Gay Romantic Story of Good Bond with Stranger

Gay Romantic Story: Mahesh was so sweet. He offered to let me use his bathroom to wash up. We both washed and then he invited me to stay longer. It was a nice change from the usual hook up “fuck and fly” routine. I couldn’t refuse. He was so friendly and comfortable to be with and it was nice to be with someone who wasn’t connected to the university. I was hoping he wanted even more of what we’d been doing, though I suspected this was one of the reasons he offered to extend more hospitality.

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We sat drinking tea, and soon he suggested we go to a nearby dhaba to get some food. Once in a while, when no one was looking, we rubbed feet together. Once I even put my foot on his cock and massaged it gently to get him hard. By now it was getting late. After eating he shyly asked me if I still wanted to go back to his bungalow. It was so cute. We’d spent so much time naked, sucking each other and still he was a bit shy.

We walked back and occasionally squeezed each other’s ass inside the pants or I’d stop and kneel down to quickly kiss his zipper. He took my hand and we walked hand in hand the last bit. We returned and he invited me to spend the night. It was an unexpected romantic turn to what started out as a quick hook up with the businessman. This was something altogether different. And I was so happy that I’d learned a lot of Hindi so we could really communicate and feel easy together.

It was time to sleep. We stood up and each went to the bathroom. I did another quick, but thorough wash up and drank some water. He also washed up. I could hear him taking a bit of time washing and I felt a bit sad that he was washing away his sexy scent, but I was glad he was washing under his foreskin. Never mind, I’d suck him off again in the morning! Surely he’d work up more of his musk by then. I did enjoy the sound of him pissing and wished I were there to shake it off for him.

We both wanted to lie naked together. We lay on the charpahi. It wasn’t at all uncomfortable. In fact, it was intimate and cozy. We were both happy and relaxed.

I turned onto my side. After a few minutes Mahesh also lay on his side. Then I heard his breath quicken a bit. It became faster and a bit more shallow. He put his arm around me, pulled himself flush with my body, and pressed his hard cock into the cleft between my ass cheeks. Now I was breathing heavily. We lay like that for a few moments, then feeling encouraged, he started to hold me tighter.

He began kissing and licking the back of my neck and shoulders. His stubble scratched and teased my skin. I pushed my ass close to him while rubbing his hard cock between my ass checks and I reached around to stroke his body. I lifted his hand a kissed it. We were getting really horny. We both knew that it was going to be a long night and that I was going to be fucked good.

I turned around to face him. We started kissing. I don’t know where Mahesh learned, but he kissed like a pro! Passionate, deep, wet, with delicate flicks of his tongue and eager sucking on my tongue. We reached a frenzy. In a horse voice he told me he was going to fuck me. I was a bit nervous and scared it would hurt. I told him this. He promised to be careful and not to hurt me. At this point I was desperate to have him on me, in me, making us into one whole.

Mahesh got up and returned with some oil and a small towel. He greased up his cock. I asked him if I could first lick his balls. He grunted and smiled. When I got down I realized he still smelled strong and sexy. He had washed, but he’d left some of his unique fragrance for me to enjoy. I kissed and licked him stopping only to take his little ball hairs in my lips to pull on them very gently. I kissed his slit and licked behind his balls.

I slid my tongue up and down behind his balls down to his ass cheeks and then back up to his balls. He loved it! Then I took some oil and helped to grease his tool. I got on my stomach and pulled my knees up under my chest. I felt him putting oil on my ass. Slowly he massaged the hole and made me relax. Then he took a bit more oil and he started to work a finger into me. Before long he was fucking me nicely with his finger.

He wasn’t kidding. He fully intended to make this enjoyable for me so that he would be free to also enjoy to the fullest. I felt a second finger work its way in. I was so relaxed it didn’t hurt at all. After fucking me like this for awhile I knew my ass was prepped and ready. By now I knew he was a skilled lover who appreciated sensuality. But he was far more skilled than I would have ever guessed and he had the stamina of a bull. He also had the cum load of a bull.

