Desi gay story of horny guy’s Indore diaries: 1

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Desi Gay Story: Rajesh was all alone at home that day as his parents had gone to Bhopal since a distant uncle had passed away. He was bored of watching TV and since it was Sunday, he did not have to login to his office laptop. But being almost 4 months now working from home in the lockdown, he wished he did not have to login even on other weekdays.

Rajesh was a young chap, 25 years old, single, and working as software engineer in Pune. Due to the COVID-19, his office had allowed working from home and he had hence moved back to his town Indore in Madhya Pradesh. He was living in Pune for last 4 years and was happy to be home now; far away from the hustling bustling crowded city to a peaceful place.

After he had joined the job, his father retired and with the corpus he saved, he had purchased a small bunglow near the Bilawali lake; which was seen from their terrace. Rajesh was thus new in the locality and had no friends nearby as his all childhood friends stayed near his old home on Dewas Road.

But now after 4 months inside the home, he was bored and missed his life in Pune, which was quite eventful.

Rajesh was 5 feet 10 inches tall, muscular built and had fair complexion. He was very much liked by all the girls in his college; but alas his interests lied elsewhere. He fancied men and his sexploration journey began in his college days itself.

He enjoyed with all types of men, twinks, hunks, daddies and on one occasion an old man in late 50s as well had been pleased by him. His flexibility in adjusting with all types of men, his friendliness and his versatility in bed made him go about easily with any and every one.

When he moved to Pune, his parents insisted that he lived together with some of his friends; but he outright rejected that and the always horny Rajesh made his 1 RK flat a love den where new and variety of men came. But the COVID-19 had changed the days for him and he was all left alone for so many days and fulfilled himself only through video calls and porn on his laptop.

And today’s afternoon was no different. He was sitting in his room on the terrace when he heard a street hawker selling clothes. He went near the window and peeped down to see a tired young muscular man pulling a cart that had variety of boxes loaded on it and few sample clothes hanging on the cart that he was pushing.

Rajesh called out for that man and thought he might try a few items, which would also kill his time.

 “Are bhaiyaa, kya kya hai aapke paas…?”

The man came inside the home with many boxes and parked his cart just outside the door.

“Saahabji, gents aur ladies ke sab kapde kai. Maa ji ko bhi bulaiye, badhiya sadiya bhi hai. Ab toh Navratri-Diwali sab tyohar aane hai…”
Rajesh cut through and said “Are ruko ruko… ghar pe mein hi hu aaj… Gents ke hi kapde laao.. kuch acche t-shirt, jeans hai ya nahi fir?”

“Saahabji, wo bhi hai… mein sab lata hu…”

 Rajesh sat on the sofa watching the man bring in boxes of t-shirts, formal shirts, jeans, pants, vests and undies. He started surfing through t-shirts. 

“Saahabji, pehnke dekhiye… Khub jachega dark colour aap pe.”

Rajesh liked the idea and hence he removed his vest that was clinging and hiding his gym toned body. Rajesh noticed that the man was seeing his body in a surprised and kind of lusty manner. He asked, “Naam kya hai tumhara?”. “Ji, mein Mohan.”

Rajesh wore the carbon grey t-shirt and Mohan got excited, “Waah ji! Aapke tole-shole mast lag rahe hai”. Rajesh said, “Yaha aaina nahi hai… Upar mere kamre me chalo, waha try karte hai.” And Mohan took few samples upstairs. After being insisted, Rajesh also dropped down his pants to try on a formal pant.

Mohan had visible glee in his eyes when Rajesh showed his bulging crotch and smooth mounds on the rear side. But the pant which he tried was tight. Mohan tried to help him and using this as excuse he touched those mounds and felt their sphere like perfect roundness. 

This was enough as hint for Rajesh and he knew that his 4 months long fasting was going to be over soon. Rajesh thought he should now take lead… “Are Mohan, lagta hai meri undies ki fitting acchi nahi… Isliye pant tight ho rahi hai. Koi acchi underwear dikhao na…!” and Rajesh pulled down the new pants along with the undies he was wearing.

