Indian gay story of date with a Blued guy

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Indian gay story: Hey hi friends. Aditya here from Delhi. After reading so many hot stories on this site I also decided to write my own experience of getting deflowered. Thanks to the idea I got from one of the stories of using blued.

So let me tell you about myself first in case you want to connect with me my instagram id is adisharma0311 and I am a typical Delhi boy 20 years old fair complexion and fit. So I had a previous experience when I sucked my friend and he fingered my ass (will share that story later on) I had this urge to complete the pending stuff but wanted to keep all of it a secret.

So I installed Blued and started looking for some good profiles but couldn’t find anyone worthy so I created a chat room with name “tops msg me for vc” there also most of the guys who joined were not that good when suddenly a faceless profile guy joined and his deep voice took my attention.

He told me that his name is vicky and lives around 20km from my home. I found that guy interesting and we decided to have a vc.

As soon vc started only thing I could see is he moving his hand over his crotch and then he opened the front camera and there he was one of the most handsome guys I have seen he was only 19 and then he showed me his biceps and that was insane must be atleast a 16inch.

If you want to make a image of him so can check Vashu Jain instagram profile he was quite similar to him cute and hot at the same time. So he asked me to meet at a certain place and I began to get ready.

When I reached there he was already waiting for me and was better then the vc. Those brown hair physique was to die for. I asked him how he got into boys he told that 2years back in gym a boy would always keep staring at me and would smile.

One day he asked the reason so he said he just admires him and we then started talking about other stuff. He asked him if he had a gf to which vicky replied in a yes. He then asked him if she sucks his dick to which he said no gf suck dick and he said he can.

And then they went to his home where he first sucked him and them persuaded him to fuck his ass as well and from then he is in to boys and till now fucked around 3 guys but no one was a virgin.

But it’s been 8 months he had sex due to covid and today as his parents were out of town he couldn’t take hold of him and finally decided to look for an ass.

Now we moved towards his house on his KTM and then moved to his room. He took off his shirt and wow that was the best chest I have seen he asked me to lay on the bed and remove my T-shirt. I did as he said he then laid down on me and started kissing me.

He was biting me lips rolling his tongue inside my month and what not. And all I was doing is caressing and pinching his nipples.

Vicky took a hard bite of my lips and I screamed “dheere kar sale” he said ok as you say and took a more harder bite now I knew that I just need to obey him he then asked me to keep my mouth wide open and then collected a lot of saliva in his mouth and poured it in my mouth it was weird at first but I don’t know why I liked it.

He then moved down and started licking my nipples he was doing all kind of stuff kissing sucking licking biting my nipples. He was like a naughty kid and moving his tongue all over my body. I said “let me return the favour” and pushed him down and wow he was HOT.

I started kissing him everywhere on his chest neck while fondling his nipples and abs. I then began to kiss his lips hitting them licking them, I kissed his whole face and earlobes. The he started pushing me down and I started kissing his biceps. He made me suck his fingers as if it was a dick and was pushing it deep inside.

I licked his clean shaved armpits and that smell was so manly. I sucked his nipples like a horny child and he was moaning like ” aah chus sale ache se chus” now I started kissing his navel and he was unable to control this and started pushing me down.

Now I took off his shorts and he was in his underwear I began to have a view of his dick it was atleast 6 inches and erect and was lying at the side. He said ” dekh kya raha hai nikal ise” I pulled down his underwear and his cock jumped and wow it was a thick one quite fair in colour and shaved balls the way I like them.

I began to kiss it everywhere and licking the full length from bottom to head. He then pushed it inside my mouth and wow his salty precum was something I was missing from long time.

He pushed my head down and his dick hit my throat and aah he was getting rough now he held my head and started bouncing his ass to fuck my mouth and making sounds like “aaaah aashu meri jaan chus ise ragad apni jeev tope pe”.

He then came over me and began to fuck my mouth and I was caressing his chest and nipples with one hand and his bum with another. I was so involved in the action that I began to press his nimn to enter more deeper.

I was also moving my finger on his ass hole and that feeling was wow. He said ” sale mat kar wrna bahot buri tarah gand marunga” and hearing this I inserted my finger inside his ass hole and began to finger him. He said ” ab dekh sale tu to gaya” and began to fuck my mouth roughly and I was returning the favour with deep and fast fingering.

And then suddenly came loads of thick hot cum inside my mouth and it was not ending shot after shot. I pushed him aside went to the washroom and spit it.

I came outside and he was lying there completely naked playing with his dick he saw me and began to laugh “kya hua taste pasand nhi aaya kya”. Me” abe itna muth kab se nhi mari thi mutthi”. He “2 hafte se aaj, taste kaisa tha ye to bata, creamy tha ya nhi”. Me “mast par itna sara” and we both began to laugh.

I now began to kiss his neck and he was holding me tight in his arms and then he said in my ear “which position” I said I am virgin tumhe jo bhi krna hai kar lo. He asked me to sit on my knees and place my hand on the wall.

He had a close view of my ass and rubbed his finger on the hole and said ” shi me virgin hai yar” and kissed on my bum and placed some cream on his dick and positioned it on my ass hole and gave a hard push but it slipped he tried 3-4 time but same result.

I began to laugh now and I think he took it on his ego and now pushed his middle finger inside to make some space and that was rough and I screamed like “aaram se kar” and the he positioned his dick again and gave a tight push and his head went inside and I was screaming in pain “aah sale fatt gyi nikal le ekbar” but he kept on pushing and it slowly went inside and I could feel his balls touching my ass.

Indian gay story of wild fuck with a top from Blued

Then he slowly started pulling it out and I felt relief and suddenly he pushed it again and I was like “aaaahhh aaahhhh bc nikal” he said as you say and slowly started pulling and then again pushed it swiftly.

The pain reduced now and it was all fun he started fucking me badly now and sounds of thap thap was everywhere in the room.

He then suddenly took it out and I was like ” kya hua”. He said “abhi to keh rha tha bahar nikal, tension na le ab dusri position me marunga” he made me lay down on my back and pushed my legs up and began to fuck me in missionary style now. He fucked me in 3 more positions before shooting his cum.

That day we had three more sessions and the last one was in his washroom while taking bath. The day was one of the most special day of my life but next day his parents came back and we didn’t get lucky anymore.