far.

Ankush now used his hands to stretch my ass cheeks and forcing my ass hole open with his fingers. Shoving his tongue forcefully in. To my surprise, he succeeded, his tongue entered my hole. I felt a sleek warmth entering me, “Oh! Shit!!” I exclaimed.

Having managed to enter, Ankush did not let his tongue escape the hole, he kept pushing as if it was not his tongue but his tool. He was moaning and drooling all over, his saliva trickling down to flowing thru my crack way down to my back.

Even today I am not sure if I was enjoying that act, but someone enjoying my hairy ass like this was astonishing to me.

Ankush asked me to release my legs, put them on his shoulder and shifted his licking to my crotch, bottom of my balls then fully swallowed my balls. Again a shock wave went thru my body and I literally shouted with pleasure. I was enjoying the heavenly treatment. The seductive music enhanced my pleasure manifold.

Soon Ankush released my legs placed them on bed, started kissing my pubes again and balls while caressing my body hair with his fingers. I was enjoying this, with my eyes closed and my loud moans. But I was waiting for him to swallow my tool but the bugger was just avoiding it so far.

There was a pause then I felt a condom being slipped over my tool, I was a little disappointed that the sexcitement will now be restrained but I was okay with it. One of my other partner had done the same as that partner liked the licking lollipops but detested its juices.

I could feel Ankush moving his fingers over my tool as if applying something, his other hand still caressing my pubes. I opened my eyes out of curiosity, just to check what’s happening and what I saw left me nonplused.

Ankush had positioned himself to point his ass hole to tip of my tool, he was busy as if aiming it right. Then he simple sat on it, I felt a piercing pain at base of my tool and I yelled at him in pain; but exactly at that moment I heard Ankush giving a long shriek “Aaaahhh! Fxck”.

My tool had entered Ankush at one go, resulting in all this commotion. I panicked a little as Ankush could very well have been heard by anyone in corridor and my body stiffened in apprehension.

Ankush looked at me, smiled apologetically, trying to control his pain; “BC! Lagaa tha usse mota lambaa hai tera, chaku jaisa ghusa dalaa bey”

I didn’t respond as my pain was quickly subsided by the hot vibes that surrounded my Panther reached straight to my brain, a feeling that let me loose sense of everything and just start penetrating further deep in search of pleasure. I couldn’t stop myself and wanted my tool to penetrate further deep.

But before I could do anything, Ankush started riding my pole, this took both of us immediately to heights of insane excitement. He was going up-down and in-out using his ass muscles to squeeze my tool. Both of us moaning, enjoying the fun. It was like both of us had single dish of our favorite food and wanted to have our own share as much as we could get.

I wanted it more, so I started squeezing his tits with one hand and held his semi-hard tool in other to give him a hand job. Ankush responded spontaneously and increased his ride frequency. Whatever I have been thru this evening, now was the best part.

Both of us trying to prove better, giving each other best and lost sense of time; just trying to enjoy the act. I kept inching towards the peak of heavenly pleasure and finally the moment came for which I have been waiting, I spurted my load in long, heavenly spasms; I was moaning, shouting, shuddering. It went on and on till I was totally exhausted.

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I came to the realization, that during this period, Ankush too had ejaculated again, his juices on my abdomen. He was heavily panting, sweating; he gave me that same killing smile. I pulled him close to me and hugged him tightly.
Without speaking anything we just laid cuddled and fell asleep.

The shrill sound of room phone which was beside the bed awakened us, I picked it up. It was the manager calling to inform that the kitchen would close soon and wanted to know if we would come to dining room or order room service. We decided to go to dining room, I informed the manager accordingly.

I gave a quick hug to Ankush, feeling his smooth body one last time and went to wash room to clean myself. Ankush too got ready. As we were leaving the room Ankush came close to me, “You are good at ass screwing, but next time I will do the honors” he winked and said, “Tongue se hi sahi, Seal toh tod hi diya hai maine”.

“Woh to waqt hi batayega” I said and pulled him out of room, he instantly became the courteous host; shutting the door behind him and politely leading me towards the dining hall. I followed him enjoying his walk again and relishing the experience we just had.

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