Gay train sex story on journey from Delhi to Chennai

Indian Gay Erotic Story of New Bud's Seduction: 2

Gay train sex story: Hi all, I’ve been a frequent reader of the stories on IGS and am a big fan. So I decided to write one myself sharing one of my experiences. Please feel free to give suggestions and sorry in advance for the mistakes…

My name is Karan and work as a Design engineer, in Delhi. I’m an average built, neither too fat nor too thin, I have an athletic body, 5’11” height and 7.5” down there. So here is how it started.

I don’t have too much of the travelling work, but one day my manager told me that I had to go to the client site as there are some issues in the product that I designed. So he handed me an envelope and said that all the details were in it.

I opened it and saw that there is a train ticket and a letter that had the address of the office guest house in Chennai. I was thrilled as it was my first client visit and that too in Chennai, so I was very happy.

On the day I had to board the train, I was too tired because of no sleep as it was 4:00 AM on a Sunday. So I got on the train and slept, unaware of my surroundings. I woke up at 11:00 AM and was very horny. I checked my phone and decided to try my luck on Grindr, so as I opened, I saw a profile that was 1 meter apart, I texted Hi… and within half a minute he replied.

After talking to him I found out that he was in the same compartment as I was in, I was super excited and we decided to meet at the gate of the train. By this time we had not exchanged any pictures, so I was very excited, I hurriedly rushed to the washroom to wash my face and combed my hair.

I usually don’t keep the beard, but because of the excitement to travel I forgot to shave.

Anyways when I came out and went towards the gate I saw a guy in his mid-20’s standing by the door and smoking. He was 5’11” tall, not very muscular but athletic body (better than mine) and a light beard. I was happy as he was very hot and sexy, he saw me and smiled,

He: Hi, Cuddles (my profile name)
Me: hehe.. Hi
He: I’m Rishabh (Name changed)
Me: I’m Karan

We shook hands and I stood opposite him, he asked if I would like to share a cigarette, I happily agreed as I love to smoke occasionally, ironically that occasion come twice or thrice a day. I was staring at him and he was staring at me.

After I finished the last drag we came back inside, and went to his seat, he was all alone at his seat as the other 5 seats were not occupied, while I was sharing it with a south Indian family.

We sat and started talking, I came to know that he was staying at the hotel near my company guest house, I was very excited, and was getting hard every time I thought about, and how great would it be to see him naked and do unspeakable things to him. He noticed my bulge and said “Tu to bda utawla ho rha hai.”

I knew what he was talking about and started laughing. “utawla mai akela hi thodi hu” I taunted pointing towards his bulge. He said “chal zyada der utawle nhi reh skte dono” he looked around and whispered “Mai bathroom ja hu, 5 min baad tu aiyo ek baar knock krio me samajh jauga kit u hai” I liked the idea and agreed.

He went inside and after 5 min I also went there and knocked once as decided. He opened the door and let me in. Both of us were scared, so we looked at each other and started giggling. He moved forward and we started kissing. Our lips met and soon turned into a deep kiss…

(Now after this I’ll be writing in Hindi, as it will be more fun to read it that way)

Hum dono ek doosre ko kiss krne lge, uska ek haath meri gaand pe tha aur doosra meri gardn pe. Mera ek haath basin ke upar tha balance ke liye jab ki doosra haath uski gardn pe. Usne mujhe apne ek haath se uthaya aur meri peeth ko diwar se lga ke mujhe acche se kiss krne lga, ab mera ek haath uski nikkar ke ander se uski gaand ko masal rha tha aur doosra uski tshirt ke ander se uski peeth ko mahsoor kr rha tha.

Hum dono ek doosre ke itne kareeb thay ki hmare lund aaps me chipak rake thay. hum dono softly moan kar rahe thay aur ek doosre ke ander kho gye thay. Rishi (Rishab’s nickname) ne apna haath mere lund pe rakha aur usko bahar nikal diya aur apni nikkr neeche krdi, ab hum dono ke lund nikkar ki kaid se bahar thay.

I was surprised seeing his 8″ thick and fat lund. usne mere lund ko hath se sehlana shuru kiya aur me uske lund ko sehla rha tha. Tabhi usne meri gardan ko kiss krna aur bite krna shuru kiya, I was enjoying it very much. dheere dheere wo neeche jhukne lga aur apna ek haath meri tshir ke ander daal ke mere nipple dabana shuru kr diya.

Mujhe bohot mza aa rha tha, tabhi uske garam jeebh mere lund ko chui aur mere muh se “AAhh…..” nikal gyi, zyada zor se nhi thi, usne mujhe dekha aur smile ki aur ek hi jhatke me mera pura lund apne muh me le liya… kuch der chusne ke baad mne uske muh ko pakda aur use kda kiya, usne mujhe kiss krna shuru krdia, ab hmari jeebhe bhi ek doosre ke muh ko acche se explore kr rhi thi.

Ab meri baari thi uske bade lund ko apne muh me lene ki, me jaise hi neeche baitha aur uska lund muh me liya tabhi achanak se darwaze pe knock hua. Us time jaake hum dono lo realize hua ki hum pichle aadhe ghante se train ke bathroom me hi hai. Bahar se ek aadmi ki awaz ayi, “Kitni der hai bhai…”

Rishi ne ek ladki ki awaz me bola “Ladies hai bhai… bas 5min aur”… bahar se awaz aayi ” Sorry Madam, aap kr lijiye, hum doosri jgah chale jaate hai”.

I was shocked and looked at Rishabh, he said “agar usko pta chl jata ki koi aadmi hai to ladne lag jata, ladies sunte hi chla gya”

Gay train sex story of a quickie hookup

I said “Woh sab to mai samajh gya but itni believable ladki ki awaz kaise nikal li tune” ye sunte hi vo hasne lga aur kha, college me theater plays krta tha to ek do baar ladki ka role kiya to apne aap seekh gya”, I laughed and then he said “Ab chlte hai nhi to aur zyada log ikatthe hogye to maar padegi” and kissed me..

Ye kehte hi usne apni nikkr upar ki aur jaake apni seat pe baith gya, uske jaane ke 5 min ke baad me bhi nikla aur jaake apni seat pe baith gya.

Seat pe jaake mne apna phone check kia to dekha ki GRINR pe notification thi

Rishi: Kaam adhoora reh gya apna
Rishi: Number to dede apna, ya app pe hi baat krni hai
Me: Ha, kaam to adhoora reh gya, aaram se tere hotel me jaake pura karenge

Then we exchanged nos and started chatting on whatsapp…

Kya hua baaki ki journey me?, hotel me jaake kya hua? ye sab agli baar. Please write and tell ki story kaisi lagi in comments section.


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