Desi Gay Erotica of a Passionate Himalayan Fuck

Desi Gay Erotica of a Passionate Himalayan Fuck

Desi Gay Erotica: We reached the hotel (my home in the hills which doubles up as a luxury hotel only for selected guests). We were totally drained after that long bike ride and the hot and steamy pause that we took in the middle of it, hence we went straight to our respective rooms and just crashed on the beds.

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I woke up late in the evening and realised that I had snoozed off for around 11 hours. I got up from the bed groggily and walked up to my balcony and found him sitting in the backyard lawn, just smoking and relaxing.

The house is on the edge of a massive jungle that covers over 200 kms and is spread across the entire valley. We have a high fence around the property and an added electric fence in the backyard lawn to prevent intruders or any wild animals from barging in. It is like a heavenly safe haven!

He looked up at me and said ‘Hey! Did you sleep well?’ I said ‘Yeah, what about you?’ ‘Never slept better’ was his reply with a smile.

It started to snow soon and we decided to use the fire pit, which was specially constructed for bonfires, cooking food, etc.

We sat under a canopy, near the fire and our dinner got served to us on low height tables. We had our food in the middle of idle conversations and then laid on the floor cushions by the fire. He covered me up with the anti-weather quilt and hugged me tightly, lying beside me. I dozed off in his arms. My sleep was eventually interrupted by his soft lips kissing mine.

I woke up, held his face in my palms and we started to smooch passionately. He rolled over and came on top of me. While kissing, he folded my legs up and his slender, well-formed body was between my thighs. Slowly he pulled my pyjamas just off my ass and lowered his own.

I could now feel his throbbing hard and precum soaked wet cock on my ass hole, sending tingling sensations up my spine…

With a smooth movement, I place his hard cock on my hole and he slowly pushed his cock in my hole. It went straight in. He did not start humping at once. He just went deeper till his whole manhood vanished inside my hole. He kept smooching me and slowly started to hump.

The movement of his thick cock massaged my g spot and every jerk sent electric pleasure in my body. His body was moving rhythmically as if there was some soft sensual music playing in his earshot.

I noticed his eyes were closed and his lips softly kissed mine continuously. He humped me so gently that it created an epitome of pain-free pleasure. I realised that he was not having sex with me, he was making love.

Before this, I had heard of tantra sex, during which individuals become one energy and now I was living it. After a while, only the feeling coming from his gentle humping remained. His body heat, his breath all mingled with mine. My eyes closed and rolled up in my skull. I was experiencing an orgasmic trance.

Desi gay erotica of a romantic and wild fuck in the Himalayas

My whole body went ticklish numb and I started to orgasm. My cock squirted a stream of warm pre-cum. In my whole life that was the very first time, I saw that happen. And my whole lower body became extra sensitive. Having his cock in started to get increasingly tough.

I started to moan and my hands clenched his jacket hard. He gave me a few final humps and shot a heavy load in my hole. He did not pull out. He kept his cock in and placed one of his legs over me and pulled me towards him. He embraced me.

I could feel he was sweating and panting. I could feel how intense it was for both of us. I dozed off in his arms. Next morning I found myself in my bed, with him by my side.

With a smile, he kissed my forehead and said ‘Happy morning my sunshine’. I smiled and kissed his perfect lips…

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