Indian Gay Erotica: Godhuli: 4

Indian Gay Erotica: Godhuli: 4

Indian Gay Erotica: Godhuli: 4

Indian Gay Erotica: He started kissing my neck like earlier. But this time he was scraping harder with his teeth. He moved to the right shoulder and as he kissed, his jaw slowly opened up and landed his teeth on my skin hard. I jerked and turned around, but he grabbed me by the shoulder and turned me back to the wall.

He squatted down behind me, slowly dragging his mouth down my spine. And landed his teeth again on the side of my left butt cheek. If he would give any warning, I would perhaps still go with it. But he was choosing to leave me out of what he was doing to me. And that was unnerving me.

He parted my butt cheek and spat on my hole. And started rimming it. He was rimming it pretty hard and deep. He was gnawing with his teeth again, but it felt ecstatic down there. He kept stuffing his tongue into the hole, trying to go deeper. When he couldn’t, he would replace it with his fingers.

He started fingering me straight away with both index and middle finger and moved on to four eventually. I was on a different plane of reality. Loud moans kept escaping my throat as he went deeper and wider. Heera, I guess was a bit concerned, when he whimpered along the first few times.

I was horny to get a really good fucking this whole time. But this was better than getting fucked. You feel the love of your man when he kisses the hole he fucks.

But I had a chilling thought creep up my neck. This was perhaps not just love. There’s this strange madness too. I figured by now that Rana’s personality ranges quite widely when he’s drunk, but this is something else.

He wouldn’t say a single word. He had no expression. He was like one of those hosts from Westworld. (Wait, that feels like a more recent memory). I was a bit worried too. For both of us. But right now, as I said, I was on a different plane.

Once he was done, he got up, grabbed me by the wrist and took me inside. He made bend over upon the bed, where my head rested on its side on the bed, I was on my knees and my ass was up in the air served up for him. He sat right below my ass so that my ass was shoved up in his neck and face. And he resumed the rimming.

But now he started spanking. He slapped on my cheeks a couple of times but got no response. So he spanked carefully on my hole. That made me hiss. He was drunk, so a couple of times he hit harder. But I guess I was strangely stoned by now. I had no desire to move and just let it happen.

Then he got up, went into the kitchen and brought back his bottle of coconut oil. I was a little scared right now. I turned around and sat up. He seemed way too confident. He was going about it like it was a job. He squirted a dollop of oil on his palm and started rubbing all over his cock.

He climbed up on the bed and walked over to my folded knees, and parted my legs with his feet. He squatted down near my crotch, lifted my thighs up, kneeled under them and rested my legs on his thighs. I laid back down on my back. My hole was near his balls.

He squirted some more oil, spatted and smushed the oil and applied it to my hole. He fingered it up to three fingers. Then he rubbed his cock again. And he lifted my legs over his shoulders, and got up on his feet and squatted.

He bent down and rested his arms on either side of my head. I was folded up in a position where my hole was literally in the ninety degrees direction. He placed his cock on my hole, and he slowly pushed it in.

Fingers were one thing. They shift and fold in form when pressed inside a tight hole. But this was something else. I had to focus all my concentration on foregoing any control whatsoever upon my sphincter muscle to leave my hole loose like a cloth bag fluttering in the air.

His cock was so huge, I had to straighten my lower back to accommodate him as he went deeper and deeper. And he slowly started to go in and out.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? When you feel that something alien has taken control of your body but from the inside, and you’re experiencing your existence from a consciousness separated from the body.

Now add fever dynamics to it. When each one of the million nerve endings bunched up in your anus, is all shot up simultaneously. I think I was hallucinating. Initially, the pressure of his girth upon my prostate made me feel like I needed to shit really badly.

Until I managed to reprogram that signal as pleasure right now. And that’s when it started to happen.

I felt like the entire shack was shifting its physical existence. Or maybe it was spinning. The noise of the heavy rain was interspersed with loud thunders. But the lightning that precedes the thunder felt like beautiful but brief, daylight.

Rana was fucking me quite hard by now. His pelvis was hammering hard on my hip bones real easing loud squeaking sounds on collision. And I was taking it. All of it. It was scary, when for every thrust he would pull out the entire cock and thrust the whole thing back in. But I went with it.

He had been on his toes, squatting and fucking, for quite a while now. I could tell he was getting lazy. He got off his arms and straightened up as is and let my legs slide off his shoulders and around his waist. His hips started to rest on his heels, which meant either my lower back bends backwards more than it physically can.

Or his thick cock starts pressing up on my prostate. Bullets of sheer pain started shooting through my body. I couldn’t take it. I tried to tell him to move over back up so that the angle is like it was earlier. But he’s stopped paying attention. I tried to pull him down by his back, but he thinks I’m being “intense”. Somehow I manage to prop up my upper back, reached out and try to push him away by his chest.

