Indian Gay Erotica of The Magnificent Obsession: 1

Indian Gay Erotica of The Magnificent Obsession: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: I have been writing since my childhood. But writing “The magnificent obsession” is a boon to me. I always had a great connection with the divine and universe, since they always serve us the best.

So, let’s turn over some pages of life and have a sneak glance. See the world with my eyes. It’s a true fable of two soulmates Amrit & Kabir. The man who introduced me to the realm of true love.
For me, he was just like a trance gets water in the desert, he was like the incarnation of God, who gave the golden wings to my dreams or fantasies. It’s a vital secret of my life that I never disclosed.

Let’s have a start with my brief description, am Kabir Sandhu, 18 years old from the city beautiful Chandigarh. I am 6 feet 2 inch tall, model and a grooming actor. Have a chiselled toned body with whitish skin tone. My intoxicated grey eyes are my possession with a full-grown beard on the face, which makes me more sexier.

I am always thankful to the omnipotent god that he etched me so marvellously. I am a college-going hunk. I got admission in Chandigarh’s best and most reputed college.

Being charming or attractive always has the advantage of being dominant. But had no flings or crush on any darling or dandy. I got a lot of proposals or offers but I always felt that was not ready. Since I believe in unconditional love.

It doesn’t matter to me whether the person who made for me would be a girl or a boy, I just wanted a person who loves with my soul. But this brutal world full of barbarians mere wants the body for the purpose of fulfilling their lust desire or sex. But am not sex stuff.

Recently, I met a Doctor a neurologist “Amrit”, he was exactly of my height, had the well-maintained physique, as well as beard with a thick moustache(kundiya muchhaa).

He was a Sardar with soothing decent black eyes with an enthralling smile. He was perfectly looking like a Punjabi celebrity.

All this had been started when we first time met during a sumptuous event in our college. I entered and with a gasp, I stole his heart( meeting portion will be disclosed in the upcoming sequels).

After the event, I was waiting for my driver on the front gate of our college premises. who had not been taking my phone calls from 1hour, I was piqued or furious from him for his irresponsibility. There was drizzling outside, grunting of black clouds or lightning. I was drenching in the rain.

Suddenly, I saw a black “Audi A4” arriving towards me, someone blew the horn or waved to me. But I ignored as I thought it was for someone’s else. Then a spunky jaat with an orange turban(pagg) emerged to be strolling towards me.

He was looking hot in his attire, plain white frilled shirt with navy blue formal pants. I grinned, and bid him “Hi” Dr.Amrit, with reverence. He was the same man hovering me throughout the whole event.

He: Hey, it’s raining heavily. Come I drop you.
Me: Thanks for your offer but, It’s perfectly fine. My drive is about to come.
He: listen, All roads have been blocked or submerged by rainwater. Call your driver or deny him to come. He insisted me to come along with him.
Me: I blurtly said “ok”

He slightly opened the car’s door or made me sit inside with grace. Thanks for this I said. It’s perfectly fine he smiled. Hush surrounded us then he gestured me to tie the seat belt. I was fumbling it and bent my left arm to tie, meanwhile, he hunched towards me.

I get bewildered for some time and closed my eyes, he raised his right arm to tie my seat belt in between this his beard touched my lips brims or my nose. I started panting or my heart was throbbing very fast. His warm sighs were hitting my face, I could feel them, the amalgam of his torrid body’s fragrance or his perfume was mesmerizing and luring me.

He started driving, silence again surrounded us, there was mist wafting of a breeze outside, I opened the window to feel them. Then suddenly, he started giving his brief introduction to me about his profession like he’s a neurologist in India’s second-best ranked hospital(I think we all know that hospital), 27 years old, Punjabi or a single child of their parents.

I was just nodding and was just giving him a smile. Then he asked me questions regarding my profession, hobbies and etc.

I took a pause and suckered for a while then said in a sweet tone, “I love Art” Art made me.
He: In an Irresolute manner
Me: ok, I chuckled actually am a model, an amateur actor, singing is my hobby, painting, inspiring and inspiring or motivating others is my favourite work, books are my best friend and a fitness freak.
He: pulling my leg he said what left then??

And we burst into laughter. I kept my hand over his shoulder as to apply a break because my home had arrived. There was still drizzling outside. I opened the door and came outside, he also followed me and came in proximity to me.

Me: Had a great time with you and grinned. Suddenly loud rumble or the grunting of clouds or lightning, I huddled with him, meanwhile, he put his soft hands over my groin and nape.
He: It’s perfectly fine, Are you ok??
Me: Am sorry actually it’s my phobia
He: he came towards me or slightly whispered in my ears” you born to fly”

I gave him a big smile and bid each other adieu. His magical words made my entire day. All my tiredness has been gone somewhere by his sooting Serene words. I entered my home or directly moved to upstairs towards my room, a took a shower or went to take a nap.

At around 2:00 Am in the night, suddenly I woke up, I was stumbling as I recalled that I forgot my some personal stuff in his car. Some books, or some personal written notes. I was just concerned for those notes that I kept inside the novel.

I immediately checked my phone as he gave his number to me during the event. I called him in panic, finger crossed as I didn’t want anyone to read those written notes. ( Don’t take me wrong I didn’t do this deliberately it happened by chance).

Indian gay erotica of two guys falling for each other by destiny

Me: hey, am so sorry for disturbing you so late at night, but it’s urgent too.
He: Hush, you didn’t tell me you are a brilliant writer too.
Me: so it means you read those notes in a flustered tone.
He: Sorry, but am glad now that I read those. You wrote them beautifully.

Actually, I put down some opinions or some hidden secrets of manhood in those notes. since I feel that there is an emotional or warm-hearted soul behind their rigid masculine structure, they also want care, affection, reverence from others, they also crave of love as they also took birth from a woman’s womb. They also feel things or have feelings for others that they somehow or somewhere hide or don’t express.

I didn’t know when our destinies tugged to each other or what would happen next. But as all say, life teaches you a lesson at every phase. His arrival taught me the whole chapter.

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Kabir Sandhu.

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