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Indian Gay Erotica: The next day dawned dark and cold. An Icy wind whipped at Kabir’s clothing as he stood at the terrace. The horizon was tinged with red, and suddenly the sun appeared.

I thought back to the souvenir reminiscences that I mustered with him and felt ecstatic and euphoric. Three blissful days sped quickly by. I found that I was no longer at peace and relief. Whenever I thought about him butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. I could feel his gentle ticklish touch, sweet enthralling voice, torrid smell and glimpse.

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We started spending couples of hours, days chatting and messaging with each other.
One day after my evening bath and meal, I kneeled down, closed my eyes, and folded my hands in meditation. Then after a few minutes, I rudely shook from my slumber by his blaring phone call.

He: Hey, How are you “Hottie”??
Me: Am Good what about you??
He: Wanna meet you right now, come outside within ten minutes.

He decreed me and I submissively accepted and nodded my head. I dashed to my room, open the door of my wardrobe and took a Denim jean jacket as I mere wore jean shorts and a tight red t-shirt. I took a wide glance in the mirror, I was looking good I scooted to meet him. I was peening to see him.

The charming spunky jaat emerged to me on his Red Royal Enfield bullet. Today he was looking different and unusual. As his Black T-shirt was tightly huddling him and his blue denim jeans were hugging him tightly. The main point of attraction was his vermillion turban, which was perfectly tied up and black goggles were completing his look apparently.

I was baffled as I had never seen him in this attire prior. His voluptuous chest and biceps were emerging explicitly from his clothes and justifying his heavy work out.

I was whimpering and quivering by the cold wafts of breezes. He strolled towards me budged his black goggle from his deep black eyes and took a wide glance at me from head to toe and eventually stopped at my bare muscular legs. He was gazing me frenziedly especially my bare limbs. My face flushed hot and red with embarrassment. Unable to look at him.

He reclined towards me, then he wrapped his strong great bared arms around me and cuddled me tightly as he didn’t want to leave me. He quizzically pecked me on my chick.

He: Do you have a license?? He asked quizzically.
Me: ya, I applied. I retorted.
He: He beamed. I mean Do you have a license to kill people with your intoxicated grey eyes or looks.
Me: By the way, I love your vermillion turban.
He: What about me??

And we both burst into laughter.
Me: where’s your jacket? It’s cold, ok, Are you showing your body.
He: If I ask the same question. Where are your jeans then?

He tousled my hairs and brushed my nape gently with his soft cold hands. I got a sudden impulse and stimulation in my body. Then he shoved his hands in his pocket and held my palm with his hand. I was contemplating and all this driving me wackos.

He kept chocolate on my palm and gritted.
He: Since chocolate contains phenylethylamine the same chemical released in your brain
Me: So sweet of you and gave him a warm hug again.
He: Ready for a long drive
Me: ok, I straddled on his Bullet.
He: Hold me tightly

We absconded for a long drive. Far from the nuisance of the world towards a reclusive place for peace and poise. We entered a beautiful garden full of tenders, foliage and flowers. We were stand down under the lame moonlight and twinkling of stars and nature. He held my hand with his hand and we started seeing the moon and stars. Our eyes were glistening.

He: Actually, I wanna talk to you( holding my hands).
Me: ok, tell me.
He suddenly huddled me tightly. Tears started shining in his black glistening eyes. He spoke in a quivering tone.
“I don’t know what happening to me nowadays, I found that am no longer at peace or relief”.

I wanted to tell him that the same things were happening to me but, I didn’t have enough courage to confront him. Meanwhile, I could smell his blissful soul and the pounding of hearts. Then we started talking, eating and munching chocolate. He was gobbling during eating.

He reclined towards me, his torrid warm breathing sighs were hitting my face. You got beautiful lips, he said. He was coming in proximity to me gradually. Our eyes connected to each other, then he gently took my lower lip brim in his red lips. Our lips entwined with each other. He started brushing my lips with his warm mouth, It was soft and gentle.

I lost my senses, my heart was throbbing fastly, I got sudden shivers and goosebumps all across my body. For a while, the earth stopped swirling for me. I thought we’re transgressing our limits and I tried to inhibit him. I took a deep breath and a pure hush surrounded us. I just abandoned everything on destiny and pray for happiness. Wonders happen when you pray effectively.

He: You wrecked your lips with chocolate. I was wiping them.
Me: It’s perfectly fine and retorted quizzically.
He: Can I ask you a question??
Me: Hmm, of course, ask.
He: what’s a difference between I like you or I love you.

Me: I pondered for a while and grinned. I retorted beautifully in an alluring soft tone.
” When you like a flower, you just pluck it
But when you love a flower. You water them daily or tend them”. One who understands this understands life.

He: wow… It’s so deep. He was peeking in my eyes. Do you know I can read you like an open book?
Me: oh really, I could see his eyeballs became wider than the normal size and I got the indication.

We planned to meet on tomorrow as it was his off and I even had no plans. It was a warm Saturday with illuminating sunshine, I was getting ready for shopping with him. I ransacked the entire wardrobe and took a yellow t-shirt, blue denim jeans and a black leather jacket.

