Hospital sex story of horny colleagues blowing each other

Office gay romance between two young colleagues

Hospital sex story: Hello everyone my name is Rohit Gurbani and today I’m going to share my first experience of recieving blowjob that too in a hospital in open. So here the story begins. I knew I was gay since childhood like when I was 13 and had first hookup while I was 14 yrs.

This incident happened like 6 yrs ago. I’m 31 so that time I was 26. I work in a reputed government hospital and have come out to my colleagues. I had encounters with 5 of them but 1 which I’m sharing was the best one.

A guy named sanju in office knew I’m gay and I had given him blowjob earlier. So the day when incident took place it was very late in the night at around 1.30 am. We were 2 of us me and Amit on duty.

My duty time was 11 pm to 7 am and we shared duty for 4 hours each like he was working from 11 pm to 3 am and my slot was 3 am to 7 am. So usually in that 4 hours we slept and then worked but destiny had different plans.

I was just doing time pass in my phone. At around 1.30 am I went outside hospital to smoke and there I saw my sanju also smoking. It was unplanned meet. After we smoked we were going inside hospital.

So he asked me if I would have sex with him. I was completely ok as I have blown him in my department many times so it was not new. I asked him to come to department but he said he want our encounter to be secret so said no to come to department.

I was wondering where to go so he told me he knew a secluded place in hospital where we can have fun and no one will come. Well it was like a dream coming true. Since my childhood I had fantasy to do it openly.

I immediately went to the place. A brief description of the place, there is a building behind which there are small houses made for labourers who worked there. Now time was 2 am.

We reached the place and then my dream came true. Since there labours were staying there I was scared of getting caught in the act but sanju told. They live alone here and they work for the whole day so will not come out.

Even if they came out we were boys and they too had tool which we had and sanju knew them well so thet wouldn’t complaint about us. Wow then my confidence came back and I asked sanju if I can remove all my clothes.

He answered in positive. So I was wearing a tshirt and a track pat and nothing inside. First I removed my t shirt then my track pant. I was full nude in open in front of sanju without hesitation.

Sanju was wearing tshirt and shorts. So I removed his shorts till legs and pulled down his underwear. Now 1 thing about sanju I’ll tel u that he is small in height so have a tiny cock.

I dont know about flaccid but when its erect its surely not more than 4 inch. So when I started sucking his dick he started getting hardon in my mouth.

It was just a start and he had a phone call. It was from his wife since he went down for a smoke and didn’t went home so she was worried. He replied politely that he has met a friend and talking to him and will be home soon.

While he was on the phone I still sucked him, surprisingly he controlled not to moan in front of his wife. Then he cut the call and started something doing on the phone. I didn’t care about.

After 20 mins of thrilling blowjob session he came in my mouth. Meanwhile his phone was in his hand all the time. Now once we finished I started wearing my clothes back. He stopped and said he will blow me since I’m hard.

I agreed. He knelt on his knees and started sucking my 6 inch dick. Wow what an experience. Your totally naked out in open in front of houses and ur recieving a blowjob and cool air is touching ur body making more hard to resist.

So he was sucking and I was enjoying and moaning. When he used to suck only my dick head I would moan loud. I didnt care that Labour would come out and catch us I was enjoying my special moment.

After 10 mins of sucking I came in his mouth and he gulped my cum. Finally we were done so we started wearing clothes. After wearing clothes what doubt in my mind came I tried to clear with him and doubt was true.

I asked him what he was doing on his phone after he spoke to his wife. He said he has recorded the whole video of me blowing him. I was shocked and disheartened as my private moments were recorded but since I was a regular visitor of igs one thing I knew its common now.

Hospital sex story of horny gay colleagues

So I consoled myself. After going to office it was 2.45 am so amit asked me where I went. I said while I went out to smoke I met sanju and was roaming arround with him in premises. He believed me.

I would have told him as he knew I was gay but since sanju had asked not to share this with anyone so I respected his privacy. So this was all about me recieving my first blowjob.

There is another story where I sucked sanju in my dept while he had drunk ganja and 4 of my colleagues were watching me giving him blowjob.

Have fun guys and post ur experiences as well.

Love u indiangaysite.