Gay experiences story of a straight man: 1

Desi Gay Story of Nirav The Hostel Slut: 1

Gay experiences story: My name is ‘Rohan’ (name changed) and I am 35 years old. The seven experiences that I am going to narrate happened in the span of last 5 years.

This is the first part. It all started when I was living in Mumbai. I was and am a straight guy. After a couple of bad performances with an escort, I was very low in confidence when suddenly a thought about gay sex came to me.

I tried to ignore these thoughts until one day I decided enough is enough. I decided to leave all inhibitions behind and try it.

It was 10 PM in the summer season. I called a massage guy from internet. He lived just 1 km from my house. He said that time is up for the day and asked me to come next morning. I could not sleep all night. At 5:00 AM, I just took my wallet and went out in my boxers.

Luckily he responded to my phone call and came out to pick me to his home. It was in a chawl at first floor. I had to climb an iron stair. Few people were staring at me while I was entering his house. Perhaps they new what we were going to do. All this time, my heart was beating hard.

But, as soon as I went inside, I started feeling better. I told Raju (name changed) that this is my first time with a man. He was very excited to meet me and said I am cute. He asked me to relax and that everything will be ok.

He wanted to continue in his living room, but I insisted to go to his a small room in between his living room and bathroom. It was a small house.

Raju was 28, muscular, 5.8 and completely hairless. He was also wearing shorts. As soon as we went to his other small room, he put a blanket on the floor and asked me to undress.

I removed my shorts and t shirt, but was shy to remove my undies. It was anyways wet with precum. I lay there on the floor naked in my undies.

He went to bathroom and came out after 2 minutes with oil. Then he undressed. His endowment was thick and long and already completely erect like an iron rod. Seeing that my heart started pounding. He asked what I want.

I said everything.

He pulled my head and asked me to blow his tool. I obliged. It was my first time. It felt tasteless at first, then a bit salty. I was enjoying it. Then I asked him to give me a massage. He asked me if I need a shave to which I said yes.

He asked me to lay down. he pulled my undies and threw it aside. Then slowly he completely shave my privates and legs. After that came the interesting part. He took my dick in his mouth and started blowing it.

I was in seven heaven. After 3 to 4 minutes, he said he wanted to fuck me and asked me to turn around and bend like a horse.

My heart was pounding heavily. I knew the time has finally come when my ass will be penetrated for the very first time. Suddenly I felt warm oil gushing down into my ass crack and then a couple of fingers sliding in and out. At first it felt uneasy.

But then I felt something big at the entrance. I asked if he wearing condoms. He did not say anything. I also had given up completely. In just a stroke, it entered completely. It pained like hell. But then, it felt amazing.

He continued this for another 4 to 5 minutes when I felt something warm inside my anus. At that time, I knew he had not worn condoms. I also cummed at that time.

Gay experiences story of a straight curious guy

I thought this was over, but then he asked me to turn around and put his dick in my mouth and asked to suck. I was surprised to see his stamina, but I obliged.

He face-fucked me for 2 to 3 minutes and tried to pull out of my mouth but nevertheless ejaculated some portion inside my mouth.

It was quite an experience. But, after this I felt guilty and decided not to do this again in my life. There was some blood in my ass hole. He cleaned it, and even dressed me. I paid his 1500 bucks and went out of his house with full of shame and dejection.

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