I got ready and absconded to meet him. His yellow turban was matching with my outfit. And his blue frilled shirt was perfectly matching on his fair complexion. We met and hugged each other and as usual, he gave a kiss on my forehead and pecked on lips.

He: you look stunning.
Me: Thank you, and bowed my eyes.

We moved towards the mall, we entered the Mall boarded on the lift and entered “The Zara” showroom. Wow… What a new winters collection had arrived. Innovative designs with enchanting colours were making the environment more fascinating and attractive.

We took a wide glance and I took chaste but splendid pullovers for Amrit according to his Charismatic personality. He loved my choice and packed them.

Meanwhile, he got an important conference call, he came towards me. He shared his pin number giving his Debit Card to me and smiled. He slightly whispered in my ears Take something black, “since black makes you hotter”. I was dumbstruck for a moment. Since I was not believing that how could someone trust somebody so blindly.

I was baffled and in a dilemma that what to do. I felt might be it’s an honesty and loyalty test.
He ended up his call and sauntered towards me.
He: Have you done??
I returned his Debit card. And gave him a black silk shirt and a chaste fob chain of platinum as a gift. But I paid by my card.

He: Hey, he huddled with me and pecked on my ears. And beamed.
We absconded from the mall in a rush, because of bad weather. There were rumbling, the thundering of clouds was making the weather harrowing.
We sit inside the car and moved on towards my home. Suddenly he applied the brakes and saw me emotionally.

His deep black eyes were glistening and his pupil gets wider. There was no stir for a while. Tears started shining in his decent pure eyes.
He clutched my hand with both of his hands and caressed them. And said in a quivering tone “I Love You”.

He: ” I don’t know when this all happened to me. But the day when I first time saw you in the event. My soul tugged with you. I feel different, look different. I have never been so attached to someone prior like I get with you”.

I got numb or bewildered for some time. My senses were not responding, the brain stopped working and heart denied me to palpitate.
I was just glaring at him frenziedly. I had no words to say or to describe my feelings and emotions. I was just sipping my tears back in eyes as I didn’t want them to drifted out.
I alighted from the car, slammed the door and scooted towards my home in a rush.

I even wanted him as my love forever nevertheless things bothering me somewhere. I didn’t want to disturb or devasted his professional life. I didn’t want to become a point of distraction for him. I just wanted to see him ecstatic and euphoric. ( I knew that I was doing wrong but I didn’t want to hurt or injure our souls).

After wistful Sunday, Monday came with a new beam of hope or light for love. I was in the library reading some books as my heart was deeply wounded and looking for a heel power. I was reading but my mind was roaming here and there as the fluttering of butterflies. Amrit’s words were still echoing in my ears and plunging me in his sweet reminiscences and evoked them.

I decided to do introspection. I closed my eyes and asked “The abundance powers of my subconscious mind and universe”. What next?? And tears trickling from my eyes as my soul was sobbing(Thoughts move logic, emotions move feelings).

Suddenly, I got his call. He was breathing fastly and was stammering. I deeply realised that it’s an omnipotent Divine’s sign and indication. Divine even wanted to see us together. I even wanted to get familiar with each of his vein.

He: Wanna meet you. Can we meet, please?
Me: I am going to attend my lecture. It’s urgent. He pleaded but I denied.

I was in our lecture hall and was sitting on the last benches alone. I was feeling guilty about him. I was engrossed in the lecture. Unexpectedly, He entered the lecture hall. All the students stood upright and bowed their heads to wish him. They all morons perceived Amrit as a new Instructor.

He strolled towards the Teacher and asked her to take me with him. As it’s urgent. She allowed him. My heart was throbbing fastly as about to explode, I was numb and stressed. I didn’t know how to react to this situation.

I strolled toward him. As I was strolling or covering the hindrance between us the level of nervousness was kept on rising. I didn’t have enough courage to confront him. He clutched my hand with his soft hands. I got a sudden stimulation.

All the students were gazing at us frenziedly and kept on talking indistinctly about us. My face flushed hot and red with embarrassment and meanwhile, I decided that “I am not gonna come to college for at least one week”.

Me: hey, now you are hurting me, please leave my hand.
He: I Am so sorry, left my hand. I didn’t want to hurt you ever.

I was just following him.
And we moved towards a reclusive place where there was no one in the vicinity.
I bowed my eyes down as I was unable to confront him. I was looking very pale and dull like a corpse as someone brought out my soul from my body.

He: Hey, What happened Kabir? Raising my stubble. Are you fine?
Me: Hmmm,
He: Do you know, the thing is that I can devour you like an open book. I know my proposal or confession bothering you.

I raised my eyelids and grey eyes to see him and his deep black eyes were shining unearthly.
He: “I love you. I told you

Indian gay erotica of the hot blossoming romance!

I never expected the same from you. I extremely love you and don’t want to lose you.

Me: His magical words drifted out all my dilemmas and concerns away and heeled my non-curable deep wounds and I huddled with him and start sobbing and sniffing. And kissed his red lip brims with my soul and tasted the elixir.

” This is the beginning of “The Magnificent Obsession” towards an endless realm of true love and respect. I think love is the basis of life. True love gets profound day by day.

This is just a beginning love will climb towards its peak in upcoming sequels. Lots of suspense and thrill for now.


To be continued…
Best regards,
Kabir Sandhu.

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