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Some people have quite kinky sex fetishes. Many submissive bottoms like to be pissed upon by tops. The dirty Desi bottom gay guy in this video is one such kinky Desi bottom who loves to use some thick Desi cum shampoo with a piss shower.
Few days ago, a horny Desi bottom guy hit me up on a gay site. He was seven years older than me and was looking for a casual Desi sex encounter. I hadn’t had sex in weeks so I took him up on his offer and we met at a nearby hotel room.
The Desi bottom guy seemed like a decent enough guy and after some idle talk, he started to unbutton my shirt. After taking off my shirt he quickly got himself naked while I watched him do so, in a quick striptease sort of way. He then went a little far ahead and got down to his knees and came to me like a slave animal and started to take off my shoes.
I wanted to record all the action so I quickly took out my phone and was turning on the camera when he placed his hand on the cam and conveyed it silently with his horny eyes that he didn’t want to be filmed. I was disappointed but I agreed and moved it away but luckily, as you’ll know later, I still kept it in my hand and decided to focus my mind on what was being done to me.
I was getting aroused by this submissive Desi gay bottom and knew that I was going to have something I never had before. The Desi slave bottom then undid my jeans and with one generous pull took them off along with my briefs. I was sitting there in my vests, hard like a rock and this Desi bottom slave then went to fetch something from his bag. It was a metallic chain which he wore around his neck like a dog’s collar and gave the other end to me.
I took the chain from him and yanked at it pulling him down to the ground on my crotch, grabbed his hair and pushed his head onto my hairy Desi balls. He seemed to like it but I was enjoying this beyond words. He licked and sucked them like a dog and then I spit on my hard Desi cock and shoved it deep down his throat. He had a terrible gag reflex but I was feeling relentless so I pushed my hard huge Desi cock deeper into his mouth till his lips were kissing my crotch and forcefully kept his head there by pulling at the chains.
The Desi bottom slave began to choke and was trembling for air so I released his chains and he began to gasp for air on the floor. He looked at me straight in the eye, his eyes were bloody red and horny. The Desi bottom gay slut liked what his master was doing to him. Without saying anything he jumped at my hard Desi dick and took it wholly into his wet warm mouth, this time with quite ease and expertise!
I can’t describe how great a sucker this Desi gay slave bottom was. He must’ve sucked off hundreds of hard Desi cocks but was as hungry as if mine was his first! He kept tugging my balls hard while sucking my hard Desi cock in long and complete fast slurps. All this wet worshipping was making me hot and horny as hell and I was almost on the edge. I controlled myself for five more minutes but this Desi slut sucker wasn’t going to give up until he had what he wanted.
I was probably just two licks away from cumming when suddenly he stopped and left my dick and went to the toilet. I thought something went wrong so I followed him and found him kneeling on the toilet with his head in the seat. When he saw me he smiled and winked at me and said, “Cum on my head and wash it off with your piss.. Give it to me right now!”
Although he was acting a slave, he said that in the most authoritative way and I had to oblige. I was going to do as he asked but then, seeing his head down like that, I realized the golden opportunity and turned the phone cam on and started to jerk my hard Desi cock. I was so turned on that it didn’t take much tugging and soon streams of cum started dripping down my hard Desi cock onto the Desi gay bottom’s head and back. I’ve never had such an orgasm again in my life!

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As soon as my hard Desi cock got slightly soft, I started to shower his head with the warm golden fluid from my loins and tried to clean up my cum shampoo off his head. I loved and enjoyed the dominance I had over this submissive gay bottom then but when I think about it now I realize he was the actual dominator who played me well.
As soon as I emptied my bladder, I turned the phone cam off so that he won’t know about the recording and went discreetly to the bedroom. Once there I started to dress up and heard the sounds of shower from the bath, I wished to join him again but after the release I didn’t have the horny guts to do things with this hell of a kinky and dirty Desi gay bottom again. So I left the room and went home to have my own shower and relax after the heavy draining.
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