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Gay gym sex story: Hello everyone my name is Paikhomba; born and raised in the beautiful state of Manipur. I’m 30, already passed my quarter-life crisis, 6’4, quite fit and muscular; presently working in a bank in Australia, identify myself as GAY. I already have quite a fair share of “relations” in my life, although it was mainly about lust than love.

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Well welcome to my journey. This is a series and I plan to share each and every detail of my sexual journey so far. So Enjoy.
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I was always in boarding for the past seven years, so I hardly knew anyone in the neighbourhood. My training days are nearing and I’ve heard that it will be hell once I got there. I planned to get myself a little bulked up so that I can handle some of the training easily.

I told Dinesh about it as he was the only one I knew except my family. As his brother has a gym he told me I could just work out there, well for free. Just the thought of seeing muscled hunks pumping their muscles, their sweaty bodies and the smell of men in various ages got me very excited.

I never asked Dinesh about his brother; whether he is interested in men or was he just horny after he caught us in action. So I planned to get to the bottom of it too.

APRIL 2008

I got myself registered, started working out with a personal trainer. The first week was very hard for me and I hardly checked out any guys there. Once I got used to it, I started checking out a few guys while keeping it low. Keeping on the down low is my style as I tend to be picky about whom I hook up with.

But it had been a while, since Dinesh was out of town, and I was feeling pretty fucking horny as I headed to the gym that morning. And I haven’t met Suresh yet since I started working out at his gym. Frankly Suresh was more of my type than Dinesh, and I couldn’t help but wonder how much fun I could have with him.

I was on the elliptical when he walked in. He immediately caught my eye – 6’2 feet, big, solid, and totally masculine. I watched him disappear into the change room and return wearing shorts and a green loose fitting shirt. My eyes went to his legs – big tree trunks, thick and meaty with trimmed light brown hair. I was already drooling.

I thought to myself why I didn’t notice that while I sucked him.

Dinesh’s brother, Suresh, was three years younger than him. He moved out when he started his gym, stayed at the room adjacent to the workout place, which he had turned into a beautiful bedroom with kitchen attached. He recently moved back in with his brother.

He was a bodybuilder so he was pretty jacked. As most of you must have known the rumour, muscled bodybuilders usually have small dicks. Nope he wasn’t the case. Yes he was short, probably around 5 inch but he was thick, around 6’ circular.

I mentioned Abdul’s dick was the second thickest dick I’ve seen; well Suresh was the thickest I’ve ever seen and taken up my ass.

He saw me too. He did a double take when he looked at me, as I was staring at him. He nonchalantly moved to the elliptical across from me, casually looking at me as I continued to do the same back. Fuck me he was hot. Had that air of a tough guy, cocky, masculine…

I knew he was hot, but why didn’t I know he was this hot; maybe I was too focused on his brother.

I left the machine and started to move to the free weight to work out. As he continued his warm up, I could feel his eyes on me, watching. I would constantly look back at him, staring at his legs as he moved, trying hard not to get hard as his muscles flexed and worked.

I couldn’t see his biceps due to the loose shirt, but his forearms were huge. Without thinking, I adjusted my growing bulge as I sat on the bench. When I looked at him, he had a sly smile on his face.

My cock was hard the entire time I worked out, the rush of adrenaline working overtime with the combination of weights and my state of lust. I am a versatile but more into bottom-submissive type; turn to a full on bottom when dominated by a hot top man. And I love a guy who knows how to kiss.

The kind of kiss that says “you belong to me…and I can’t wait to be inside you.”

I made my way to the change room when I was done, taking one last look at Suresh on my way. He was full on staring at me, watching me walk to the door. Now it was my turn to smirk. I walked in, flicked on one of the showers, and went to my locker and started to strip.

My 8 inch uncut cock was trying desperately to grow as my mind continued to think about Suresh… those legs alone I could spend all day on licking and groping… so I tucked my towel around my waist and went to the shower. As I was about to whip the towel off, he walked in.

My heart went wild and I stopped. I pretended to stick my hand in the shower to test the water and looked behind me. He was sitting against the lockers, facing me. With that fucking sexy smirk on his face. He stood up and took his shirt off.
Holy fuck.

His upper body was just as beefy as his lower body. Big pecs. Smooth. Wide shoulders. Big arms. And there was a brown trail of thin hair from his flat belly button down…I was frozen.
Recovering, I pulled my towel off, giving him a full display of my bubble butt.

Hoping he would take the hint that I was all horny and ready for his thick monster. I pulled the curtain back and stepped into the shower.
Under the water I was shaking. Never been this bold before and freaking out about all the fantasies that could happen.

Holy shit I really want this guy up in my ass. I was hoping for him to come into the shower with me as I was pretty sure he was interested in me!

I heard the shower next to me running shifting me from my fantasy of him riding me like a bull right here in this shower to embarrassment. I was so disappointed, I concluded that he was just excited at the sight of me and his brother fucking and he was not at all interested in guys.

