Gay taboo story of seducing friend’s hot father

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Gay taboo story: Harsh used to throw pool parties at his farmhouse every weekend. His mother had passed away when he was a kid and his father would be away on business. There was no parental supervision and we would have the time of our lives swimming and boozing away.

One weekend while we were swimming, a car drove up. “Shit that’s my dad,” said Harsh. I turned to look. His dad was hot. Tall, broad-shouldered, and bearded. Harsh had a sexy daddy. I involuntarily rubbed my crotch on looking at him.

I decided I was gonna try and have him. He came to the pool and talked to us for a while and then went into the house. After some time, I got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around me, and went to the house.

He was sitting in the kitchen and having a drink. He looked at me as I walked in. specifically my body. I am skinny but toned, with a flat stomach. Basically, a twink. And he was a bearded daddy. My dream.

I sat in front of him and started talking to him. We talked for a while. He offered me a drink. The whiskey went straight to my head. I decided to try him now.

“Don’t you feel lonely? I mean sexy guy like you must have needs” I asked him. He was surprised at the question. He gulped his drink and didn’t answer. “Well, I am pretty sure there are many who would take care of your needs.”

With that, I got up and began walking towards the storeroom. I took off my towel and tossed it across my neck. I pushed my ass out and turned to look at him while walking away. He was looking at me hungrily.

I went into the storeroom. A little later he walked in. “What are you doing here?” he asked. I picked up a chocolate box. “Looking for this,” I said. He tossed it aside. I stood there in front of him, shivering slightly. Harsh’s father came closer to me.

I leaned against the shelf. He placed his hand on the shelf, gently touching my fingers. I felt electricity shoot through my body. I gasped a little. Our lips were almost touching now. I could smell the whiskey in his breath.

“Uncle, I should go now,” I whispered.

He didn’t listen. He placed his lips on mine. It was a soft peck first. Then he started kissing me harder. I could feel his mustache on my lips. I could taste whiskey in his mouth. This was wrong I told myself. He slid his hands into my swimming trunks and squeezed my ass.

He began pushing his tongue in my mouth now. I moaned and opened my mouth. Our tongues were wrestling with each other. He held my ass and picked me up. Instinctively, I threw my arm around his shoulders and wrapped my legs around him. He pushed me against the shelf and began smooching me.

I could feel his hard cock on mine. It was burning up. He began thrusting it on mine. I held his face with both hands and kissed him more.

He broke the kiss suddenly, “Do you still want to go?” he asked, smirking.

“Shut up and kiss me,” I said and began kissing him back hungrily. He laughed and said, “You know you are a bad boy, right?”. “Yes daddy,” I said. I don’t know why I said that. Maybe because he was a fatherly finger. Maybe it was the whiskey. He was a bit surprised at hearing daddy but then smiled.

He leaned in and whispered “You know what happens to bad boys?” “No daddy,” I said. “They get punished, “he said and immediately put his hand into my swimming trunk. I was already hard as a rock by then. He shoved his finger up my asshole.

I flinched with pain. It hurt like hell. He immediately kissed me. after a while, he started moving his finger around. I whimpered a little. it was still hurting.

“Is it hurting?” he asked. I nodded.

He kissed me gently. “Good,” he said and added another finger. I gasped loudly, flinching with pain. He slapped me hard with his other hand and then placed it on my mouth. “Don’t make any noise. Others will hear,” he said, removing his shirt. He had a broad hairy chest, pointy nipples, and a slight belly.

I was beginning to get a little scared now. He was getting aggressive. He began moving his fingers inside me roughly. I could feel myself opening up. He removed his hand from my mouth and began kissing me again.

With one hand inside my asshole, he undid his jeans with his other hand. He lowered his underwear, revealing a 7-inch monster. It was thick and had a real juicy head. It was leaking precum like anything. He lowered my swimming trunks and tossed them aside.

He spat on his hand and rubbed the saliva on his dick. He removed his fingers roughly from my asshole almost pulling out my stomach.

“Here’s your punishment bitch,” he said and shoved all 7 inches inside me in one go. I cried out. it was burning me. He held my hips and began pounding me mercilessly. I had tears in my eyes. I was pretty sure I was bleeding down there.

He held me by the hair and began fucking harder. He was using me like a rag doll. We began to sweat profusely. His sweat was flying into my face, stinging my eyes.

“Do you like being punished?” he asked. I was in so much pain that I only managed to whisper yes. He slapped me hard and held my face by the cheeks hard.

“Answer loudly,” he said. “Yes,” I said. He slapped me again and spat on my face. “Yes, what?” he asked. He pulled out and shoved his dick in one painful thrust. I cried out, “Yes daddy.” “Good. Now shut your mouth,” he said and put his fingers in my mouth.

He began pushing his fingers in deeper. They were touching my throat. I began to gag and spit began to roll down my chin down my neck. But it didn’t stop in. He began fucking my mouth with his fingers. I was being penetrated on both ends. That too mercilessly. He then leaned in and began sucking on my neck. Slowly he began to bite my neck.

All this while he kept pounding into me. It was paining very much now. I began to shake, mixed with pain and pleasure. He pulled back and looked at me. He dug his fingers deeper down my throat. I almost vomited then. He then removed his both fingers and dick and glared at me. It was the calm before the storm. He then smacked me across the face.

I fell on the ground. He got on top of me and shoved his dick into my mouth. I gagged. He held me by the hair and began fucking my mouth. I looked at him pleadingly, hoping he would stop. Instead, he held my nose shut and began fucking harder. I couldn’t breathe.

I began tossing around throwing my legs. I was almost about to pass out when he removed his hand and I could breathe. He pulled his dick out leaving me gasping for breath. He sat on my chest and began jerking his cock.

Gay taboo story of friend’s dad’s seduction

“Now for the main punishment,” he said. He was stroking his dick harder. In a minute he screwed his face up and came all over my face. I licked up all the cum and licked his dick clean. He then lied down beside me on the bathroom floor. He kissed me tasting his cum.

“Your punishment is done, “he said. I took his hand and placed it on my still hard dick. “Not yet daddy” He got the hint and began stroking me. within seconds I came all over his hand. He licked his fingers and then gave me a taste.

We laid there kissing for a while. My whole body was sore and hurting from the experience. He sat up and said, “you know I have many toys that you will like. Would you like to stay the night?”.

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