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Gay hookup story: I had moved to Delhi for a new job. After crashing with my brothers and his roomies for a month, I decided to shift to a hostel. My brother and his friends partied a lot. It was not my scene. So I got a single room in a hostel nearby.

A couple of days into the job, the CEO was scheduled to make visit the office. For this we were asked to come dressed in formals. I didn’t have any so asked my brother to go shopping with me on the weekend.

We went to the mall on Sunday evening. My brother took me to the shop from where he usually bought his formal clothes. I was looking around the shop when I heard someone say, ‘Hi Sir, Can I help you?’

I turned to see the most gorgeous man ever. Well built, tall with broad shoulders. Bearded and golden highlights in his hair. A name tag read Rohit. I told him I was looking for trousers. He took me to the trousers section and showed me some. I chose one and went to the trial room while Rohit stood outside.

I was having trouble buttoning the trouser. ‘Sir is everything okay?’ Rohit asked. ‘I am having a little trouble in buttoning the trouser,’ I said. ‘Sir, can I come in and help you?’ he asked. I don’t know what got into me but I opened the trial room door.

He got in and reached around from behind me and helped me button the trousers. It was a peculiar way of buttoning the trousers. His head rested on my shoulder. I could feel his pecs on my back. What was weirder was I could feel his crotch on my ass too.

It felt as if he was slightly pushing it on my ass. My asshole began to tingle a little and I got a little hard. He zipped up my trousers and looked at me in the mirror. His head was still resting on my shoulder.

‘Perfect fit, sir, said Rohit, smiling. I stammered ‘Y-y-yes’.

‘I will wait outside while you try the rest of the trousers.’ He went outside the trial room closing the door behind him. I was still a little dazed from the experience. Was he just being a good salesman in helping me with the clothes or was there something else?

I went out with the trousers. Rohit came up to me.

‘All good sir?’ he asked. ‘Yes, I will take this one.’

I walked over to the counter with him. Bhaiya was walking around the store looking at shirts. It was then that I decided to try something.

‘listen can you do me a favor? I will pay for the trousers now but will pick them later tonight. My brother and I will eat something and get back to collect it. Till what time are you open?’

Rohit looked at me, ‘We are open till 10 PM sir.’

‘Good. I will swing by around then.’ I gave him a smile and left.

Bhaiya and I ate at the food court where he kept talking of the girl he had met the previous day. I kept a check on the time. It was around 9 45.

I told bhaiya that it was getting late and that I had to get to my hostel before it closes. We said our goodbyes and he left.

I went to the store in the ground floor. There was closed sign on the door but I could see Rohit sitting behind the counter reading a magazine. I opened the door and walked in. he looked up and smiled.

‘Here sir,’ said Rohit, handing me the shopping bag.

‘If you don’t mind, can I try them one last time?’ I asked and winked at him.

He looked a little confused and said, ‘Sure sir right this way.’

This time in the trial room, I took my tshirt off as well. And I slipped into the new trousers. I knew Rohit was right outside the room.

‘Rohit, can you come in and help me button these up?’

He walked in and this time it was his turn to stammer. I go to the gym regularly and have nice body. No abs but flat stomach.

I guess by now Rohit knew what I wanted. He got behind me and reached around to button the trousers. I was a little hard which he sensed. His head was on my shoulder again. I could hear his breathe. I could feel his hard dick on my ass.

He zipped my pants up and looked at me in the mirror. I turned my head to look at him. Our lips were a mere inch apart. He looked at my lips and bit his own. It was now or never.

I gave him a gentle peck on the lips. He kissed back. Before we knew it, we started kissing in the trial room.

He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me hard. He prodded his tongue in to my mouth. We kissed each other wildly, saliva drooling down our chins. He licked down my neck and reached my nipple. He licked it gently at first sending shivers through me.

I pushed his head down on it and he bit my nipple. I gasped loudly. he looked up and smiled. He began licking down my body finally reaching my crotch. Looking at me, he started unbuttoning the very trousers he had unbuttoned a while ago.

He rubbed my dick over the underwear. It was already hard. In one go he pulled down my underwear releasing my 7-inch hard dick.

He held me dick firmly and rubbed the head with his thumb. I flinched and moaned. He then gently licked the head once and then took it fully into his warm mouth. I turned to look at the mirror. he was bobbing his head up and down on my dick. Our eyes matched in the mirror.

He looked at me sluttily and took the dick deeper down his throat. His nose was touching my pubes now. He held my balls and gently massaged them while choking on my dick. I held his head and pushed him down harder on my dick.

He was making gagging noises now. After a while, he pulled back gasping loudly. he took off his tshirt and got up and began kissing me again.

I spun him around and pushed him against the mirror. I pulled his pants and underwear down. I stood behind him now and looked over his shoulder in the mirror. I reached around and began stroking his dick.

It was thick and hard. He closed his eyes and leaned back. He pushed his ass back to grind against my dick. ‘give it to me,’ he whispered softly.

I spat on my hand and rubbed the saliva on my dick. I rubbed my dick around the entrance of his asshole. ‘Go slow,’ he said. That was all I needed to hear. But instead of going slow, I grabbed his hips and rammed me dick into him in one go.

He tossed his head back, face grimaced with pain. I grabbed his hair with one hand and his hip with the other and began pounding him. He groaned loudly, a mix of pain and pleasure. I showed no mercy, pounding even harder. I felt his tight ass opening up. I grabbed his neck and raised his head.

Our eyes met in the mirror as I pounded him. His face was all red, body all sweaty. I could sense the heat of his body. He leaned his head back and began kissing me while being fucked. I reached down and stroked him. I knew he wouldn’t last.

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He closed his eyes tightly and began spurting cum all over the mirror. some of it got on me hand, which I raised to his mouth. He greedily licked it off my hand and then kissed me, giving me a tastes of his cum.

I realized I was close. I pushed him off my dick and forced him on his knees. A couple of jerks later I came all over his face while he sat there with his tongue out.

Fully spent, I sat down and began kissing him. he was covered in my cum and sweat. The whole room smelt of sweat and sex. We kissed for a while and then realized it was time to go.

He gave me his number and we now meet whenever I visit the mall for a quick blowjob or fuck in the mall washroom.