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I am Raghav , an Indian Gay from Chennai. I share a room with a Tamil guy who works with me in the same company. His name is Mutthu and is from Andhra He is somewhat dull yet has decent facial elements with wavy hair. Mutthu is a dedicated and basic fellow.
Commonly Mutthu would be in the room lying on bed and would go ease back on his work to see me put on my clothing and the dress. I use to take this chance to reveal him my 6 inch semi hard dick as though I was not mindful that he was viewing. He would simply stop work and gaze at my dick and would issue me a guileful grin in the event that I took a gander at him.
One day he saw I was lying on bed lazily and suddenly inquired as to whether I need him to issue me head and body back rub and I concurred. All of a sudden he understood I was practically exposed and my marginally slim body was shinning. He stopped and issued me a through gaze upward and down and gave a shrewd mischievous grin.

Indian gay from Chennai gets his dick sucked by room mate

He then began to rub the body moisturizer everywhere on my thighs and ass and I was getting a charge out of the small back rub and after that it abruptly happened, with snappy reflex he tore my thong and began rubbing my semi hard Indian gay dick, right now I was shocked to the point that I couldn’t even move, by now he took my 6 inch hard dick into his mouth and began to issue me the best slippery caress of my life, I realized that it is highly unlikely I could escape from this circumstance as it felt so great, so I sat down on the quaint little inn stooped down before me and began to suck my Indian Gay dick and lick it from the side, then he snacked all over me a bit.