The smirks and sly smiles he gave me during the workout was probably because he was replaying the scene I was in my knees with his brother’s thick cock up my ass. I showered fast and was drying myself in front of the locker.

Then the water went off. And the curtain pulled open.

Suresh was standing there, dripping. Naked. And staring straight at me.

My eyes took him in as I stood up and pulled my towel to my face soon after I realised he was holding in a sly smile. He grabbed his towel and started to dry off his chest, working it down to his legs, brushing it over his cock. And he was staring at me the whole time.

With nothing else to do but get dressed and leave, I did. I walked past him, giving him a look and a smile. He smiled back, and finished getting dressed himself.

As I walked out of the gym, my heart was thumping, my cock was fighting to grow in my shorts, and my mind was racing. Thank God I had an empty house, because I was going to need to strip and jerk off big time when I got home!

My parents went to Delhi for a business and they didn’t ask Uncle RK to look after me as I was already big enough to take care of myself (well I did call him myself to take care of ME).

Along the way, there was a popular coffee spot, and I thought I needed one to give me a little extra boost before I jerked off my load. I got in the café, went to the counter and ordered. When the door opened behind me, I turned and there he was, looking all meaty and sexy, striding up to the counter beside me.

I heard him order his coffee in a deep gruff voice. When he finished ordering, he turned and looked over at me.

I froze. And stared back. My heart thumping so loud.

He held his stare. “Hey” he said with a smirk.
I swallowed hard. “Oh hey man. Dinesh’s brother Suresh right? Well thank you for the free membership, I never could say it to you.” I said as casually as I could, trying not to shake.

He gave a little laugh with that wicked smile. “Yeah. Glad you remember me. It’s fine. I couldn’t deny my brother’s request. What are you up to today?”

“Just grabbing a coffee before I head home” I said chuckling to match his. “I’m off today and I’m looking forward to an empty house and some release time.” What the fuck was I telling him this for? Usually I would laugh uncomfortably and slink away.

But this fucking hunk was pulling out my wildest fantasies. I wanted him. And I knew I had an empty home.

I saw him shift a bit, thinking. My coffee was handed to me and as I stepped aside, he said “Can I come over?” trying to sound very casual.

“Yeah,” I answered, pausing beside him. I looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. “Are you scared without your brother?”

He smiled at me again with that fucking sexy smirk. “I’ve got the day off. Got nothing to do.” He looked down at me, this time the smile was gone and there was sex in his eyes. A hint of a secret. Lust. Desire. It was all there. And I looked back at him with the same look.

“Well if you’ve got nothing to do…” I gave him my sly smirk and looked up at him with my earnest eyes.

The sly smile came back. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He said gruffly.

I told him to follow me, and he followed me to my front door. My bulge was growing as I walked towards the door. I knew he was watching my ass as he followed me. I could feel the tension behind me as I unlocked the door, and stepped inside. He wasn’t saying anything but I could hear him breathing hard.

I stepped aside to let him in behind me and closed the door and locked it. When I turned back to face him, he was on me, pushing me back up against the door, hands on my shoulders, his crotch barrelling into mine to grind our bulges together, and his mouth was on mine. His lips were soft, and his tongue pressed into my mouth, finding my own.

Hungrily we kissed each other, our breaths catching, tongues going wild, cocks getting hard as we grinded against each other.

He pulled back, staring into my eyes. “Sorry…I couldn’t control it.” He said quietly. His deep voice sounding so fucking sexy. “I have been thinking about doing that since I spotted you fucking my brother.”

He grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me deep again. My hands went to his ass, pulling that hard mountain of a man into me. His crotch was grinding so hard into me, pinning me against my front door. We continued to kiss as my hands moved around to the front of his short, fumbling to get to the waistband, urgently getting them down below his cock.

My hand found his freed cock, grabbing it. I moaned out loud as his tongue was still buried in my mouth as I grabbed that thick dick. It felt huge. I pushed him back to look down at his cock. Thick. Cut.

I fished mine out to compare, and grabbed our dicks together, stroking them; I couldn’t hold both the cocks as his fit a hand complete already. Mine was way longer than him but boy he was THICK as hell.

He moaned as I grabbed our cocks with both my hands. I looked up at him, his eyes closed as he enjoyed my touch. Holy fuck this guy is hot.

I sank to my knees to come face to face with this cock, grabbing it and immediately taking it in my mouth. I sucked it to the root, taking it all the way down. It has been 2 weeks since I sucked a cock and this one tasted perfect.

I felt his hand on the back of my head gently. As I continued to suck his cock, his moans got louder and louder. His hips began a slight rhythm as he slowly started to pump my mouth. I was enjoying this….

My hands moved his shorts down his thick legs. Both my hands rested on his thighs, feeling so fucking hard as he face fucked me. His rhythm picked up and I knew I had to have this guy naked.

I made him step out of his shorts; he kicked his shoes off revealing a sweet pair of wide bare feet, and pulled his shirt off above his head. I pulled off his dick to look at this glorious man in front of me.

