Indian Gay Erotica of The Magnificent Obsession: 7

Gay sex story of two Pakistani virgin men

Indian Gay Erotica: I was sleeping over the soft throne of his heart. I could hear the tickling sounds of his heartbeats. Suddenly rudely disturbed by his blare snoring sounds as he was in a deep sound sleep. I lifted my eyelids up and slightly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was his beautiful gullible face, which was quiet, poised and calm as a deep ocean.

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You know its love when he is the first person to pop up in your head when you wake up and the last person you think about before going to bed. That snuggle was quite tight but peaceful and soothing. That innocent frolicking face with an enthralling smile like a small newborn baby were revitalizing my soul. Considerately, I removed his soft hands that were entwined with my body.

I gently budged his hands from my chest and skimmed the blanket from me and covered his exposed corpse and immediately he sprawled on the bed. I slightly kissed over his forehead and alighted from the bed. We wake up, we put our feet down and we live in another day. I genuflected to thanked the Divine for this wonderful life.

The clock was stroking 4:40 AM. I yawned a little, shrugged my shoulders and roamed towards the window to open. My hands got wet with dewdrops. It was dark and cold outside. As I was stood by the window. A heavy icy gust of love whipped at my bare body, I started whimpering. I whirled towards the giant mirror. I took a wide glimpse of me in the mirror which was reflecting resplendent glance of “Amrit” also.

I was looking different feeling different. There was an unearthly glistening in my grey eyes. which I had never felt before. The red bruises of smooches, bites and kisses were defining the history of true love. I slightly touched the shiny surface of the mirror with my rosy red fluttering fingers.

Amidst this, all the souvenir reminiscences evoked back that I had summoned with him last night. And the enamoured song hummed in my heart.

“Yeh aaina hai ya Tu hai
Jo roz mujhko sanware.
Itna lage sochne kyun
Main aajkal tere baare.
Tu jeel khamoshiyoon ki
Lafzon ki main toh lehar hoon
Ehsaas ki Tu hai diniya
Choota sa main ek sheher hoon.❤❤ (you know mirror is my best mirror. Because it never laughs when I cry).

Still, I could feel that sensational touch, warm wet kiss, that perfect amalgam aroma of his diffusing perfume and body was just indescribable. I was completely absorbed in him. I rolled down my warm hands over my nape, scalp and neck slightly pinched my nipples and caressed my abdomen and waist.

My face turned red with embarrassment, my heart began palpitating fastly. I sheepishly escaped.
I strolled towards his wardrobe to fetch something to wear as I opened the door a huge stack of clothes plummeted over me. I saw him again and tittered loudly as he had wrecked his wardrobe like kids. I piled up all, embellished them and stowed them back in proper order.

I took a peach boomer with Peacock embroidery and shorts. I headed out for the shower. I came out with dripping hairs but he had been sleeping yet motionlessly. I decided to make some delicious breakfast for him as the cook was on vacation.

I took out some fresh fruits and extracted their nectar. Chopped vegetables and boiled the corn seeds to make pasta and sandwiches. I made some porridge and red pasta with garlic bread.

I was a little nervous so I took a deep breath in and out and entered the room with ferocity. I gently brushed his cheeks and slightly whispered in his ears “Good morning” baby. He lifted up his eyelashes winked them a little opened his deep black eyes and saw me standing upright in front of him.

Rubbed his eyes, yawned and flexed his arms. He clenched my hand and pulled me towards him and hugged me tightly and kissed me.

Amrit: A very good morning my love. Tousling my hairs. He said in an alluring baritone “You know no one has ever made me feel so special as you have”. Thanks for being in my life. Kissing my forehead.
Me: Hey your morning boner is pricking me.
Amrit: I am sorry.

Me: what would you like to take coffee or juice.
Amrit: Coffee quizzically. Let me brush first.
Me: ok, then I am waiting for you at the breakfast table come asap.