He ignores it for a while until I dig my fingers into his flesh and he grabs both my wrists hard, swings my arms open and yanks me back on to the bed, pinning my wrists under his arms, locking me in a position flat on the bed where I couldn’t move. And neither could he, except for his hip with his giant cock stuffed up in my hole. Ready to go deeper and deeper. Into infinity.


The tall window with the broken stopper swung back to the frame by the force of unruly winds and banged loud enough to crack the glass pane, which shatters all over the freshly polished marble floor, into a hundred shards. These rainless storms are the worst. The dust can be evil when it collaborates with the wind.

He had dazed out for a while. All he saw was the silhouette of the man over him and the storm glow filled up the ambience of his bedroom behind this figure. He knew who he was. His gray sideburns glowed every time a lightning-filled up the clouds.

His biceps are pinned down under his arms, and his legs are propped up on his shoulders. He is used to being folded up like this. The man kept banging his ass hard. He didn’t react to it. So he would bang him harder the next thrust, hoping to get a reaction out of him. No reaction. That pissed him off.

He had anyway been pissed off at him. On usual days it’s fine. He wants a fuck. Twenty minutes tops. Then it’s done. But he had a fever today. He really didn’t want to get fucked. Because it makes him horny. And he’s not horny for him. But probably the man is offended that he’s not so.

So he would coerce him to let him fuck anyway. And now he wants to bang him hard. It hurts like a bitch. He kept telling him to stop. But the man wouldn’t listen.

A sudden rage overcame him as he pushed hard upon his elbow to release his right arm from the man’s grip. The moment the arm escaped, almost as a reflex, he swung it around and landed a tight slap on the man’s face.


Rana released my wrists and sat up. He stopped fucking and let his cock be inside for a bit. He looked blankly at me for a few moments. And suddenly he raised his arm and swung it around and landed it on my head. This was the first time Rana ever hit. And hit my face hard enough to leave a ringing aftersound.

He yanked his cock out in a weird way as I felt a small fissure tear up in my hole. He got up, grabbed me by the waist, pulled up my body, rotated it violently and laid me down on my front. He squirted the oil directly into my hole but didn’t finger.

He used his knees to spread my legs far apart to expose my hole wider. He fit the top of his cock on my anus and in a fraction of a second fell over my back with all his body weight and shoved the whole cock in, locking my body from any movement.

As he pulled his hip out and then pushed the cock back in deeper with all his body force, an unbearable degree of tremendous pain unrolled itself and slowly crawled through my entire body, paralyzing every muscle in shock wherever it passed through.

A shudder travelled along my spine, up my neck until it reached the brain, as my head shivered in shock. Everything blurred out and moved out of the picture until it was all black…


Rana spent the entire morning by the bed. None of his chores or plans were tended to today. He woke up two hours ago with a splitting hangover, with no memory of what he had done just a few hours ago.

When he returned from a piss, Nangu was still sleeping in the same position. He kneeled near his head to plant a kiss on his cheek without waking him. As his lips touched his skin, the heat was radiating out of Nangu’s skin. He was running a high fever. And he had been sweating for a while.

He had covered himself in a bedsheet, he had made Rana pull out the previous evening. Rana pulled out the drenched sheet from Nangu’s body, and he realized there were clotted blood stains on the mattress around his crotch.

Rana froze for a moment. He didn’t know what he had done. But he knew he had done something wrong. He couldn’t believe his curse was still hunting him down after all these years. He shook Nangu’s face and called him to check if he was okay.

He was delirious in fever. And mumbled and purred like an infant. Since last two hours, Rana has been trying to soak up the excess heat from Nangu’s head and cool down the brain with a wet cloth. The temperature has gone down now and he’s a bit more comfortable. But very exhausted and sleepy.

The harder Rana would try to push away the rhetoric, the stronger it weighed down upon him. The guilt of something like that was too harsh to be considered a reality. So Rana suspended the admission of his own guilt to his own conscience, until Nangu can say he what he did to him.

But no matter however much he advocated for his innocence, he knew he had already convicted himself. He realized the gravity of all this absurdity at the moment. There are things he is not proud of. Things that are his reality.

A reality which tends to feed upon the people he loves. Rana was reminded of why he had chosen isolation for himself. He needed to figure out how to return Nangu back home where he would be safe. Safe from him.


The whirlpool of guilt and fear that was sucking Rana into the deep was interrupted as his attention went to the sound of Moti’s growls outside. Moti had a nose for these things. Immediately Rana’s intuition brought upon a dark cloud of apprehension over his mind.

Some shit was about to go down. He looked outside the door to find both the dogs barking towards something unseen in the far-off horizon. Rana stepped out onto the threshold to look in the same direction.

He saw a black dot of a vehicle, move off the last pakka road and veer into the mud path. It was followed by four more dots in a row, all heading in Rana’s direction.

Of one of the many possibilities Rana could think of since this stranger landed up on his doorstep, this was the most obvious one. Someone was coming for Nangu. Rana rushed inside, yelled at Nangu to wake up.

