Passionate gay sex story of two lovers and their romance: 4

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Adult gay romance story: …And as I lay, eyes closed, still gasping, I felt him release my cock and swirl his tongue over my still tightly knotted balls, slipping under… while at the same time gripping my knees and lifting my legs high, parting them… the moist tongue flicking its way down my hairless perineum… going for my anus!

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“Uhhh…” I groaned, my pelvis jerking as his tongue stabbed at my tightly clenched opening…

Bas, mein paagal banaa jaa rahaa thaa at the impossible pleasure flooding my body as his tongue lapped along my crack… twirling around and tickling my tight little opening… his lips pursed as he kissed my tiny hole…

Maano mein apnaa hosh gawaane hii wala thaa when I felt his mouth move up… over my still tight balls, my flaccid cock… kissing his way up my soft, smooth body… till he reached my mouth, gently nipping my lips, kissing me… making me groan into his mouth… CRAZY IN LOVE, TOTALLY HAPPY!

Still chewing on my lips I felt his hands slide down my arms, taking my hands in his, our fingers interlacing… and then he swung them high, stretching my arms over my head, leaning down on me, his torso flush against mine… and that’s when I sensed the intense heat, and the fierce rigidity between my still parted thighs…

He was rock hard once more – his engorged cock-head nudging my thighs and pubes… blindly poking and prodding around my groin!

Mere thirakte labon se nikalta huyaa wo ‘aah’, mere sulagtii sansoon kaa wo garmi, maano sara badan me aag lagii hon… unhe aur uttejit kar rahaa tha… and he kept grinding his pelvis against my crotch more forcefully…

Woh ab paaglon jaisa choom rahaa thaa mujhe, biting down on my already puffed lips… his tongue tip repeatedly tickling my super-sensitive philtrum — an act he knows drives me wild, arouses me beyond control — and I writhed under him with renewed lust, groaning out my desire… he abruptly pulled back his mouth.

“Lenaa hain abhi?” unhone poochhaa, his voice husky.

“Haan…” I whimpered back – aur thaa bhi kya vikalp mere paas?

“Toh khud pakad ke daal le…” he said, releasing my right hand.

Meine haath neeche karte huye unkaa khadaa lund pakad liyaa — uff, kya mast motaa lund, kya akad, kya garmi! — aur seedhaa mere chhed pe tikaa diyaa.

He immediately began rocking his hips… gently nudging, coaxing my hole to relax and open up… aur achanak saa chhed ubhar uthaa, stretching wide open, and his swollen glans just popped in!

We both gasped… me groaning as he paused, letting me adjust.

And then he began to gently work his way into me, slowly sliding in… inch after thick inch.

It took him a while, but he was finally in, right down to the thick base of his giant penis… before beginning to fuck me!

Mein table pe laetaa, aur woh mere ooper jhukaa huyaa… our mouth still joined in an unbroken kiss, our hands once more gripping each other, fingers tightly intertwined… me gripping him as my body rocked to and fro… continuously moaning into his mouth as he speeded up!

It was an outrageously oragious session of mindblowing sex… on and on… aur mein ascharya-chakit reh gayaa — poora dinn fast karne ke baad, binaa kuch khaaye… kya power, kya stamina… wow!

Aur jaise-jaise unkaa mota lund meraa prostate ko rub kartaa gayaa, waise-waise meraa lund bhi phir se khadaa hone lagaa…

Unhone mera lund kaa akad mehsoos kiya, aur mera munh chhod kar sarr uthhayaa…

“Jaanu,” he smiled, the voice hoarse, “when you ejaculate while I’m still inside you, tu aisaa mast dabaataa mera lund kae mazaa aa jataa!”

Aur phir mujhe thoda saa neeche taraf kheechtey huye meraa kamar ooper karke khud jhuk gayaa, aur phirse meraa lund apna munh me le liya!

“Oooo….” I cried out as the moist heat engulfed my raging cock.

This was something totally new – iss se pehele aisa kabhi nahi huyaa thaa, in the past seven months he had never sucked me off while fucking me, my hips swaying high, jerking wildly!

Having a fat cock in your ass, and a wet, warm mouth around your cock is out of this world…

Meraa kamar bekaabu thaa… bucking and swaying… slamming at his crotch as he thrust in, and then lunging high, shoving my cock in his mouth as he pulled out!

It took maybe ten minutes this time, and I was once more shooting my cum in his mouth… my ass crazed as the overworked muscles squeezed and tugged at his cock… making him grunt even as he was still swallowing my semen.

Once I was done he released my cock and moved up aur mujhe choomne laga, meraa honth choosne lagaa… his breath ragged, his hunches erratic…

Another five minutes and he went wild… slamming in as he unleashed a torrent of sizzling hot sperm deep inside me, filling my belly with the viscous liquid!

Hum dono hii ab bilkul thak chooke thae, choor-choor… me flat on the table, and he slumped over me… both panting like marathon runners…

His massive cock still encapsuled in my snug, incommodious flesh sleeve, we remained joint in rapture… still chewing and nibbling at each other’s lips, purring with joy — totally drained, fully sated… desirous for more!

Ek kuch saat-dus minute ke baad unhone apna sarr uthhayaa, and as I blinked open my eyes, looking up at him, giving a crooked smile haampte huye bolaa, “Yaar, ab sirf teraa cum se nahi chalegaa, ab toh kuch solid khaanaa hii padegaa!”

Mein pooraa sharmaa gayaa, blushing furiously… aur tabhi door bell baj utthaa.

Honestly, mein ek alag hii duniyaa me thaa, and the sound startled me, making me wonder kaun ho sakta hain… when he lifted off me, finally pulling out his cock… his cum instantly gushing out of my furiously twitching anus. rolling down my crack…

“Ah, perfect timing!” he exclaimed looking around for his clothes, calling out, “Yaar, Ravi, rukh zara, abhi khol raha hoon…”

It was Ravi, the food delivery boy — jo harr roz khaana le karr aataa!

Lifting up on my elbows I was looking around for my clothes when he came back from the balcony with his boxers, waving a hand at me as he pulled them on…

“Kapde pehen-ne kaa koi zaroorat nahi, tujhe toh godd me le kar, lund pe bithaakar, kiss karte-karte khaanaa khilaoonga… in fact, aaj Karwa Chauth, raat bhar andar hii rakh doonga, nikaalongaa nahi!”

Adult gay romance story of horny lover boys

I went red in the face at his words, and felt a shudder pass down my slender frame… but before I could say or do anything, he had already opened the door…

“Hey, Ravi… thanks yaar,” I heard him say… feeling terribly weird lying there on the table, all naked and leaking cum… a stranger at the front door!

“Kal bhi do meals naa?” I heard the boy ask.

“Haan, hamesha jaisa, agle do dinn.”

Darwaaza bundh karte huye he came and placed the food on the table, and then grinned at me, “Chal, ab boxers utaar ke baith jaa… I’ll feed you!”

Aur jaise mein neeche taraf dekhaa, I found his boxers front already tented!

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