I adorned the table in a perfect manner. I discreetly stowed the bowls in a queue. Lit some candles, changed the flowers and served the delicious food in white plates. He huddled me from behind and kissed me. Quite impressive he whispered in my ears slightly. He took a wide stare on the table and overlooked them and gave a wistful smile.

Kabir: oh Jesus, Don’t make these dirty faces. I know you are missing your ” Aloo parantha”. I have made it for you quizzically.
Amrit: wow, I love you exuberantly. You know Punjabi.
Kabir: raised my eyebrow with a smile. Tilted my head a little. Ok, taste it and kindly review.
Amrit: In an irresolute manner. He was gazing me impassively.

Kabir: Insipid.
Amrit: He totally gets engrossed in eating. He was gobbling and gulping down the juice. It’s quite fresh the tangy mint taste is just amazing. Everything is just perfect and flavourful. He came towards me and ordered me to show him my hands.

Kabir: No, it’s fine in a flustered tone.
Amrit: Yanked the spoon from my fingers and decreed dominantly to show him my hands and I followed him submissively.
Amrit: You cut your finger and you didn’t make it important to tell me “why”?. Rigorously he asked holding my hands. See it’s still bleeding.

Kabir: it’s just a normal incision. It will rejuvenate with time. Why this head over heels.
Amrit: Tears started shining in his beautiful black decent eyes. Like I have said to you before that my breaths get stuck when you get injured.

He instantly moved towards the drawer and brought out the first aid box in a haste. He stitched the wound and lightly kissed my hands. Now it’s better saying this he wrapped his great bare arms around me.

Kabir: Even though Doctors are not supposed to cry.
Amrit: shut up! Who says doctors don’t have emotions or heart.
Hey, let’s have a warm shower together.
Kabir: sorry, Actually I already have taken it.
Amrit: please come. He was coaxing me to come along.

Kabir: ok, intently. He’s a great coaxer though I was also avid to get drenched in drizzling love.

We moved to upstairs and dashed towards his room in a rush. Headed out towards the showering area. It was an enticing area not lesser than heaven, quite spacious hedged with resplendent mirrors. Even as he locked the door he entered nude. My heart started throbbing fastly and I started breathing heavily that was a non-interpretative moment.

I started tottering my feat aback. His eyes were radiating affection which was irresistible. He clamped my waist and pulled me towards him jolly with his strong hands. Gently brushing my cheeks he rolled down his hands over my nape and neck. He quickly stripped my clothes out and made my way to shower.

Meanwhile, he turned the shower on and the love drizzle started rinsing us. Our bodies were gleaming under the yellow bulb light. It was quite a steamy wide voyeuristic frame of two seductive couples. He huddled me gradually he took my lips in his mouth and started rolling over his warm tongue on them, seldom bite them. I was moaning loudly with pleasure.

Amrit: why don’t you start by rubbing some shower cream.
Kabir: ok,
We poured the cream into our willing hands and started lathering each other.

Then, he turned the shower back on to wash the cream off. Then slowly he drew my head towards his nipples. I hungrily licked and sucked them.
Amrit: Before kissing my chest all over, ” lick my armpits” he ordered.
Kabir: I followed him.

His muscular calves had thick black hairs on them and his thighs were quite strong and massive. In front of me was his big dusky cock. Which I could not keep my eyes off. It was absolutely shaped with smooth dusky skin surrounded with veins leading up to a cut pink head.

It was just perfect. So were his smooth balls with pinkish sack. He had a dark mane bush on top. Which I wanted to bury my face into. I quickly drew my eyes up towards his hairy abs and fondled them.

I kneeled down and held his semi erected dick in my hand. It slowly started to grow in my hand. I happily did so with long strokes up and down. I increased the speed to maximise his pleasure. Soon he was rock hard and his ample head started oozing with precum.