By the time Mohan turned around to show him VIP and Jockey’s Frenchies, Rajesh was all naked and his semi erect member was trying to peep out raising the T-shirt. Mohan’s heart skipped a beat and he could not gather courage to approach Rajesh.

Rajesh thought of taking a step ahead and directly pouncing upon Mohan; but he didn’t do it so. He took the Frenchie from Mohan’s hands and wore them and asked “Ye theek lag rahi hai kya?” Mohan felt a bit relaxed but the situation was as evident as the elephant in the room.

Rajesh was rubbing his dick with his right hand and Mohan had to now take it forward. He went behind Rajesh and slightly moved the elastic of the undies removing the twists. Rajesh protruded his buns out and Mohan brushed them acting as if some dust lay on it.

The soft buns had made Mohan hard now and it was enticing to be near such a handsome man. Rajesh said, “Ye bhi undies tight ho rahi hai”… Mohan laughed out, “Size to barabar hai, par iska ilaaj kuch alag hai.” Rajesh didn’t want to waste much time and hurriedly said, “Jaldi ilaaj kar do fir”.

Mohan put both his hands inside the undies and held Rajesh’s dick which was handful now. Rajesh closed his eyes and leaned backwards and pressed Mohan’s boner with his own buns. Mohan suddenly felt a spark and with all the swiftness he pulled down the new undies and immediately knelt down in front of Rajesh with a gaping mouth that was welcoming Rajesh inside.

Rajesh helped himself directing his dick with his one hand inside the wide open mouth and holding Mohan’s head with another hand. Mohan’s hands were now kneading the round mounds vigorously and Rajesh had also picked pace in thrusting. His thrusts deepened and were getting mouthful now.

Rajesh was noticing that it was being uncomfortable for Mohan, and he was trying to pull himself away. But Rajesh held his head more firmly than before and changed his angle to start poking his cheeks. Mohan felt a bit relief, and now he concentrated on the mounds better and moved towards the central core and tickled the hairy asshole softly.

Rajesh moaned instantly when his asshole felt the air from outside and then immediately Mohan’s finger went inside. The ecstasy of being fingered by the young muscular chap while his own dick was fucking his mouth could not really hold the long starving days of Rajesh and he let out a big load of warm thick cum inside Mohan’s mouth.

Mohan paused for a minute and dug out his two fingers from Rajesh’s hole and swallowed some of the manly fluids. He then slurped and cleaned Rajesh’s cock neatly and moved towards the now relaxed and warmed up tushy of Rajesh. He spat Rajesh’s cum inside his hole and started licking the pink hairy hole.

Rajesh was being desperate now, “Bhaiyaa jaldi se chodo… Bahut din hue koi aap jaisa mila nahi…” Mohan was already working towards lubricating his own dick. He spat on his slender dickhead by pulling aside his foreskin and aimed towards the target.

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Rajesh lifted up his one leg and kept on nearby chair thus giving Mohan a wider go. Slowly and steadily Mohan protruded inside and then when the head had made its way, he gave a big mighty thrust and launched his thick 6 inches meat-stick inside the tight hole.

Rajesh was moaning freely while Mohan was holding his waist and giving big thrusts. This lasted for quite a long time and Rajesh was becoming tired now. But Mohan had the entire rigor in himself to go on for a while. His cock moved swiftly in and out of the tight hole.

They did not switch to any different position and both bodies had become sweaty. Then after a while Mohan paused, “Saahabji, yahi khali karde kya?” Rajesh was panting and simply nodded affirmative and Mohan increased his pace again for the last lap now giving bigger humps and himself moaning too. 

10 minutes later, Rajesh was licking Mohan’s cock which was now turning flaccid. Mohan had emptied his warm cum inside Rajesh’s asshole and immediately retrieved and let the whole cum come back dripping outside.

Rajesh took a handful of it and eat it gladly. He lay on the bed now with eyes closed bring back his heartbeat to normal. Mohan sat on a chair nearby, also resting.

Later Rajesh bought both the undies and the grey t-shirt from Mohan and felt very content when Mohan left and made the first chapter of his Indore Diaries such noteworthy; but totally unaware that he already had audience and fan following.

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