Indian Gay Erotica of The Magnificent Obsession: 3

Indian Gay Erotica of a Wild European Fuck

Indian Gay Erotica: Let’s have a start with a wide steamy voyeuristic glance at the sleeping Greek God, with the bear puffed chiselled toned chest, little brown hairs emerging over his heavy toned chest which are further going towards his abs and navel.

The raw sunbeams are reflecting on his whitish skin complexion and give a glittering look as sterling malicious metals do or as the water does when comes in connect of early dawn sunrays.

I was in a deep sleep, suddenly rudely shaken from my slumber by the harrowing stroking of alarm sound, it was showing 6:00 AM. I woke up, yawned and stretched my body a little. I am an early riser and usually get up at 5:00A: M but today I was late as I was got exhausted by the previous day.

I think every day is a beginning, take a deep breath and start working again. Meanwhile, I noticed my morning wood looking under my white Calvin Klein briefs (wanna peek outside) apparently. I tried to subdue it by caressing or squeezing. But, my Boner was soaring and titillating me.

My Dildo was agonizing under my tight briefs and wanted to come out with a pop. But I didn’t pay heed. I strolled a Little, skimmed the curtains and opened the windows to peek out. It was coldly dawned, after yesterday’s rainy day everything was looking more refreshing or green. I took a wide glance over my garden and noticed that the foliage of every plant sprouted tender, I tended each seed, plant and tree with great reverence, kindness and care.

I noticed in the mirror that my grey eyes were glistening and my body was more luscious and glowing (It was an unearthly shine). Since I mere wore briefs I was looking seductive. I genuflected and bowed my head to thanks the omnipotent Divine for etched me marvellously, I am sort of self-obsessed but I think, we all must love ourselves (As we all are the best creation of the divine).

I was in ecstasy and smug. Suddenly, all reminisces evoked to my mind( when your desires and imagination invariably gains the day). Previous incident and all that, in between these there was a smile on my face and spoke his name ” Amrit ” and grinned again. Then, I put on my gym apparels, took my bag in haste and absconded from home for the gym as I was getting late.

I noticed my father had already been gone for a morning walk and mom was still dozing. I straddled on my sports bike and went on.
Being a son of a rich father, we had everything, a good lifestyle and all. But nevertheless, there were gaps in hearts. My parents raised me with so many values and morality.

I bequeathed humanity from them. But, I didn’t know why they didn’t like my profession(Art).
They wanted to me to pursue their business by clipping my wings (ok, let’s ignore it all). I think dreams are made to be followed. Life is meant to be lived.

I entered my gym, took a wide glance but there was no one accept the wild gym owner( gym trainer also). I thought because of good no one came. I simmered and said to him “Hey, Good morning “Zen” abruptly. Actually, he had a crush on me. He was nut-on, on me. Had a leer eye on my me. I was perfectly introduced by his character and attitude.

I knew his bad buried black intentions behind his wicked smile. He was a bisexual man and had a lot of flings and sexcapades with girls and boys, he was an experienced trapper and trap their victims for quenching his lust and sexual desires. He was a tall bruiser with a muscular structure, had a dusky tone with a Wicked smile, long black tresses with a full thick beard on the face makes him handsome and wild.

Anybody could fall for him by his looks but he was a wild barbarian from the inside, who always quest for a flesh( like a wild dog for chicken).
I had my personal trainer but he used to deliberately engaged them with other candids and never lose any penny opportunity to come in proximity and touch me. He used to brushed or caressed his rough hands over my groin or shoulders.

I think we humans have a six sense we can easily distinguish between a gentle touch or coercion and enforcement( but this moron man thinks I don’t get his bad intentions). He always tried to seduce me but I never gave him any green signal, since I knew his dark face.

But he was the best gym trainer and had the best services that’s why I come here. I started my warmup and the wild man just gazing at me. He was sauntering, towards me but I ignored.

He came in proximity to me and slightly whispered in my ears with his lusty voice. Do you need any help?? and rubbed my shoulder.
Me: stammeringly, No, it’s perfectly fine, I almost done with my workout. My heart was throbbing fastly.

He: Hey, Can we take the steam spa together?
Me: No thanks Zen, Am in a hurry. I could see his lusty eyes. I thought for a while, how different they both are Amrit and Zen. Amrit eyes are pure and decent whereas his full of lust and mischievous.

He clenched my hand and asserted me to take a spa or at least a Zumba dance but explicitly denied. Then I bid him goodbye and slammed the door and came outside coughed and gasped, ” Thank God “.

I came to the home, had my protein full meal and salad and juice, it rejuvenated my muscles. And went upstairs towards my room. As I got a reminder by his text message.

