Indian Gay Erotica of an Outdoor Adventure: 1

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Indian Gay Erotica: I have been asked by many readers to narrate my expeditions and as we all have more time now so I thought of narrating one more true story of mine. I am hoping that you will like this story too as you liked my other three stories.

To my new readers, I am Jay and slim in built, fairer in complexion with 8 inch dick which is mostly hard but I use my ass more than my dick and in my late twenties. Coming to the story, I had this friend of mine whom I have met twice before this incident whom I will call here Arya.

Both the time we have hooked up in night in empty places as we both couldn’t host. To talk about Arya, he is also a thin fair guy with 8 inch dick but his dick is thick like big cucumber and slightly shorter in height than me.

This morning, I was feeling horny and wanted to have fun and I called my friend seeking to quench my thirst and he was busy but told we can catch up at night like always. I told him I can’t wait that long for which he replied ok let’s meet after lunch. I said ok and waited for noon.

In the noon, I went to pick him up near to his home and he came at our predecided place to meet me. I picked him on my bike and I asked him where can we go at this time as it was broad daylight and we can’t go to our usual areas. He told me to keep driving we may find some areas.

Arya was feeling very horny and put his hands inside my shirt from behind and caressing by body. He started pinching my nipples which are flat but I love it. He was licking my neck from behind and I was moaning and I could his feel his bulge near my ass.

I took my one hand and pressed his dick and it was rock hard like I wanted. Arya said Jay kiss me right now and I don’t know how I managed but keep looking at the road once in a while at slow speed we smooched by Arya catching my neck and pulling me into him.

We were scared of being caught and falling off but horny too. Gladly, we were passing through non residential areas where there are only trees.

Arya kept hugging me from behind and trying to find the a place for us to do it. I kept suggesting him wherever I felt that we can get into action. He knew these places well and renecting it and I was getting mad without getting laid.

Suddenly, we passed through an area where a narrow road was going inside to a forest like area and I suggested him we can do it here. Arya told me Jay it is risky as these places are owned by people and they can catch us.

But I was adamant and told him nobody will catch us in this noon. They must be busy sleeping and I can’t wait more to have you. He reluctantly agreed to my plea.

We parked the bike in the opening of narrow road and started walking down the trail. There was an area which was steep but above which a mud road was passing by. We went to that area and we started smooching. I was so horny that I was licking all his face and started putting my tongue inside his mouth and he caught my hair and pulled backwards and said Jay you have woken up a monster now and it will eat you.

I said Arya let this monster eat me and I don’t care. He started kissing and biting me on my necks and I was moaning loudly.

He told let me give you love bites so everyone knows that you were fucked by a monster and I told Arya bite me, eat me and just make me yours baby. He started biting on my necks and licking it more harder now and I am sure it gave me lot of hickeys.

I got released from his hand which was pulling my hair and started unbuttoning the shirt and he said baby it is not safe to be full nude but we both love to have sex being full nude. I told him Arya don’t be a girl let anyone come we will tell them to join us but don’t stop me. He started smiling and just allowed me to do what I wanted.

I opened his shirt fully but didn’t take it out. I was kissing and sucking his nipples and he put his head back and was just enjoying the moment. I was giving my love bites to my man now to tell others if anyone meets him that he already has someone who can go crazy with him.

Doing this, I went to the steep area and he was on the road. Now, if we see from the place where we parked bike only he can be seen and I was invisible. To our disbelief and bad luck suddenly we heard shouting from far asking who is there? We both got scared.

I slipped more into the steep and Arya started putting his button before the voice reaches to us. By the time this guy reached us Arya was dressed completely and we both were limp due to being scared. He helped me to come out of that steep.

This new intruder looked at both of us quizzicaly and scanned us from top to bottom. He asked us what we are doing here? I was scared like hell and Arya was bit calm. He told we simply came here to look at the place. The man who came was 35+ with big belly and was angry and he asked next question where is the girl?

We both looked at each other shocked and said together which girl? He said I saw someone going into the steep from far. Actually, he saw me going into the steep and thought it was a girl. We both said there is no girl. I said ok we are getting late and I started moving towards my bike and I wanted to somehow runaway.

This man came running behind me and took the key from my bike and said you can’t runaway like this from my area without clearing what you guys were here for? I was scared and didn’t know what to do.

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He started making calls to his friends and three of his friends joined him in 5 minutes. He was continuously asking us what we were doing there as we three were waiting for his friends to come. Arya came up with a brilliant idea and told a story to him.

Now if were gang banged or beaten up to death or did something unusual happened will be told in next part which is right here!

Let me tell you this is true incident and I get goosebumps thinking about that day as it almost made me piss on my pants. Criticism and feedbacks are welcome to my personal ID [email protected]

Until then be safe and be at home.