Desi Gay Erotica of Straight Drunk Boys Straying

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Desi Gay Erotica: Amaav was my arch rival in college. We both were engaged in a cold war and kept winning one competition after another. For us nothing below gold or A++ was acceptable. We aced combination of great looks and sharp intelligence.

College got over and we both got equal rewards at final convocation. He got a job and I started my own firm. Years flew by and we both evolved into extremely influential individuals (oblivious of one other). I was invited as a speaker for an international conference in Bucharest.

They had planned whole week for me and I planned some days for myself (I never fail to explore and see cities of world whenever i land somewhere). On third day of my talk I took audience through an intense experience of guided meditation and hypnosis.

Post session I was backstage attending to questions from members of press when I heard ‘you have come very far. Never thought of seeing you like this.’ I looked over and it was him. It was Amaav in middle of reporters huddled against each other like bees do in a beehive. ‘Well that is what life is, unexpected.’ was my response.

He stayed back after other reporters left. Years had passed. Years layered experiences over memory of Amaav and I totally forgot that he ever existed. His presence should have not affected me, but it did. I felt that cold fire rising inside me. I could feel a burning inside just by seeing him in front of me.

He: I never expected to see you here!.
Me: Ya ya, like you came for interviewing me without research
He: Aaah! that old smirk is back! Have always been a fan of that deathly smirk!
Me: Why are you still here? Don’t reporters rush back and create a report before anyone else could?

He: Hahahahahaha! are you trying to shoo me off?
Me: Not exactly, but I see no reason behind your presence around me, especially after centuries of total absence.

(I don’t why but his presence was oddly comforting. Even though I was telling him off some part of my heart wanted him to stay. Even in presence of an old rival it felt home.)

He: Come on dude! We have met after so fucking long! we have got a lot to catch up on, re live old days. Be the dudes once again.
Me: hahahahaha, old days! the days when we prayed of on another’s death? The days when you tried to destroy my career by pulling off cheap tricks?

He: Come on! We were kids back then. Come, let’s laugh it off over a drink
Me: Am staying at the Epoque, meet me at 7pm
He: Okay

We parted our ways with a promised meet in evening, probably for couple of drinks or for something totally unexpected. I wanted him and i abhorred him at same time. The clock struck 7 and the room intercom rang. It was security from lobby confirming if i had visitor. I said yes.

He came upstairs and I opened the door for him.
He: (whistled) My my, a presidential suite!
Me: I don’t come cheap lol. Make yourself home
He: Did you just come from some other event?
Me: No, why do you ask?

He: You are suited, up tight. I expected you to see you in relaxed attire
Me: I am relaxed. What would you like to have?
He: Some cognac.

We started drinking and soon we were done with first bottle of a very strong liquor. We both were smashed.

He: Dude remove those clothes. It feels like i still am in some meeting and it is hard to relax or feel comfortable like this
Me: hmmmmphh…

I tried to unbuckle my belt and in my mind I was doing it right and in real i was just pulling my belt and telling it to open up lol He walked to me, grabbed my belt and undid it. Then he knelt in front of me and unbuttoned my pants. Pants just slid off my legs.

He: Wow! who wears a versace silk underwear!?
Me: hehehehe me lol
He: Dude you are so extra!
Me: Yaa, i guess. Why are you still on floor, staring at my crotch?
He: I want to feel silk of ur undy. Can i?
Me: Ok

He rubbed his cheek on my groin and started kissing it. It started to make me hard and in my mind I was conflicted. I was trying to understand what is happening. Why is he doing all this? He obviously is from media, are there hidden cameras that he has on him? I decided to totally undress him and take him away from his belongings.

So I grabbed him by shoulders and pulled him up. I went close to him and undid his clothes, grabbed his hand and took him to my bathroom. There we stood leaning against wall, talking and sipping some pink champagne and the copper bath tub slowly filled with very warm water.

He came close and grabbed my groin. His grip was firm, so was the kiss that he planted on my lips. Suddenly the affect of liquor evaporated and I was full alert.

Me: Dude, what the fuck are we doing? You are married, have children and I am straight!
He: Can’t big boys have fun?
Me: This is very odd. God knows what came over me! Fuck this! Please Amaav you have to leave
He: (little shocked) What!? Common bro, let’s relax little in this amazing bath and have some fun.

Me: I will call a cab for you and you will reach your place safe. You are very drunk and you need to leave (I exited bathroom after saying this and wrapped bathrobe on)

He looked distraught. He walked slowly to living room, where his clothes were and started to wear them slowly.

He: Are you sure?
Me: I always am.
He: Truly, you are the only guy in whole world I ever imagined myself with. You are the only guy I jerked off to, imagining things I would have loved to do to you.

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Me: Amy, I am very straight and I never jerked off to a fantasy with any guy. Nor do I find you sexy or hot.. You are not same guy I met in college. You are wasted, sloppy,, paunchy and married. Marriage destroyed you and you allowed that to happen.I find that very unappealing.

He was looking like death had come looking for him. His face was pale and expression less. He picked up his clothes and left. Two days after I was speaking in a press conference and in that crowd I spotted Amaav, our eyes met and I looked through him like he was non existential.

In my life Amaav went back to that distant forgotten corner of memory that we never remember exists…