Indian Gay Erotica of New Roommates Getting Cozy: 5

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Indian Gay Erotica: When tongues meet

Hello again. Your love Varun here, back with another experience, This is a story of the time when I was new to Mumbai. You read how I met Ravi, and how our sexual tension has increased since then. Also, Shahzada(Ravi’s dick) has been introduced to you.

We are lying next to each other, completely naked and the extremely aroused. How would this love story go ahead? I received tremendously positive feedback on my last stories, which prompted me to share more experiences.

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Me: What name do you think will suit it? I was kinda enjoying the direction this conversation is going. We were both lying there naked, at an elbow distance from each other and discussing about my penis. He clearly was happy there, and my happiness anyways knew no bounds. Instead of saying anything, Ravi just closed his eyes, and smiled, like he was either remembering a fond memory or saving this moment in his memory box.

I had imagined this moment so many times, us lying together without a shred of clothing to hide our glory, and none of those scenario ware as hot and charged as the current one. Slowly, without saying a word, without opening his eyes he shifted in his place and kept an arm on my tummy. His action sent an electric bolt through my body.

He caressed my abdomen and moved his hand up, resting it such that his index finger was on my nipple. He began to slightly caress it, like massaging it. I went crazy. I made an ‘umm’ sound that made him open his eyes. I looked directly in them.

They were calm, yet distant, like a mirage one chases their whole life. I forgot all about his hot body, his rock hard abs, his shahzada. I didn’t want to move from there. I wished the moment would freeze like this forever. We lay there, just looking into each other’s eyes for ages before I moved ahead, touched his soft lips with my trembling fingers and asked in a soft voice, are you sure about this?

I don’t want to take advantage of your drunken state. Suddenly in that moment I became the most innocent soul there ever were, maybe that’s the power of the moment, it transcends you. He replied, in the words that were sure and certain, “This feels right”.

I needed no further motivation. I pulled his face a little and planted a kiss on his lovely lips. He didn’t respond, rather just closed his eyes and leaned into it. I took charge, and moved into the kiss a little. He then started kissing back, quite roughly, biting on my lips and pressing on my chest.

Within moments, he was on top of me, all the while sucking on my lower lip and making me wish for more. Just then, his phone rang and it was his girlfriend. A weird expression passed his face and he lost the intensity with which he was kissing.He then made an apologetic face and picked the call.

Apparently she was angry over something, maybe he wasn’t replying to her texts or something. He took the call to hall, still buck naked and hot af. His round ass was making me crazy, and I was staring at it like a hungry tiger. I was disappointed and angry, but also feeling sad for him.

How he must be feeling, making out with me a moment ago and now pretending everything’s ok on the phone. He talked for some 10 minutes, while I lay there on my bed, thinking about what he’ll say after it. Then I heard him go to his room and lock the door. I didn’t even know how to react to this.

I felt weird, how do I now go knock on his door? What do I ask him? Our naked bodies were entwined with each other a few minutes ago, how do you go to talking normally after this? I decided to give him some space, maybe he’ll come talk on his own. I don’t know when, but while waiting and scrolling quota on my phone I fell asleep.

It was anyways about 3:30 am by them. I woke up at about 6 am, with the urge to pee. On the way to washroom, I heard noises coming from the hall. Turns out Ravi was watching TV out in the hall, sitting in just his boxers. He saw me looking, and his eyes were red, as if he had just cried some time ago.

I felt a sudden pang of panic, and without saying anything I just went ahead and hugged him sideways while sitting on the couch. One of his hand was still on his side, as my hug was very much surprise and it touched on my dick. That’s when I realised I fell asleep naked and came out to comfort him in the same manner.

It felt a little awkward, and I was feeling shy being naked while he had his boxers on. I got up to go to my rom and wear something, but as I got up, Ravi held my hand and pulled me back. He didn’t speak a word but his eyes spoke volumes. As soon as I sat beside him, he started saying how his girlfriend shouted on him, accused him of not giving her any attention and broke up with him last night.

He started crying, probably still in that shock and rested his head on my chest. I was very much aware of my nakedness, but comforting him was much more important, and my heart went to him.

I consoled him a little, stroking his hair and hugged him tight while his head was on my chest. He then looked at me, with those puppy eyes and said, It’s not that I love her and am heartbroken, but the things she accused me of did hurt.

Am I that bad of a person? I was having a wonderful time with you, and then I didn’t even say anything. I felt bad, knowing that I was kind of cheating on her. I comforted him more, told him that it’s ok to feel this way and that these things happen. They are out of anyone’s control. I also asked him to not worry on my part, and that he’s a wonderful person, capable of much more than she could imagine.

That seemed to calm him a bit. I lighted a cigarette and shared it with him, calming him. In a short while, he regained his composure, and sat straight looking at me. I expected him to say something more, but he didn’t. Then he turned towards me, while I could see the sun rising from the balcony behind him and placed a short but deep kiss on my lips.

He held my hands in his hands, looked me in the eye and said, don’t worry, it’s over with her. I was upset by her words but I am not anymore. I always knew she isn’t a permanent part of my life. I am usually not very comfortable with such open display of emotions, so I excused myself to bring water for him from the kitchen, and went there.

While filling up the glass from tap, he came behind me and hugged me tightly. My heart was pounding heavily, like a weary traveller on an inn’s door in a stormy night. He moved closer and kissed me on my neck from behind. A lot of things turn me on, but a kiss on the neck while hugging from behind literally rallies the list.

A mild, “Ohh, raviiiiiii”, escaped my tongue. That seemed to motivate him further, for he then moved even closer, leaving just enough space between our skin to pass a thread between us, and kept his hands on my chest. His monster dick was pushing into my bare ass crack over his boxers, and his hands were exploring on my chest, while his lips rested on my neck.

I wish there were a camera to capture the moment, because the amazingness cannot be captured enough by my words. I could feel his hard on twitching between my cheeks, and it was growing at an alarming rate. All awkwardness and weirdness I was feeling earlier, given how things unfolded between us somehow melted now. All that remained was an insatiable thirst for him.

Indian gay erotica of new roommates finally breaking their sexual tension

I turned around, and hugged him tightly. My hands went from his neck to his back to his ass in a swift motion, and I pulled him closer, while planting a kiss on his lips. I pushed him towards the wall, pinned him under my lips and inserted my hand in already eager boxers. Shahzada was just as happy to feel my touch as it was the last night, when we left so much business unfinished.

I touched his earlobe with my tongue, and bit it playfully. In response, his hand went from my ass to my balls, and he cupped them tightly. I then whispered in his ear, Are you ready? He didn’t say anything, just put a hand around my waist and another below my knees and lifted me from the ground in one swift motion.

Is this the grand finale, with fireworks in sky and cumshaws in bed? Keep reading, I’ll be coming up with with next part soon, Stay tuned. And write for more to me, at [email protected] You can follow me and connect on instagram also, @indian_men_xperiences .

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