Desi gay video of an indian guy jerking-off

Desi gay video of an indian guy jerking-off

Masturbation is truly a one man’s job. There are so many euphemisms out there for masturbation, jerking, rubbing one out, hand play, beating off, hand job, wanking and the all-famous “muth maarna” in hindi. Well nomatter what you call it or how you did it, the pleasure you get is undeniably amazing. The best love you can have is indeed with yourself and yourself alone. So many times it’s our hand that comes as a saviour in the extreme horniness and provides us with the “release” that we so eagerly wait for. Today we have one such hot desi gay video of a horny indian teen who wants to relieve his sexual tension and takes some time off for himself in the toilet.

The guy in the desi gay video has applied a lot of lotion to his long and hard, big dick. He’s got quite an impressive size. His uncut dick looks very sexy, being rubbed by him, covered in the white slippery lotion. He’s enjoying his naked solidarity in the toilet so well.

The desi gay boy spits on his cock for more lubrication. He apparently likes it very wet and slippery. Seeing the lotion getting absorbed and the spit drying, he grabs the lotion bottle again and applies another handful of the white lubricating fluid all over his hard and uncut big dick.

Horny boy jerks-off with both hands in desi gay video

After applying enough lotion, he starts using both his hands to stimulate his hard long shaft. He runs his finger along the sides of his hard cock to get the feeling of being inside a well-lubed tight ass-hole. A horny and naughty young lad indeed!

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