He: Good morning, will pick you at 5:00 P: M. Catch you in the evening.

I read it or giggled for a bit then stripped out my clothes and went to take a shower. I came outside nude accept tugging a towel, water was dripping or trickling from my brown cascades like hairs and body parts.

I opened my wardrobe or started probing my stuff. I ransacked the whole wardrobe as I had a mammoth collection of attires and outfits of all enchanting colours.

I took a black outfit since Black makes me hotter. And Black is my favourite colour.
As psychology says those who love black colour has the most colourful and fascinating minds. I put on the clothes, white snickers and took a denim jeans jacket, which was completing the look and was making me more fascinating. I was stressed but well dressed.

I looked a glimpse of mine in the mirror,
And bluntly said, ” I think am ready to slay “.
I entered college and roaming towards my lecture-room, which was on the topmost floor.
I noticed all were glaring or staring at me manically.

People were chattering Indistinctly about me in my way. I was very delighted and excited.
After college, I went to the library( my favourite place). As there was enough time for the meeting. I engrossed in books so much that I didn’t get when time passed away so quickly and I forgot about our meeting.

I got his call, My hands were quivering, I received.

He: where are you? I have been waiting for you for 15 minutes. Late at first meeting, he said clearing his throat and tittered.

Me: Sorry, Dr Amrit, Are you taunting me and by the way am not going on a date with you and I sniggered. Okay, wait am coming. I started roaming towards the rendezvous place. I ended up the call. My heart started palpitating and throbbing.

I was quite nervous to meet him. I thought it was an amalgam of excitement and nervousness. I was covering the distance between me and him. I was quivering and my lips were fumbling, my body was stumbling, I was very nervous. I was trudging and was covering the hindrance of us.

Oh my god, today he wore a white outfit with green trousers and a white turban was completing his look. He was giving a sight of the sizzling furnace. Hey, Divine, his enthralling decent smile would slay me. I moved towards him and suddenly he embraced me tightly or slightly inserted his soft cold hands inside my jacket. I stunned I was in a baffle or could not say a word.

For a while, I lost my senses or hugged him tightly. I got overwhelmed, my eyes got moist. I was sobbing and sniffing as after so many time someone hugged me. His hug had magic, a sort of peace, kindness and reverence, I could feel the positivity and fate. He heeled by deep-buried melancholy wounds and drifted my pain away. It was a miracle.

He: hi, Hottie he slightly whispered in my ears. It’s extremely cold outside and you looking so hot and steamy so I just tried to warm up myself. He grinned.
Me: Thank God there was no one in the vicinity. Honestly, Dr Amrit. Are you flirting with me? And I smickered. By the way, you also looking hot( I think he also was very excited to meet me like me).

The sunset sight was looking very fascinating and beautiful. The twilight beams were reflecting our faces. I could see his gleaming black decent eyes started glittering as an unearthly glow. His deep eyes had an innocence and loyalty (since I think our eyes always has an eye on our work. Whether somebody sees us or not they always supervise us or directly connected to supreme consciousness).

He slightly opened the door of his car and made me sit inside with grace and reverence. Again I forgot to tie the seatbelt or he gestured me to tie. He Hunched but this time I quickly tied it. He grinned.

Suddenly, he inclined towards me, I got numb and bewildered.

Me: what happened Dr Amrit, Is everything alright.
He: shhh, making a reconnect with me, he gently removed my goggles from my eyes and said in an alluring tone. ” you have beautiful deep eyes”. Anyone can fall in love with these enthralling eyes. “Do you know eyes are the mirror of the soul “.

Me: I just bowed my eyes as I was overwhelmed, meanwhile I noticed his decent black eyes were glistening. He had an enthralling smile and eyes full of peace and solace.

Indian gay erotica of a horny guy’s wild obsession with a sexy doctor!

I don’t know what happens to me whenever I am with him. I think he has a charismatic personality and a deep beautiful soul which attracts me towards him. Life is the journey of experiencing the quality of life and let’s put the other things on destiny. Life is full of obstacles, endeavours and golden souvenir memories.

Just stay positive and calm and keep believing in omnipotent Divine. I don’t know what Divine has written In our destinies. But I believe everything happens for a reason. His arrival in my life brought a lot of positive changes. I don’t know what would happen next in our life but have a fate.

” There are worlds within worlds.
Worlds you can’t take a plane to.
Worlds you can’t even take your body to.
You have to travel with your mind.
And beyond that there is an endless realm of brilliant light and love.
Where only your soul can go.


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Kabir Sandhu.

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Editor’s Note: We don’t subscribe to the biphobic views of the author as seen in the story. Lots of love to the bisexuals!