Indian Gay Erotica of a Walk in The Rain: 1

Indian Gay Erotica of a Walk in The Rain: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: Hello readers, this is my debut story, it has been years that I have been wanting to write my stories here, but couldn’t do so due to time and situational constraints, but now I’ll be sharing all my stories with you.

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Ronnie an average guy from Pune, Maharashtra working as an HR in an MNC, 25 years old, 5’5” height, average complexion, a little belly. The best trait about me would be my smile, I make friends very easily and am a very social being. Also, I stay alone here.

The story I am going to share with you is 100% real and one of the dearest incidents of my life. Now not taking much of your time let’s get to the story.

This happened last Saturday, as you know this year the heat is too much in Pune, even the AC’s were failing. But as luck would have it, as the sun began to say goodbye, the sky became covered with clouds, and the winds arrived to ease the scorching heat.

Within a few minutes, the clouds started roaring loudly and flashing lights of thunder could be seen and heard. The ambience was very soothing and a fresh sight for the eyes. It did not take much time for the first rain of the year to climb down towards the thirsty ground. It started with a drizzle, and like a child, I stood on the balcony of my apartment with my arm stretched out towards the open sky trying to catch hold of a drop the divine rain.

It was then my phone rang and I stepped inside to who it was, alas it was the credit card company (who else could it be), I became kinda pissed off for I was really enjoying the cool breeze on my face, but again I was too tired after the chores I had been doing throughout the day, after all, we only get the weekends to work for ourselves. I just sat on my bean bag with my phone and had a thought that I should message ‘him’.

By ‘him’ I mean Sourav (name changed), Sourav was a guy I met on Grindr who happened to be the friend of a friend, let me tell a little about him (you will love this), he is 26 around 5’8, a toned body, cute hair, wheatish complexion, intoxicating eyes.

He is a researcher by profession and a designer by passion, it so happens that he designs 90% of his own clothes. (I just love him for that), for me, he was like a roman God. He stays nearby my place a minute’s walk at max. Anyways we have been in contact since last 2-3 months but never managed to meet, due to our busy schedules.

But I believe this was my day, destiny was on my side. I texted him a simple “hey”, and to my surprise, he replied with seconds, (he usually takes hours to reply, that busy bastard). I could not think of what to reply, because usually, I get hours to think about what to reply.

I don’t know what got into me and I wrote: “WALK IN THE RAIN” and some water droplet emoji. And then his reply had me stand up at once, his reply said “I THOUGHT YOU WOULDN’T ASK” and a winky face. I quickly replied “NOW?”, and he replied, “See you in 5 minutes”.

My happiness knew no bound, could this be? Am I finally meeting the person whom I have been crushing on? I quickly got up and went for my facewash at the sink. I washed my face, headed towards the wardrobe and pulled out a cartoon print boxer shorts, and a Game of Thrones T-Shirt.

I got dressed as fast as I could, took my umbrella and headed towards the parking. I waited near the gate for a minute or two, and there he was! Walking towards me, wearing a black t-shirt, and a dark green knee length pant his clothes slightly wet from the drizzle, he ran his hand over his hair to straighten his now wet hair, all I could think was taking a shower in the water from his cute curly locks.

I somehow consoled myself and brought a smile on my face as a gesture of welcome.
“Hey,” he said with a smile, I replied “hey”.
“So we finally meet,” he said in a voice which was both seductive and sarcastic.
“Yes, indeed I replied” and we both laughed. He looked at my hand I was holding the umbrella and he raised an eyebrow and said: “Do we really need that?”

I was happy to hear it because walking in the rain was one of my favourite things. I kept the umbrella with the watchmen who was smiling at me. (PS – I AM OUT, ALSO PPS – THE WATCHMAN IS MY FATHERS AGE, AND NO WE DIDN’T DO IT, NOR WILL) I smiled back at him and went towards Sourav, “Shall we?” I said merrily, and we started walking on the almost deserted road.

We walked for 5-6 minutes, there was almost no one on the roads, except some children happily playing in the rain. We were taking random stuff about work and life and were walking quite aimlessly not paying attention to the road, we were now near the road which was very less travelled, so I told him “Let’s not go there, it’s too dark and I don’t think it’s safe” he laughed and said “Afraid, are we?” I said “No I’m not afraid, but it’s better we don’t” he agreed and we turned back.

We were still talking and walking, I was too happy to be spending time with him. The rain now was pouring more intensely, and the clouds were roaring with all its might, just then there was a big flash of light in the sky and a tremendous thunder, I jolted in fear and almost climbed on him clenching his arm hard and not really paying attention to the fact that we were in public.

He laughed and said “HEY, Don’t be scared it’s just the thunder, I’m here!” it was then I realized that I was literally standing on his feet and my nails almost dug into his arms. I was embarrassed and shy as he was laughing, it was then that I realized that both of us were soaking wet and the fact that I was touching him for the first time.

The road was totally deserted and the lights had just gone out, it was completely dark except the occasional vehicles passing by, he could clearly notice that I was actually shaken by the thunder and he wrapped his hand around me, I don’t know whether it was the fright from the sound, or the embarrassment of him laughing or the fact that I was soaking wet, but I was shivering a bit.

He wrapped his arm around me in an attempt to console me to zap out of the fit of fear, it was then that I felt the heat radiating from his body, it was the perfect sensation that I felt on my wet skin, I felt his hand travelling upwards from my shoulder to my neck and to my head, he was stroking my hair like consoling a child.

I was feeling a gush of emotion pouring out of my eyes, for some reason I felt weak in my knees and butterflies in my stomach ( PS NOT being dramatic, it really happened), I could not control myself and I just turned my face towards him and buried my face between his shoulder and neck. We not had stopped walking and just standing on the road in the rain.

I think he understood his feelings and he too laid his head over mine, I am not sure how long we stayed like this, but then I tried to move, but he was still holding me tight and I not felt the tightness of his hand around my hands and clutching my head. He let go and there was complete silence no one spoke, only the sound of raindrops falling and the mild sound of the clouds.

I looked at him and he looked at me, I was mesmerized with the water droplets gliding down his face and his eyes just staring at me. I moved closer, and he moved closer, our bodies touching only separated by the wet fabric of our clothes. He leaned forward towards me I just gave in and closed my eyes.

I could feel his lips just a few centimetres away from mine, I felt his breath on my face, I felt the tip of his nose touching mine and the anticipation of what came next was killing me, I could not hold it any longer, I could not wait, but I was too afraid to make the move, I finally opened my eyes and saw his eyes staring back at me.

I was confused, I didn’t understand why wasn’t he kissing me. He then chuckled and pinched my cheeks, and then he did it.
His lips touching mine, mine touching his, his warm breath on my face, the water gushing down from the skies to his head to his face to his lips, the wonderful feeling of kissing him under the rain was like a feeling I could never explain in words.

Indian gay erotica of a hot and steamy walk and kiss in the rains

We kissed with no care in the world, we didn’t care that there might be people watching us, it was just us, the moment.
We finally parted and looked into each other’s eyes, I did not want this to end, I wanted more, much more, he smiles at me, and I returned the favour.

He said, “Let’s change into something dry, we might catch a cold!” I agreed, and just said “YES!”

I was heartbroken, I wanted to spend some more time with him. But what he said next sparked a ray of hope in my heart “DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT WILL FIT ME?” I just smiled and said yes “Of course”.

We walked back towards my apartment with my heart thumping loud overjoyed.
Stay tuned for what happened next. Please do comment how the beginning was.
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