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Indian Gay Erotica: Every relationship will get “boring” after you have been together for years. Love is not a feeling.

It’s a commitment to love every day, physically and emotionally. It’s difficult.
It’s not always laughs, smiles and fun.
People tend to quit when it stops being fun and they go to look for someone else because “The spark is gone”.

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No, that’s not how it works. You want somebody to never give up on you and love you unconditionally?
Do the same. Be the change. This isn’t Hollywood, this isn’t the movies. That shit is not real.

Love someone when they’re hard to love that’s the most real shit there is.

***From the eyes of Amrit Brar****

The full moon had already made her royal waltz across the sky and was high above the buildings when we ushered the saloon.

I made him introduce with the staff and with the owner.

Kabir was a little nervous, I could sense that. Sometimes, it seems to me that Kabir’s face is a map of the world. A world without any darkness.
A guy raised his arms in a grand gesture and greeted us. Numb from head to toe, kabir tried to show confident and happy for me, but he could not. He could not move or speak or think.

The most he could manage was a small nod of agreement. Breathless, he stopped in front of a huge resplendent mirror that was promptly streaming its yellow lights over him.
The guy made him sit over the chair comfortably and decreed him to get into his apparels that had been decided by me. I considerately presented him with an elegant black silk three-piece suit accompanied by a pair of exorbitantly expensive Chelsea and white shirt.

Kabir’s eyes shot wide open in awe. He got flabbergasted by my choice. Suddenly the wistful smile turned into a quizzical smile. I inclined and whispered softly, in his ears “I want to see you the best tonight”. I love you he said in a sweet slow baritone.

I’ll be right back here after 2 hours to pick you. Be ready on time I petted on his shoulders. Ok, he retorted.

With a heavy heart. I trudged off to work. I headed out hastily and collected the well encased and wrapped gift for kabir and a bouquet.

I wore a white kurta. Gently, placed an indigo woollen stole over my shoulder a beautiful Iridescent stole with a parrot and foliage embroidery over it. Vermillion turban and Punjabi jutti were complementing the look perfectly. Two hours sped so quickly by. I made my way towards the saloon in a rush. I was tantalizing to peep on him.

I stepped on the stairs in a haste dashed to the saloon pushed open the glass’s door. I peered into the studio. It was empty, breathless, I stopped in front of the door that was barely open, I entered without any noise. My jaw dropped down, eyes shot wide open in astonishment.

Here, He was sitting on the couch placing his head over the back of the couch with closed eyes. I stared long and hard at him. A perfect frame of Kabir was emerging in the resplendent mirror. Every contour was gleaming unearthly and was describing their own glory.

Head to toe everything was well-sculpted by the God itself. The suit was evidently fitting his every jewel. I looked down at him and found him barefooted. Ankles had been covered well with the bell-bottom cut. I could not take my eyes off from him. His looks were adding fuel to the fire. I whispered slightly in his ears ” you look spectacular” and tweaked him. Suddenly, he raised his eyelashes and glared at me for a while without blinking.

You look amazing “Amrit,” he said caressing my hands. In return, I gave a quizzical smile. We were looking as different as night and day.
I kneeled down and folded my hands to put on the shoes in his feet. He denied first, but then accepted. The hairdresser came again and sprinkled some sprays over his hairs and face. We bid adieu and headed out.

He followed me down the hall at the end of the main gate. I’d opened the door and we’d walked outside. We walked down the weedy narrow garden to the car shed. I struggled to find the keys to the car. I looked into his eyes again. His were a deep glistening grey which was irresistible. I could not control myself more.

With a heavy jolt, I pushed him to the car’s door and encircled him with my hands. He laughed and looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of his showing warmth and affection. Gradually, I learned a little and raised his stubble with my willful hands and kissed over his forehead. I could hear the racing of hearts.

Amidst this, he closed his eyes. Let me kiss your soul, “Kabir”. You know eyes are the portal to the soul, I said interpretatively. I kissed his succulent lips.

What’s plan furthermore? I asked.
He couldn’t stop himself, from smiling slightly and I grinned at him. He coolly said “I’m in your hands”, Amrit.
I nodded, still smiling at him.

He moved in front of me and I followed him. He was wearing a dark black suit, but he’s had quite a tight thighs and cut and showed his butts off very nicely. It looked round and firm inside. His charcoal, black trousers and the flap of the back of his coat were raised up over the bulge it made.

Well, something’s missing. I discreetly presented him the gift and the bouquet that I had brought for him. He considerately unwrapped the box. His eyes shot wide gleefully with amazement. Then he wrapped his great robed arms around me and thanked me with tears shining in his eyes. There was a tear running down his cheek. It seemed like a river in the light of the setting sun.

It’s beautiful and gallant. But, it looks an exorbitantly expensive watch. I couldn’t accept this, sorry he said. I rigorously decreed him and finally, he submissively carried it. We made our ways towards the rendezvous place, the grand hotel. We alighted from the car together. Are you ready ” To exchange the marriage vows,” I asked him? Yes, my “lord” he answered sheepishly and chuckled loudly.

The massive castle had been embellished beautifully with white tulips, white Daisy, white calla lily and hibiscus. Two guards swung open the massive, ornate doors. We ran in and clambered up the wide marble stairs. The hall was adorned affluently with chandelier and pendant.

Suddenly, a huge herd of cameras and my colleagues hedged us, Actually, it’s a Doctors party. Kabir looked into my eyes worriedly. I slightly gave him a smile. I made him meet with other honourable guests. And he quickly mingled in the ambience. All were admiring him and our affable equation.

Some had smitten by his ravishing looks and others captivated by his demeanour. Everyone was talking indistinctly about us, especially about him. Some were ogling him frenziedly. Champagne and wines were being drunk by the people. We sat together there on the table. I got the prestigious award for the best neuro of the year. We celebrated together and had our supper together.

“Sometimes my eyes get jealous of my heart……..u know why?? I asked. Because you always remain close to my heart and far from my eyes.

He gently tapped over my feet and caressed my hands under the table. We headed out towards the washroom in a rush.

The car keys he held slipped from his hands. As he bent for it. His shirt rode up revealing his butts pressing tightly against the material of his pants.

Even in the dim light. I could see the outline of the hems of his underwear, a small tight pair of briefs by the look of them. He found the keys and bent further forward to take another piece of metal lying there.

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My cock rose stiffened rapidly in response to my musings. I guess it must have been pointing downwards inside my own underwear. Because it struggled painfully to rise upwards against their confines. Then he stood up and turned to face me. Suddenly, I locked the door. I unbuttoned his shirt and he looked down at my crotch.

My restricted cock made an obvious mound between my fly and my right thigh. Even though it was mostly hard, it was being forced downwards by my the material of my briefs and so it’s shape was that of a thick, prominent, downwardly curving rod.

I reached down and rubbed his bulge through the black material of his trousers. I ran my palm across it. Gently coaxing and caressing it.
He was staring at what I was doing to the outline of my cock. Captivated by it. I moved my hand to one side and pushed my groin towards him, inviting him to take over.

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Best regards,
Kabir sandhu Brar.❤❤

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