Gay vacation story of hot fun between boyfriends: 1

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Gay vacation story: Hello readers this is Akshay from Mumbai. I’m a biggest fan of IGS since long but never posted any of my stories here as I used to be busy with my work, but now I got promoted as a team leader so I do get 1-2 Hrs of spare time in office. So I thought to give it a try sharing my stories here.

Let me 1st tell you about myself, I’m 29 yrs old, 5’5, 54Kgs straight acting vers bottom. I have very fair complexion, oval face with visible jawlines, deep black eyes, average nose, thin lips and silky hairs.

I’m thin and I don’t have facial hairs that much because of which I do look much younger than my age. I always got attracted towards men since I was a teenager but I never knew that I’ll be gay or bi.

Whenever I look at a guy 7 out of 10 guys passes a look at me and I always enjoy that attention. Sorry I got too lengthy about myself but I narrated it to get you to the exact character. Let’s come to the story.

This story was of Nov’19. I was on a trip with my bf to his native. He is basically from Mangalore and he hasn’t met his family past 2 years so we decided to plan a vacation to his native as both of us wanted to chill from our exhausting life style of Mumbai and he wanted to meet his family as well.

We weren’t open to our family so I was visiting them as his colleague and roommate- which we aren’t. Now I’ll describe my bf in short, he is 33 yrs, 5’8, 62kgs, average but in manly shape, he never headed to gym still he got his 6 packs visible but not as fine as gym goers.

He is as dusky as most of south Indian men are. He has curly hairs, watery eyes, perfect nose and sexy brownish lips. He looks super cute and hot at the same time.

It was like love at 1st sight for me when I saw him for the 1st time. I’ll narrate this in other story, I won’t stop praising him. Hehehe…

We boarded our train in the evening around 5.30pm and got to our seats which were in 1st class AC coupe. He adjusted our luggage as he used to do all the stuff which typically husbands do and I used to do an ideal wife’s chores.

So I offered him water because he was looking exhausted as our train was delayed for 40mins and he was carrying most of our luggage and there were no vacant seats available on platform to seat while waiting for train.

He drank water then I drank from the same bottle. After few mins while he was resting on his seat I got up and went to loo. While heading to the loo and returning back I checked our fellow passengers because we both had some plans in our mind to make our journey night exotic.

Since we planned this vacation we had a checklist of TO DO’s for our vacation, we wanted to make it as exotic as possible and making out in a train coach was on the top of it.

We were chit chatting for an hour while waiting for the TTE to come and check our tickets so that we will get free for the action but he haven’t seen yet.

Out the window Sun was ready to set down and cooling of the AC was super cooling our coupe. It was a perfect romantic moment and I didn’t wanted to waste it.

I badly wanted to sit in his lap in his blanket and to put my cheek on his to enjoy the sunset. So I got up and locked the door and sat on his lap.

He: What are doing? The TTE is yet to come.
Me (While entering his blanket): Leave him, I have locked the door and I won’t go beyond this. I just want to enjoy the sunset in your lap.
He smiled and kissed on my cheek softly.

I felt current passing through my body, as if he was kissing me for the 1st time. But I liked that feeling and wanted to feel more so I kissed him on nose and rested my cheek on his cheek. Don’t know why but I was having goosebumps from head to toe and suddenly I started feeling hot.

He noticed that something is happening to me and he knew what is it, so he hugged me tightly and started playing his fingers on my stomach and waist softly. We both were frozen in the moment looking at the sun & feeling each other’s warmness.

I didn’t want that moment to pass. The sun was hiding behind the horizon, it was getting dark outside. We were in the same position, as if we haven’t passed through the beautiful sunset we witnessed.

Suddenly we heard a knock on the door and we moved. It felt like I wasn’t in the train for some time and zoned in suddenly. I got up and opened the door and there was he – TTE.

TTE: Kya bhai kabse door khat-khata raha hu?
Me: Ab train me hum so bhi nahi sakte hai kya? (I said little angrily cause I got pissed that he disturbed our moment.)

TTE: Hmm… Ticket dikhao.

I took my phone out & showed him our tickets. He checked it and moved to the next. I banged the door little angrily which made my bae shiver.

He: What happened? Why did you banged the door?
Me: I’m feeling pissed on that TTE. He broke our moment.

As he knows how to handle me very well, he got up and came close to me and pushed me to the closed door. He came closer my face, I knew this is the moment so I closed my eyes waiting for his juicy lips to touch mine but nothing happened. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me laughing.

Me: What the hell are you laughing at?
He (in a teasing way): I came here to lock the door but what was you waiting for?

I got angrier at this and I pushed him back to move towards my seat, but within the fraction of a moment he balanced himself and hold my hand and turned me towards him. We both were staring each other for a moment and all the sudden he pushed me to my seat and came closer and made me lie down with him in his arm.

I rested my head on his arm facing at him, trying deep diving in his eyes. I was feeling his warm breath on my face, he rested his hand on my waist and the other hand wrapped around my head was fondling my hairs.

He: How many times I have to tell you the same thing to control your anger? It’s not good for your health bae.

I was about to scold him for what he did just now but again within a second he kissed my nose gently and I melted. I closed my eyes and hugged him, he hugged me back tightly. I was feeling home in his arms.

Gay vacation story of horny young boyfriends

Actually because of my short tempered nature I never made many friends as nobody wants to tolerate such behavior nowadays. But he chose to know me closely when our friendship started so he knew why I am short tempered and stubborn, he always handled me caressingly and patiently.

Although our workplaces were different he managed to know some of my colleagues personally and he always used to keep a track with them whenever I sound in a bad mood. He was a very protective husband.

He gently kissed on my forehead and said “I Love You but…..” I opened my eyes, tilted my head backwards and just gave him a stare. “But I won’t be around you always to calm you, to protect you. Please learn to control your anger” He said.

I kept staring and nodded in BIG NO. He gave a silly smile, kissed on my forehead again and started making love…

To be continued…

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