Blackmail gay story of a bisexual guy on vacation: 3

Bisexual threesome fun with husband and wife

Bi sex story: This is a true story how a couple exploited me for sexual pleasure. A brief intro about myself, M Parth, M 25 years, from Hyderabad, Bisexual, 5’10 ft in height and average body built and manly looks, sexually very active and open for all types of adventures.

First of all I thank you all for your mails and feedback. For those who didn’t read my pervious story, I was on an unplanned solo trip in March, reached Goa to end my trip (I work in Punjab), were this sexual adventure happened that literally scared the shit out of me.

After having an amazing fucking session with Rhea, they asked me to pack my stuff for checkout as they planned a fun surprise. So let’s continue where we left.

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So after Karan coming into the room and tasting his wife’s pussy juices directly from why dick, they asked me to pack my stuff for checkout as they said they planned kinky fun plan for the next 2 days for the 3 of us and Karan was doing all the bookings while I was fucking his wife.

I didn’t have any issue because the previous night Karan had asked all the details of my trip and planned accordingly.

So within 30 minutes all were ready, and did our checkout. Karan’s car was waiting at the reception. He sat in the driving seat, I asked Rhea to sit back with me. He started driving, we were talking about all the random stuff in the world, got to know some details about them, their relationship and stuff like that.

While taking I was moving my hand all over Rhea’s body, I was pinching her boobs in between and small moans were popping out from her mouth.

The whole situation was very hot and wild. Karan was seeing all my actions in his rear-view mirror. This was making me even hornier. I love playing and teasing someone’s wife in front of their husband.

Karan was also turning on. I can see it in his shorts. I playfully put my feet on his crotch to tease him. I was even kissing her in between and she put her hand inside my shorts and was playing with my dick. This was just fucking prefect, exactly how I like.

After like 1 hr ride we arrived at this huge beachside bungalow with a private pool. When asked about it, Karan said he booked it for the next 2 nights so that we can have a private fucking party. I was super thrilled. (BTW Karan was filthy rich, which I got to know later).

We went inside, dropped our luggage at the hall, and looked around. While roaming, at the pool Karan came and hugged me from the back and said “CAN’T WAIT TO TAKE YOUR DICK DADDY” in my ears.

I was already super turned on because of activities in the car, when he said that I couldn’t hold back, I just grabbed him by his neck, pulled in front of me and started to kiss wildly.

We were so lost that we accidentally fell in the pool, yet still we were kissing madly. Listening to the sound, Rhea came running to see what happened. Seeing us kissing, she was like “HOW DARE YOU GUYS START WITHOUT ME”.

That’s when we broke our kiss and looked at Rhea. At that very point I said to myself “what a lucky guy am I”.

On one side there was Rhea who was looking absolutely mind blowing in her pink two peace bikini just looking like a sex goddess standing in front of me to have sex and on the other side this handsome Greek hunk who is ready to surrender.

Me: How can we forget you my sex goddess.

She burst into laughter

Me: why don’t you join us inside the pool?

She obliged and entered the pool and came towards us. Karan started to kiss me again. We were passionately kissing. Rhea also joined us. I broke the kiss with Karan, and started to kiss Rhea. We broke up again, Karan and Rhea were kissing.

This continued for a while. We all were simultaneously exploring each other’s body under water. Soon we all became nude in the pool. With one hand I was playing with Rhea’s pussy and with the other hand I was stroking Karan’s dick, while they both were playing with my dick.

All these kept on going for more than an hour. Soon me and Karan sandwiched Rhea in between and crushed her well.

At this point everyone was on the top gear of their hornymeter and lust for each other was quite visible in our eyes. I carried rhea out to the chair by the pool. Laid her on that and I directly attached her pussy.

I spread her legs wide and started to lick her pussy. Her pussy was already so wet bec of the fingering. She was moaning very loudly. While I was sucking her pussy, karan started to suck my dick.

He always manages to give a mind blowing blowjob. I was feeling like heaven. Soon he slowly moved back to my asshole and started to rim it wildly. It was just a pleasure.

It was noon and was quite sunny so we all moved to the master bedroom, all nude playing with each other’s bodies. As soon as we entered the room, Karan and Rhea pushed me on the bed and started to suck my dick.

It was just like the porn movies, both were licking my dick and ball. It was such a pleasure to the eyes and dick. After 10 mins I couldn’t control anymore and cum on their face.

They both shared a steamy kiss with my cum in their mouths. Then karan came and kissed me. I tasted my own cum.

It was my turn to return the favour back to them. So I asked karan to come on his all fours. I started to rim his ass while rhea was sucking his dick under.

After 10 mins of rimming wildly, I started fingering him vigorously. First one finger, then 2 followed by 3, simultaneously his wife was sucking his dick. He was moaning loudly in pleasure. He also cummed within 5 mins.

Now it’s the turn of rhea. By dick started to regain its hardness bec of all the actions that were going on. Seeing by dick getting hard, Rhea grabbed it and took it in her mouth.

I mouthfucked her for good 15 mins with lots of deep throats, rough fucking and made her gigg on my dick. While doing all these, I asked karan to suck her pussy and make it ready for me to fuck.

I grabbed her legs, pulled to the corner of the bed in missionary position, and entered her pussy. My dick went inside easily bec of the morning fuck and pussy licking by karan. I straight away started to bang her hard.

Within 5 mins she had her first orgasm with a loud moan. I asked her to lick karan’s ass and make it well lubricated. So karan sat on her face. The entire room was filled with TAP TAP TAP sounds and moans of karan.

Rhea couldn’t make such noises as her face was covered with karan’s ass. After 10 mins, I laid on bed and asked karan to ride my dick in cowboy position. I love to fuck anyone by looking into their eyes.

Soon Rhea sat on my face so that I licked her pussy. He was moaning like hell, even louder than his wife. His wife was smiling by looking at her hunk husband riding like a bitch. It was such a feeling that I couldn’t put that to words.

After 15 mins of fucking him hard and wild, he wished to fuck me. I thought for a while as I usually fuck, don’t get fucked and it’s been a long time since I took a cook inside me. But I decided to go with the flow and gave a green signal.

Soon rhea went behind karan and started to finger my ass while I was fucking karan. After 5 mins or so karan stopped riding and joined rhea and both were rimming my hole. I was on cloud 9. Karan started to finger my ass.

My ass was very tight. So he bought some lube and then again started to finger. Now it was a bit smooth and I didn’t feel much pain. 10 mins into fingering I was good to go.

So I was lying on the same position, karan wide opened my legs apart, was ready to drill his dick in my ass and rhea was in 69 position with me. I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my dick so that I could get distracted from pain.

Karan slowly entered my ass. Bec of the lube and good fingering, it didn’t hurt that much. Soon pleasure kicked in and I asked him to fuck harder. I felt really good getting fucked after a very long time.

Bi sex story of fun with a man and his wife

To add to that feeling rhea was blowing my dick sooo well. After 10 mins of this intense and steamy threesome in the same position, Rhea had her 2nd orgasm bec of my tongue fucking, I cummed in her mouth and karan shot his hot jet in my ass.

We were so tired that we didn’t even care to clean and cuddled nude with all the sweat and cum. We were hungry so karan ordered some food for us, we ate and took some rest. But our sex adventure didn’t stop here.

Our wild and kinky fucking sessions continued next 2 days. We all were nude for the next 2 days, fucked in every position possible, every combination possible, till its time for my departure.

I can definitely say those 2 days, I enjoyed thoroughly, fulfilled the majority of my kinks.

Feel free to contact me to write feedback or any guy or couple who wanna experiment stuff like the at [email protected]