Indian Gay Erotica of Wild Adventures of Room 319: 2

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Indian Gay Erotica: Hey guys, I’m back with the second part of the story, Firstly lemme say I am thrilled to have received so many mails and comments on the first part of my story your encouragement really fuels my desire to write more and more, so not taking any more of your time let’s begin.

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As you already know about me and tanmay from the previous part and how we met and how we bonded and how we embarked on our adventure in a moving car on the roads of Sikkim from Gangtok to my University. After the events of the evening I was horny as hell, and it was not lust alone but a tinge of excitement due to the fact it was happening out in public, the climate was another important factor, it was freezing cold and the fresh air of the kanchanjunga was just mesmerizing.

We reached the hostel and went inside, we decided to go for dinner but tanmay decided to stay in his room, he said he was tired and not hungry so he didn’t come. So we went and had dinner, all this while all I could think about was the events of the past hour. I could still taste his lips on mine, his gentle hands on my chest, his teeth on my ear and neck and ofcourse his hand on my dick. I was literally contemplating whether it had really happened or was I dreaming.

Soon we reached to our rooms and everyone was sitting in my room and chatting. But eyes were only searching for one face, tanmay’s. But I couldn’t see him in the room, so I went to his room to check, but there was a lock on his door. I then tried to call him, but his phone was not reachable. I found it strange, after all we were in a different state, it was almost 10 PM and we were staying in a university hostel with the gates closed and no chance of exit.

We started looking for him in the hostel itself on different floors, I finally found him on the other side of the building talking on his phone, I signed with relief and went towards him, but he was busy on the phone and held his hand towards me signaling me to stop, I thought perhaps he was having a flight with his girlfriend or something so I didn’t bother him any further, I just told him “Sab ruke hai, ho jai toh Mere room me aa jana”, he said OK and went back to his call, I too came back into my room.

The other guys and me started talking about random shit just to pass the time, but all I could do was think about tanmay and comprehend what might happen soon.

15-20 mins passed and then Tanmay came into our room, his face looked flushed, it seemed as if he was sad or something, We all started teasing him that he had a fight with his girldfriend and what not. He did not say anything, he just sat there and didn’t say a word, so we thought maybe the fight was serious so we started asking what happened and whats wrong, that’s when he said –
“I just got a call from Mom, My Mama (uncle) passed away today”

We were shocked to hear it and started consoling him, we then started discussing about his uncle, and apparently he was very close to his uncle (mother’s brother) he was clearly very very sad and shaken and kept his gaze fixed on the floor not looking anywhere else.

He was just saying that he won’t even be able to go now because he had 3 more exams and therefore won’t be able to leave. We were all consoling him and comforting him.

All this while all my mind was thinking that now I won’t be able to continue what we had started earlier (I know I sound selfish and inconsiderate but please don’t judge me ( ) but I sincerely wanted to get lain that night.

While all this was going on I got on my grindr app and started looking, and to my surprise there was a profile 2 meters away from, we started chatting and I learnt that he was in room 327, (I was in 325 and tanmay was in 319) his name was Abhi so after a while the Abhi and I decided to meet casually, and at the same time tanmay too asked me if I had extra cigarettes, I said yes.

What happned next was totally unplanned and I had no intention of it happening but it happned, for some reason I asked Tanmay’s roommate (krishnas husband) to switch rooms with me for the night, this way Tanmay and me would be in room 319 and my roommate and Krishna’s husband would be in my room 325. He agreed as he knew that tanmay was bit disturbed and that I could possibly comfort him.

So tanmay and I went to his room 319. Once there I rememberd that I was supposed to meet abhi, I told tanmay.

Me- Do you mind if one of my friend comes over for a few minutes?
Tan – Which friend ?
Me- Don’t ask who he is or how I know him.
Tan – OK

After a few minutes Abhi came, I was already on the window smoking so Tanmay opened the door and welcomed Abhi. We started chatting, abhi then if we had extra cigarettes, I gave him one and he came to my side near the window and lit his cigarette, I was almost done by then so I put mine out and came and sat next to tanmay on the same bed. And then I told Abhi what had happened and tanmay too stated sharing a few of his memories with his uncle.

The climate was freezing so I took the nearest blanket and covered myself with it, and I covered tanmay with it too. As a gestue of compassion I held Tanmay’s hand under the blanket and he too reciprocated by holding my hand back. I was kinda there-thering him at this moment. We chatted for maybe another 10-15 minutes. Then Tanmay said something which made me laugh.

Tan – If you guys want to do something then you guys can carry on.

Both me and Abhi laughed and said No we didn’t plan on doing anything and I realized that Tanmay had already guessed how and why I met abhi. Lol.
It was now around 11:30 or 11:45 and abhi said he’ll leave now and we said bye. Once Abhi left I started to turn off the lights and making my bed.

There were 2 separate queen size beds in each room, tanmay was sitting on one and I took the other. One I had closed the windors and the door and turned off the light, I switched on the bathroom light and opened the door a little for some light.

Then I told him – Chalo, Now don’t think about anything else and goto sleep. He said yes. Now I was 100% certain that nothing will happen now.
But then he said – Ronnie can you sleep next to me for some time, I don’t want to be alone.

I was only too happy to oblige, I got up from my bed and went towards his, I got into his bed and he lifted the blanket and led me in, and then I directly put his head on my chest and hugged him with my right arm.

The hug was very comforting, it was not like we had to look for the perfect position it directly happned, like 2 leGo blocks fitting into each other. He just layed there, he rested his head on my chest and wrapped his arms around me like a small child.

He then said – Thankyou for being here for me Ronnie.

I then kissed his forehead gently and told him “I’m always here for you” .

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After that all that separated our warm bodies were the think fabric of clothing, I could feel the heat radiating from his body my heart was telling me to just rip off those cloths and embrace his naked body, but my brain was stopping me. I thought to myself how can I be so selfish, he is clearly sad and just wants someone to hug.

I somehow controlled myself, but what happened next was totally different.

He raised his head and looked into my eyes, our eyes met each other’s gaze, there was a jolt of emotions shared between us, he looked into my eyes and I into his. I then stroked his hair as a sign of compassion and comfort, he now moved closer towards me and placed his head on my sholder, he then hugged me, I too reciprocated, but this was no regular hug.

It was a hug of passion, his hands now roamed on my back and mine on him. Soon he slid his hands under my tshirt and was stroking my back from neck to my lower back and I too was doing the same.

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