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Forced sex story: I could not sleep properly. I woke up very late the next morning. It was almost breakfast time. At 9:30 the short man slid plates in the gap in the cage. There was poha and chutney. It was edible.

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I wasn’t expecting great food from my kidnappers. Then I freshened up and took a shower. There was no towel to dry myself. It was cold. I could not even lie on bed till my body dried.

The bathroom and the toilet had no doors. There was only one bathroom and 3 toilets. Many boys were taking shower together. They were feeling each others body while bathing.

While I was bathing, 2 guys came and tried to fuck me. I hit them and shouted at them and drove them away. Later another boy came and squeezed my boobs and another my bum. I tried to drive them away.

The guy who had spoken to me the previous day told me not to fight. ‘You cant do anything. We are all locked up. Let them feel you. They will stop after 2-3 times. And I let them fuck me. It did stop after a few times. I was the naya maal.

I learnt that one guy was there from almost a month. He was there the longest. He was so hairy. He had a thick beard and also had thick chest hair and lot of body hair. That day also went by without anything new.

At night the three men again fucked. We enjoyed the show. This day the leader and the big man first double penetrated the handsome man. The leader was lying on the bed.

The handsome man lay on top of him facing upwards and lifted his legs and ass upwards. They had all removed their pyjamas. We could see their hairy legs. But we could not clearly see their cocks from far.

The big man pushed the leaders cock inside the handsome man’s ass. The leader now vigorously fucked the handsome man. After some time the big man also inserted his dick inside the handsome man’s ass.

Thus they both pounded the handsome man’s ass. We could see the big hairy muscular manly thighs rubbing and shaking. That made us more horny. But our cocks were inside the lock so we couldnt beat ourselves and get pleasure.

This went on for 15 minutes. The big man came inside the handsome man’s ass and collapsed on him. The leader was taking both the mens weight.

Then it was the big man’s turn. He sat on the leader’s cock and rode it for some time. He was facing the leader and kissing and moaning. The handsome man now inserted his dick inside the big man’s ass.

The big man began to curse and scream. Probably his asshole was very tight. Then they fucked like animals. Both the handsome man and the leader came in the big man’s tight ass. They all collapsed on bed completely satisfied and went to sleep.

The 3rd day the short man came and opened the cage and took one boy who was there from one month. The big guy and the handsome guy were also there. They made him lie on a table.

The handsome man held the boys hands pressed against the table. The big guy spread the boys legs and pressed it against the table. The boy was crying ‘chodo mujhe  kya kar rahen ho? Please chodo’.

But they did not listen. We were all scared. We just watched them from the cage. The short man unlocked the cock lock and he began to shave the boy’s pubic hair. The boy then relaxed a bit.

The big man lifted the boys ass and legs up in the air. The short man shaved the boys balls and ass clean. The men touched the crotch and ass and squeezed the smooth ass.

Then the short man shaved the boy’s beard and mustache and also chest, armpits and hands and legs. The boy was now completely smooth and almost unrecognizable.

They did the same to every boy. Some boys did not have any facial or body hair. I had some. So they shaved me too. I was a bit horny when I was being pinned down to the table by 2 manly bearded men. My cock became semi hard.

The short man squeezed my cock and winked at me while shaving me. The entire day went by where all 30 of us were shaved from morning till evening. They took breaks during lunch.

That night there was a 4th man. Slightly older. He was wearing a black kurta and a turban. He was a bit reserved. He was a mullah. So they did not remove their pyjamas completely while fucking that night.

The leader was kissing and fucking the big man. The mullah was kissing and fucking the handsome man in doggy style. The mullah was also squeezing the handsome man’s butt and fucking him like a street dog. They finished the fuck session quickly that night.

On the 4th day, after breakfast, the short man took a boy from the cage. He was made to squat on a big chair with his dick forward. The big man pinned his hands to the chair. The short man spread his legs wide and held them tight.

The old man was a mulla. The mullah came and began to lick and suck the boys cock and balls. The boy had an erection. The handsome man also was there. He began to shake the boy’s dick with his hands into the mullah’s mouth. The mullah began to vigorously blow the boy’s cock.

The boy had not masturbated from many weeks because he was caged and his cock was locked. So within 5 minutes, he came in the mullah’s mouth. The mulla drank all the cum. The boy’s cock kept shooting cum for a long time. A month’s load of cum.

Then the short man cleaned the boy’s cock with soap water and wiped it. Then the mullah brought his wooden box. He opened it. It had some tools. The boy was now scared. He screamed ‘please kuch mat karo. Chodo. Please muje chodo’.

But they dint care. The handsome man brought a bottle that had some liquid. He made the boy drink it. The boy spit everything out. The big man closed the boy’s nose, so he was forced to open his mouth.

The handsome man poured the liquid inside the boy’s mouth making him gulp it in. They waited for 10 minutes. The mullah meanwhile was rubbing rum using a cloth onto the boy’s cock. The mullah was playing with the boy’s foreskin pulling it back and forth.

He pulled the foreskin over the dick head and streached it further. The boy was not shouting. Probably the liquid they had made him drink was a painkiller. The mullah stretched the foreskin a lot a few times. Then he tied a thread to the foreskin base and the other end of the thread to a wooden scale.

He pulled the scale and the foreskin stretched. He did this a few times. Without warning, suddenly the mullah took a knife and chopped of the foreskin. The boy gave a scream. But not too loud. There was a bit of blood.

The mullah put his mouth to the bleeding cock and sucked all the blood and drank it. He was sucking it for 5 minutes and the boy was in pain. He could not move his hands or legs as the big man and the short man had pinned him down.

Forced sex story of a slutty gay twink

So he was moving his crotch back and forth into the mullah’s face. It looked as if the boy was face fucking the mullah.

Then the bleeding stopped. The mullah put a bandage around the cock and the short man also locked the cock and they brought him back to the cage. He was tired and he slept silently on his bed for the next 3 days.

They did the same with other boys too. That day the mulla did Khatna circumcision on 8 boys and he sucked their cock blood. My turn had not yet come. I was scared.

That night we were all silent. The mullah and the 3 men fucked again. This day mullah’s dick was being sucked by both handsome man and big guy simultaneously. Then the mullah fucked the big man. The leader fucked the handsome man.

To be continued…