He was moaning with escasty and sighing heavily. He looked down on me with amusement in his eyes like as he was enjoying my work. We quickly finished the shower and came out. His ravel long cascade like tresses was trickling water. He soaked them with a towel. I took the blow dryer to dry them. His hairs were surfing in air. Then he opened his wardrobe.

Amrit: wow, you did this. Come, want to hug you. He wore a black shirt and a grey trouser and tucked in them appropriately.
Gradually, he dragged the drawer to select the turban’s colour.
He asked me to select the turban’s colour for him.

Kabir: It was just incredulous. He had almost every colour in his drawer. I discreetly decided “peach”.
Amrit: He quizzically kissed over my forehead.
Kabir: May, I help.
Amrit: For sure. Come

I took the silk strap of cloth in my palms and started tugging them across his head in a proper way with reverence and devotion. He was staring at me frenziedly in the mirror with his sweet smile.
Amrit: well done.
Kabir: Thanks.
Then we moved headed out towards the living room near the fireplace.

Amrit: I have a sweet small surprise for you. Want to sing a song with a guitar for you.
Kabir: ok, I snugged on the chair.
(Hey, Dear readers please go and check it out this song to feel this moment. Song: Awaaz, Punjabi movie: Qismat.)

Playing the guitar…
” Teri akhiyan ch noor kinna saara
Gallan ch sukoon si sajjna.
Mainu laggeya Allah ne awaaz mari
Bulaya mainu Tu si sajjna.
Oh jinna soch na sake Tu ohna pyar karde aan.
Teri gall hor ae sajjna, Assi atan tere pairaan warge aan.
Mere pehle din dil utte chapeya tera sohna munh si sajjna.
Mainu laggeya Allah ne awaaz mari bulaya mainu tu si sajjna.
Ki din ki, depher ki, shaam ki, raat ki har vehle teri gallan. Hath paer mere kanpde dono naal tere jadd challan.
Maino hath laaya jadon pyar naal Tu kambalu loon si saajjna”.

I got overwhelmed and deeply touched. Tears were rolling down from my eyes. Meanwhile, listening to this beautiful song from his mouth. For a while, All the souvenir memories flashed back and popped to my mind that we had mustered from the event incident until sharing souls and hearts. I embraced him tightly.

Then we headed out for work. He dropped me to my home.
Amrit: ok, then take care “Bye” with a wistful smile.
Kabir: Hmm,

I slammed the door. Slouched a little and started departing with scribble feet. I was in a miserable condition. I turned my face and saw him standing there with a sad face. I ran towards him and cuddled him tightly and kissed his lips, no matter who’s seeing us or not.
Our lips entwined with each other.

“Though souls are separated by space, shared memories of past joys bind them close and ever in each other’s heart the miles that separate us can’t keep me from thinking of you. Because of I feel close to you all the time.”

Four blissful days sped quickly by in his memories. It was a busy Saturday with the sun radiating sunshine. The sun was on its zenith.
In the evening, I phone ringed and it was “Amrit”.
Amrit: Hi, How’s you.
Kabir: Yearning to meet you.
Amrit: I am coming to pick you. I Have a surprise for you.
Kabir: ok.

He arrived within 18 minutes. Made me sit inside the car with grace and respect. Tied my seatbelt and headed out.

Kabir: At least tell me, where are we going.
Amrit: A grandeur party.
Kabir: what rubbish. Are you serious? Why you didn’t tell me about this. I have nothing to wear. Really, Are you kidding?
Amrit: Silence please, I have preplanned everything putting a finger on my lips.

*****Read From the eyes of “Amrit Brar”*****

Kabir sandhu has an enthralling eye which always makes me mesmerized. Seeing his face for me is just like getting up at the dawn and seeing the sunrise while the rest of the world still slept.

I parked the car in front of ” The headmaster”. Slightly opened the door of the car. He alighted and together we ushered the saloon. I already had fixed a special appointment as the owner is a great friend of mine.

“You never really live….until you find someone worth dying for and you never really die…until you have someone worth living for…!!

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