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Ahmedabad, 2021

It’s the morning of February here, and the sounds can be heard as mornings are always calm and peaceful with some chirping of birds, It is the Desi Tadka sound of Mustard oil, Garlic, and Onion coming from the kitchen.

Arhan is busy preparing breakfast, and once again he called out loudly as the alarm was ringing simultaneously for the third time in the bedroom.

“Nishaaaaaaan, it’s the third time your alarm is ringing, it should be final, now get up yrr!!”

After a few minutes! Arhan is done with morning breakfast preparation, he then moves to arrange the breakfast at the dining table, while thinking “I’ve to go to his room! Or else he’ll probably miss out on his first lecture if I won’t wake him up!!!”

As Arhan entered the dining area, he finds that there is already an obedient boy in his white shirt and black trouser, folding both of his hands and looking at the alarm clock in front of him on the table very seriously.

“Ohh!! Arhan, can you please fix it, I don’t know what’s wrong going with this! It’ll be the fourth time if it rings again!!” – Nishaan shows his problem through Sign Language, making his face Li’ll sad.

“Nish, don’t worry I’ll handle it later, okay let me disconnect its battery so it won’t disturb you again” – Arhan Smiles back as he can visibly see the smile of Nishaan.

“Mmm!, Nish, it’s your final semester, and your project will commence from today right? Have you allocated a mentor!!?” – Arhan asked while serving breakfast to Nish.

Nishaan nods his head and also acts some moves with his hands, then he engaged himself to finish his breakfast.

“Fine, they’re giving you a special mentor! And are going to introduce you to a mentor today!”

POV of Arhan :

God, just keep blessing him! Especially in his college activities, although his all college mates and professors are helpful to him, still it’s not easy to counter general academics & syllabus for a boy who is not general at all.
Anyway, nothing to worry about, after all, I’m always with him.

It has been 4 years since Mummy and Daida got separated from each other, We both living with Mummy as we refused Daida to go the USA with him. Nish was just 17, I had completed my master’s and decided to join Mummy in her jewelry business.

Everything went well till now, I was handling the organization well under her guidance, she is very caring towards us and especially for Nish, she always prefers him first over me, hardly she had given me any favor whenever both of us brothers fight to eachother.

It was she only who supported Nish to take admission in Management College, where hardly things were comply or co-ordinate with his requirements.

“I know Mummy, Nish can hear and understand the spoken language but what about others!! He has to face problems while communicating his queries to professors and What if he has to face bully with his mates, is he able to make any friends there, it’ll create a psychological imbalance for him, why can’t we approach him for other institutions and academy.” – I expressed my frustration and worries in front of her

“Arhan, beta, I understand your worries for him, but I don’t want to down his zeal, also I don’t want to feel him a special kid, he’s as normal as others are. I know there will be some problems to become compatible with the college environment, but it’s a prestigious college of this city, they’ll surely take care of his requirements, trust me!!!”

“Mmmm! Mummy, I also don’t want to kill his future potential, it’s okay if something happens, ultimately his big brother will always fence him, inform Ratna aunty, and I’ll take Nish to her for admission.”

Ratna aunty is a good friend of Mummy, as well as she is a regular customer of our pieces of jewelry, Also she is the principal of that college so It will be a Little privilege for Nish.

All of sudden vanished from my thoughts, and I find myself in present from the past days, as Nishaan patted me twice on my right shoulder with a question mark on his face!!

“A…no…nothing” – I replied
“Are you coming to drop me to the college?” – asked Nishaan on his way.
“Haan, wait here, I’m coming in two minutes”

Then I head to my room to get the keys and a mobile phone. On normal days Mummy used to drop Nish at his college but she went to Tamilnadu for some business purposes so it is my duty now, until she came back I’m the only source to take care of Nish and Home alongside my work.

I take the bag from Nish and pulled the door of the front side for him. Then I entered the car and started. I noticed that he was looking lost somewhere, “Nish, you okay?”

He simply nodes in positive, and within 10 minutes we arrive at the college campus, I stop at the college gate and look at Nish.
He is about to move out…

“Listen! Whenever you’ll have to leave, text me before 30 minutes, and I’ll pick you up! And probably will take lunch together, okay!”

He turned back having a smile on his face and holds me tightly, It feels strange to me, but later I realized he is scared of today’s announcement which will be on the project for this semester because the previous sem wasn’t a good experience for him.

I hug him back, rubbing his backside. “Nervous for the final project!! Haan?”
He accepts by moving his finger on my back!

After a few seconds, he releases his grip, I take one of his hands on my hands and make eye contact with him, “look Nish, forgot everything, they’re going to provide you with a new and exclusive mentor.

I believe in your efforts, in the end, we all are here” – I tried to make him hopeful and confident.

He was looking a bit confident now!

“Still you don’t want, then I and Mummy will do it on behalf of you” – I cracked a joke, and finally my heart gets satisfaction when he laughs at it.

I left the campus, after receiving a goodbye from him, I drive my car into the basement of Outlet. I entered through the main gate instead of using an elevator. “Welcome to the Nishaan Diamonds Sir nd Ma’am, May I know what are you looking for?”

“Ma’am it’ll be best as per your specifications”, “Ma’am, This 0.7-carat one, it’s the best combination with your ethenic attire” “Sir, you should choose between these two, because this jewelry will add some valuable emotion to your relationship” this was some background voices, our representatives are engaged with customers helping them to choose better.

I directly head to the 2nd floor by the red-carpeted staircase, where I stop myself as RasikBhai is coming from the hallways, he passes a smile to me, and I do the same.

“Good morning nanka, lagn no samay chhe, etle have swas pan levano time nathi malto”
This means “it’s the time of marriage season, business will gonna more busy these days”

Rasik Bhai was our executive head since I was in 10th Grade may be. He always uses the word “Nanka” for me, which refers to a “small boy” in the Gujarati language.

I took control of my cabin, and RasikBhai handovers me some booklets, and papers. I hold a glance at the sales report of last month, then move to a lookout that booklet.

“Ohh, This is the last day of this exhibition!!, We must be there by today” – I exclaimed to RasikBhai.

“Haan, Nanka!! I already talked with Minal regarding the exhibition visit, she will join you for the day!”

“Fine, it’ll be a great help for me if she will be there, okay! A… After doing with these four files I’ll be left with Minal” I added
“Kaka, I observed a sharp increase in our profits!

It’s just because of our extraordinary team and their efforts, so communicate to our employees this time we are going to provide the lucrative Incentives.”

“Sure! I will, after all, we all deserve this success, especially you and Damini Madam!!” – Says RasikBhai

“It’s done, I’m leaving, just take care Kaka” – I tell in a rush while handing over the files to him.

Again I use the staircase to go down, along with I matched the call to Minal to come in parking directly!

“Hey Minal”

“Good Morning, Sir” – she greets.

“Good Morning, now let’s sit inside, rest of the details you’ll be providing me, alright!” – I ordered as I was in hurry, I don’t know why Am I behaving like this.

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The destination was far away in Baroda City as it was 120 kilometers from the current place, which means I’ll be hooked at least until evening.

After a boring journey of 1.30 hrs, I’m completely aware of the facts and various potentials of this visit, all credit goes to Minal only.

As I entered the Marriott, the place of the exhibition, I receives a notification on WhatsApp. It’s Nish, some flashes of morning appear in my mind. “Arhan, how could you forget that,

I promised to be with him and to take lunch together” “now what to do, how careless I’m…… already Nish wasn’t feeling good” also I was scared if everything went good or not I was cursing myself.

Authors Note :
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