“Fuck me” I moaned out loud, stroking his dick while taking in this sight from head to toe.
“Okay” he moaned, pulling me up, yanking down my shorts to the floor, pulling my shirt up over my head and tossing it to the floor behind him, and spinning me around, pushing me back up against my front door.

His face buried into my ass, his tongue coming out to lick my hole. I moaned out as he found it, digging his tongue in deep. “Yeah….” He moaned in between. “I am gonna fuck this jock ass hard.”

He loosened me up with his tongue before he pulled away. I turned slightly back to see him spit a huge spit onto his cock and rub it in, and then step up to my ass, pushing that big cock into my ass with one hand. His left hand found mine splayed against the door and he locked fingers with me as his cockhead pushed at my hole.

“I wanted to fuck you in the shower” he moaned as he started to force his cock into me.

I breathed in hard as the tip of his cock pressed in. It felt so fucking huge as he held it there for a moment, letting me adjust….he removed his hand from his cock as it found my hole and brought it up to my right hand, locking fingers with me.

There I was, splayed out at my front door.

Naked, with this meaty man behind me, the tip of his dick opening up my ass. His mouth was at my ear. “You saw me as soon as I walked in” he moaned. “You wanted me as soon as you saw me didn’t you?”

Oh fuck this guy was saying all the right things. My ass opened and started to welcome him in more. He was slowly sliding in as I moaned, “Yes…and I wanted you to fuck me in the shower too”

He slid in more. I thought my ass would bleed. How big was this fucking cock??!

I felt his hips against my ass and I knew it was all the way in. He had enveloped me completely at the door, his hands locked on mine holding me in place, his tongue in my ear, his deep voice whispering to me “Oh fuck I’m all the way in buddy…tell me how much you love the feel of my cock in you…”

I moaned out as the tip of his dick hit my prostrate, sending shivers through me, “Oh fuck yeah…feels so fucking amazing…I love it…” I squeezed his big hands in mine, turned slightly to find his tongue with mine. “Fuck me” I moaned out.

And he did.

Slowly at first. Then hard at times, really digging into me and thrusting deep. I was going nuts, knowing this stud has his dick in me, fucking me bare. All I wanted was his cum.
He kissed me deep as he fucked me from behind, his hands never letting go of mine.

We worked up quite the feeling of lust and need as he relentlessly pounded my ass right at my front door. I broke away from our kiss and looked down at my 8 incher…standing straight out…my hands unable to touch it.

It was leaking cum as it bounced up and down from the assault in my ass. I was fucking loving this rough fuck, and I could feel my cum rising.
He was grunting in my ear and kissing my neck as he drilled my ass. “God you feel so good.” He moaned. “So tight. Your ass loves my cock.”

I moaned out in response “Yeah man. I fuckin love it.”

“I wanna pump my load into you buddy.”

That did it. I was on fire. I turned back to him and his tongue went for my mouth again. We kissed deep, passionately, while he fucked me harder and harder. My cock was leaking cum. I wasn’t even touching it. He moved his hands to wrap them around my chest. My hands went behind his neck and to his ass.

He was in me as far as he could, wrapped completely around me. We were locked together, still kissing, moaning, and fucking like dogs.
“Fuck baby, you feel incredible.” He moaned louder. “I’m gonna fucking cum in you.”

When he called me baby, I felt my cum rise. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. His grunts grew loud and his hips pumped faster. “You want it?” he moaned out.

“YES!” I yelled as cum started pulsing out of my cock. He was fucking the cum out of me without me even touching my cock. He thrust into me harder and harder, until I could feel the first eruption fill my guts.

He let out a loud groan as he thrust and thrust load after load into me, as my own cock shot volleys of cum against the door.

Gay gym sex story of getting fucked hard by friend’s brother

He collapsed sort of on me, against the door. Both of us breathing hard, his thick cock still in me; his hands moving up my arms to hold my hands again against the door, his head resting on my neck. After a few moments, he kissed my neck, pulling my head around and finding my mouth, kissing me hard as he pulled his cock out of my ass.

As he backed up, I turned around to face him, kissing him deep, getting my hands on his back and pulling him in close.

He moved his hands to the sides of my head and pulled me back to look at me. “Holy fuck” He whispered. “That was incredible.” He rested his forehead against mine.

“Next time I fuck you in the shower.” He said with that sly smirk.

I laughed. “I hope there’s a lot more times. Because I’m not nearly done with you.” I said. “And I like you more than your brother.”

He giggled. Fuck he was sexy even when he giggled. “Really?” He said, with that deep voice of his.

“Yes.” I said. “You are just my type.” I kissed him again. “I can’t wait till next time.”
He kissed me deeply, pushing me back against the door gently. “Get ready then.” He moaned hungrily. “Cause round two is starting. That was just a tease.”

He lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around him. What a fucking beast. Standing there, holding me, and kissing me. “Now show me where the bed is and I’m really going to fuck you this time.”

That wasn’t a real fuck? I thought. I could feel his dick hardening already as it poked up at my ass.

This was going to be epic.

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