Cruising gay erotica of fun with sexy strangers: 1

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Cruising gay erotica: I, Ashray, am 28, still confused about my sexuality and have just moved to London for work. I commute to central London everyday for work and on my time in tube, I see a co-passanger everyday boarding the same tube from South Wimbledon.

Once this co passanger happened to sit across me. This tall, dark, fit guy seemed south Asian but that could be bit of a racist for me to assume but who cares as it was all in my head.

Trust me, I was just crushing over this beautiful man for days. One fine day he came and sat right next to me. His left leg just brushed against my arm and I was instantly turned on.

Glad that I wore a jeans that day so that my boner would not show.

Stars were in my favour that morning. He spoke to me first and asked where I was heading. Quite uncommon to happen in London but I guess immigrants do want to find good friends after all.

He introduced himself as Priyank from UP and living in south Wimbledon for past 2 months now working in corporate. As we exchanged highs, he probably noticed my blushing.

He asked me out for drinks and I was not even sure if he just meant drinks and not a date.

We met at the Soho house that very evening.
He asked me if he could order a drink for me and boy, his chivalry was even more deadly. He ordered me a drink and grabbed my crotch from the side with his hand in between our bar stools.

He noticed I was damn hard. He said so I was right all this while. You do seem to be fantasising about me after all. He came closer and kissed me deep.

I felt uncomfortable though I loved it. Actually we were not in a gay club after all.

Priyank realised this soon enough to grab my hand and pull me in the restroom. He pushed me against a wall and started kissing me. Our conversations in the restroom went on like this:

Priyank: I am going to drill your hole so deep today, Ashray that you will feel the pain for days.

Ashray: Fuck me so hard that I can picture you everytime I want to cum..

Priyank: You are not going to meet me more. WTF! I thought you liked my ripped dark body.

Ashray: I am more interested in something else being long rather than your height…

Priyank: Let me show you baby.. Give me a blowjob right now.

Priyank grabbed my head from my hair and pushed me down. I licked his underwear and could feel his 7 inches long dick super hard in his underpants. I pulled down his sexy hot underwear and started licking his dick.

As I took his cock deep down my throat, I could feel a pain as of a lump in my throat. It was just that his dick was too big for my mouth to take.

Priyank got furious and like angry young man, he pushed me against the wall, tore apart my underpants and pushed his dick in my round ass. Oh boy! What a pleasure.

All the moaning and pleading him to fuck me harder was all worth it. Conversations ahead were:

Priyank: You fucker Ashray, I am goona leave your fucking ass red today. Let me hit it harder. Do you like it ….

Ashray: Oh yeah! Fuck it man. I love it. please slap my ass. Oh! Oh!

Priyank: Take it.. You bitch… Shut the fuck up and keep taking my name…

Ashray: Oh Priyank! Oh my gossssshhhhhhhhhh! Oh nooooo! Stopppp! Priyank, its painful!

Priyank: Now its painful you bitchh…Ashray yoh will come to me every night you scum.bag… Tell me you like it. Let me grab your neck through this belt…

Ashray: Aaaaaah! Aaaah! Donnnnt Stoppp… Dont Stop. Fuck it.. Make my ass red.. Hit itt.

Priyank: Do you want to lick my asssss dirty boy…

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Ashray: Oh pleaseee…And I start tasting his sexy asss. Oh boy! What an evening..

While we are fucking like crazy, interesting event happens. We have an English man who joins us. Complete stranger called John…

John starts to fuck me too. Priyank and John starts kissing deep and both their big dicks are right in my ass. Oh man! I have never experienced this level of crazy..

Priyank offers both of us to come to his place to enjoy for rest of the night… Part 2 continues…