Nangu jolted up in surprise with some adrenaline rush he could muster up. Rana pulled out a bunch of clothes, grabbed them under his left arm and picked up Nangu on his right shoulder and rushed out of the house. The dogs were aggressively barking louder and angrier towards the approaching cars.

Rana hoped they weren’t observing with binoculars from the cars. Rana rushed behind the house, towards the barn in the back. It was so old, it was almost black.

He took Nangu into the barn from the back and showed him the faint mud path that goes into the jungle far ahead. He frantically pointed towards the path, until Nangu’s dazed eyes focused on it and he nodded his head in affirmative response.

Inside the barn, he brought down Nangu onto his feet near a tractor covered in a tarp sheet. Nangu couldn’t stand up straight as his feet started to wobble as he stumbled to stay up on his feet. He yanked one side of the tarp cover up carefully so that the dust wouldn’t entirely fly off.

He handed the clothes to Nangu, and went under the tractor, cleared up some random hay and tools, and dusted up a hatch on the floor. He slid a concealed lock and lifted the hatch door open and made Nangu climb down the hatch into the dark. Nangu tried to protest in fear, but he too knew, this was safer.

What he didn’t understand was why wouldn’t Rana join in. Practically, he knew as well, that they would probably find the hatch sooner, if they didn’t find anyone else in the house. Rana wouldn’t listen anyway. He closed the hatch shut and covered it back up to restore the state it was in earlier.

As Rana left the barn and started walking toward the house, he could hear footsteps on the other side. And the barking dogs shut up one by one with a loud whimper each.

Hearing that, a chill ran down Rana’s spine as a sudden flash of memories filled up his mind, of when Rana discovered the two puppies while he was tilling the farmland for the first time. Rana tiptoed and hid behind the bathroom wall hoping to find a chance and climb up onto the roof to which there were no stairs.

But as he turned to find the climbing spot, a blinding blow landed on his face and he blacked out.


He must have passed out for quite a while because of the fever. And this closed airless underground space wasn’t helping to keep his temperature down. Or perhaps it did. The fever finally broke as he sweat out a load of bucket onto the bundle clothes he rested his head upon as he had curled up in a foetal position unable to think anymore in a state of paranoia until he passed out again.

Now awake, he felt a lot better, though his body felt like a zombie to him. The fever left his body as if his insides were washed out with acid. He pulled himself up to sit in pitch darkness. It took him a while to muster up some energy as he managed to pull himself up and climb the ladder back up to the hatch door.

He pushed the door up by a couple of inches and peered out. Nothing. There was no sound except for the festive crickets in the jungle nearby. And it was all pitch dark.

He returned back to the floor near the ladder and sat on the steps of it, as his balance was yet to regain a more natural confidence from the dizziness he still felt in his head. This closed space actually felt safer than anything else in the world at that very moment.

He felt like a dog in a crate. Waiting for the owner to arrive and let him out into safety. As he tried to stand up again, but quickly leaned back against a wall, he felt a strangely familiar plastic contraption attached to the wall on his lower back.

It was a switchboard with two switches on it. It took him a few moments to confirm his grip on reality over where he was. The strangeness of finding a switchboard in the middle of nowhere put an abrupt pause to his thought process.

Of course, it was strange, as he hadn’t seen any electricity around so far, nor any electrical equipment whatsoever. He turned around, and with some scepticism pushed the switches, and turned them on.

The switches were gritty with dust as if they hadn’t been used in quite a while. He could hear a chain of sounds. Sparks. Buzz. Pop. And a set of bright LED tubes woke up from a deep slumber and fluorescent light filled up the whole space.

It was a closed room with no other opening. The room was slightly bigger than he had estimated or imagined so far while he had laid near the ladder in the darkness.

He wasn’t sure if it was a bunker, because it looked more like an office space. Or rather, an office den. Hidden away from the world. Stuffed with things. File cabinets. Papers stuck to the wall. Strange equipment. Shelves filled with files and cartons. Maps. Calenders. Lots of randomized photos. On one end of the room, there was a large desk with a chair, pushed up against a wall.

Above the desk, there was a pinboard on the wall the desk was pushed up against, with all kinds of materials pinned on to it. As he looked around with blankness of a mind in utter incomprehension, his glance stuck to a narrow strip of paper stuck to the pinboard, out of all the clutter.

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Suddenly his thought process kicked back up like an old generator and his mind immediately went to the memories of strange flashbacks from last night. There was a strange tingle on the nape of his neck. His right elbow pit itched. As he scratched it, he looked down to notice two small black hardened and raised dots. Like healing sites of intravenous needles.

As he walked over to the desk, he reached out and unpinned the strip off the board. He brought the strip close to his face to study it, while remembering a strange familiarity to the smooth glossy texture of the strip. It was a faded hospital wristband with an ID on it. GODHULI_190119881800