College boys story of a crazy encounter with class crush

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College boys story: Hello guys. I’m Amrit (name changed). This is a fantasy story about a sexual encounter between me and my classmate Rohan from college at our graduation ceremony.

First things first. I’m a fair skinned, moderately overweight guy with as good as no hair over my chest and my height is around 5’8″. Rohan is also fair but he’s taller than me, around 6’1″ maybe and is fit.

I was definitely attracted to him on the very first day of my college. I remember I kept noticing him while lectures were in progress. I tried my best to get into a group project or something with him, but failed.

I was disappointed and had also formed an opinion that maybe he’s a fuckboi and is completely straight in orientation. But recently, I told one of my gay friends about me being attracted towards Rohan and showed his pictures to him.

“Yeh toh bisexual hai.” were his exact words. I was taken aback and I asked him the reason behind being so sure. He said that he had seen his profile on a dating platform (Hint: It starts with ‘G’) and also had his pictures on display.

I was surprisingly shocked. Even I had an account there but I never saw his profile. And after listening to all of this, I wanted to confront him at the graduation ceremony as it would be my last chance to try to sleep with him.

The D-Day is here. I went to college. I was wearing formals. I intentionally wore tight pants to show my curves. I had uploaded my pictures on display on the dating app. I was nervous af.

We were asked to wait in the lobby because the ceremony will start in a while. I got out from the crowd and sat on a chair and took out my phone from my pocket.

There was a message from a profile with no pictures and minimal information.


I was shivering and panicking because after seeing that message I though uploading my picture is the dumbest thing I could’ve done. After a while I replied.

“Um, yes. Do I know you too?”

“Yeah.” He said. And there were all butterflies in my stomach.

“Give me an opportunity to express a similar kind of reaction after you introduce yourself?” I replied to the very first message.

And I was all drenched in sweat in an air-conditioned lobby. I was sure that I might get a heart attack today.

“Turn back.” He texted. And I saw Rohan standing in front of me while I rotated my head with the dating application open on his phone.

I stood up and said “Hello.” in a low and stammering manner. He smiled. After a while of deafening silence, he kept his hand on my shoulder and asked “What are you upto, boi?” with a grin on his face.

“Nothing serious.” I said. I was still shivering. He grabbed my hand and took me to the faculty washroom. No one would come here because all the professors are busy with the preparation of the ceremony.

He pushed me towards the wall and rested both his hands on my shoulder. I felt so weak at that moment that it seemed that someone has kept a boulder on my shoulders. He could hear my deep breaths and moved one of his hands to my chest. And this is when we kissed for the first time.

It was very passionate. After a minute, all discomfort was gone and I started to reach all the corners of his mouth via my tongue. He was moaning softly and I was gently pressing his ass.

Slowly I went down to his neck. He had the best adam’s apple one could ever have. Slowly, I unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt and he had the perfect amount of hair over his chest.

Neither bushy nor smooth, that’s how I like it. His nipples were tight and juciest. I was playing with my tongue around his nipples and he was going crazy.

All of a sudden, he removes my hands and unbuttons the buttons of my shirt and gets the glance of my smooth chest with little bit of man boobs.

He just couldn’t stop ogling. He bent a bit and started eating my boobs as if he’s really about to take a bite. My chest was all red because of his hard pinches.

He then asked me to give him a blow. I obliged and and was on my knees the next second. As soon as he unzipped his pants, a seven incher popped out. I couldn’t help myself but was staring at his dick. It smelled nice and the taste led me to oblivion.

I was taking it deep and teasing him by playing with my tongue around the foreskin. Soon I realised that he might cum so I stopped. I stood up and unzipped my pants and dropped them giving him a glance of my ass.

Soon he started rimming me and I was moaning out loud. He fingered me intensely so that I’m prepared for satisfying his seven incher. Soon, he gets up and attempts to push his dick into my ass. It was painful but I somehow managed not to scream.

And suddenly, he shoved the entire dick into me and I was almost unconscious. He started the thrusts and I was just feeling weak in the knees. He made it intense and fast and all I could hear was the thumping sound. He fucked me in every position he could.

After fifteen minutes of continuous fucking, he was done and asked me to swallow all of his cum. He took his dick out and ejaculated all of it in my mouth.

College boys story of a wild and crazy encounter

It was a lot! I stood up and he gave me a hand job and I ejaculated soon on the floor. And next we were kissing again and we were cum swapping with the leftover of his cum in my mouth.

Next both of us dressed and got out of the washroom and cleaned ourselves up and went to the ceremony. I was not able to walk properly even to get out of the washroom.

This is my first attempt on writing a fantasy fiction. Let me know your feedback in the comments below. Text me on @youwontregret01 on Instagram if you’ve got some good memes to share. 😉