Mahesh wiped his hands, and got up over me. He lay down, his hairy chest on my back. “Ab chodte hain. Hum chodenge tumhari gand, mere pyaare.” He rubbed his cock head slowly up and down on my hole, and then he started to guide it in. At first I cinched up. He whispered, “relax karo, yaar. Aram se.” I took in a deep breath as he slid into me. It hardly hurt at all, more like a bit of discomfort. That soon passed. Then the fucking began in earnest when he felt I wasn’t clenching anymore.

Mahesh started to rock back and forth, sliding in and out. We both got excited, we were both moaning and grunting. Sometimes he grabbed my cock and held it. Sometimes he stroked it gently while he was fucking me. There was still some oil on his hand, so it felt really good. “Accha hai, mere pyaare. Accha chudate ho!”. It was almost like a mantra he kept repeating. And I followed, “Chodo. Chodo mujhe. Accha chodte ho. Chodo meri gand. De do pura!”.

He picked up speed and became rougher. The charpahi was creaking so I thought it might break. I loved it. We fucked like this for about 20 minutes. Then he asked me if I wanted to see his face while he fucked me. Hell, yes! I begged him to fuck my mouth with his tongue while he was fucking my ass with his tool.

He pulled out and I got on my back. Mahesh gave me another deep kiss then he pulled my legs up and rested my knees on his shoulders. He knew I was already relaxed and fully open. After all, he’d opened me himself and made my ass his property. My ass was desperate for his cock. He leaned over, then he got down on his forearms so our faces were close. “Pakdo mera lund.”

I took it in my hand slid his foreskin up and down a few times, and put the head up to my hole. His precum added to the oil to lube my ass. As I took in another deep breath he pushed his cock in me quickly and deeply all the way down to his balls. He gasped. I hollered a bit. Not from pain, more from the intensity of the pleasure.

We started to fuck in a nice rhythm. He occasionally moved his hips around in different ways. It was great! He started to pick up the pace again. He was ramming himself into me hard and fast. I started out fondling his balls while he fucked me. He was pounding me hard and going in balls deep. He was big but I needed more of him so I grabbed onto his ass and pulled myself up on his cock every time he shoved it in me.

We fucked and fucked and fucked some more. We kept repeating our mantras praising each other’s fucking. We both gasped and hollered loudly. I was glad I’d fully sucked him off before because now we were both lasting a long time. Our breathing was heavy, we were both sweating. We were both enjoying it so much.

But all good things have to end. Suddenly Mahesh yelled at me, his lips right next to mine, his breath warming my face. “Mera honewala hai”. I told him, “chodo, mere pyaare. Zor se de do”. He began to grunt and growl like a lion and he gave one big, violent, deep thrust when he started cumming. I wouldn’t let him stop impaling me until his balls were fully dry.

Next, he showed me how sweet and loving a gentleman he was. He pulled out of me and sat back on his haunches, but he held my legs onto his shoulders. He reached for the oil and greased both hands. He leaned down to kiss me and then he gave me one hell of a good dick massage using both hands. I couldn’t last long, and I had my own violent orgasm.

Afterward we both washed up, went back to bed, and we slept soundly for hours. When we woke we kissed. He made tea and we drank, still bathing in the afterglow of our night. Even then it wasn’t enough, but time was short and we were still tired. We quickly sucked each other off before I had to leave.

After that I used to visit Mahesh fairly often. We didn’t exactly become boyfriends, but we were regular fuck buddies. We genuinely liked each other, we enjoyed being together in and out of bed, and no matter how frenzied our love making (and by now it was love making, not just fucking!), no matter how rough and wild, it was always full of love, friendship, and caring.

Gay romantic story of a hot bonding with a stranger

We were true friends. Sometimes he’d ask me to spend the weekend with him and we’d live almost like a couple for a few days. It was fun sharing his space like we were a couple, making tea, cooking, even bathing each other. He thought I was crazy, but I sometimes asked to wash his underwear for him. At other times Mahesh asked me to top him instead. And I introduced him to rimming which is something I almost never do but I willingly did it for him.

I showed him how to be fully clean just before going to bed so we could enjoy that aspect of love making too and whenever I rimmed him it was always with a deep sense of fondness and caring. Sometime I’ll tell you about some of our other encounters. But even though I haven’t seen him in years now, you can be sure he still pops into my mind when I feel the need to jerk off! I just wish I also had a bottle of his heady man musk to sniff.

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