Mile high club confession of a horny young boy: 1

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Mile high club confession: Hope you guys have read my earlier stories. To introduce myself, my name is Samar and I am 28 year boy with an athletic body with around 6 feet height, a bubble butt and dick size around 7 and pure bottom.

Let me start a story, I was going to fly to USA for further studies and was ready with all back packs and packing was quite excited to fly to the new world.

As I was going to be away from family, I was happy that I would be able to meet new guys at anytime and without much of restrictions. I had changed my status message on gay dating app so that if some encounter happens at airport by any chance.

Now, whole family was coming to see off me. All rona dhona scene was going on. I was also emotional but excited too. Suddenly from nowhere the one Air crew bumped me while he was passing by. The Air crew of the same flight were going in Airport.

When he turned to say sorry to me I got charmed with his fragrance and dimple on his face and the perfect jaw line. He looked in my eyes for a fraction of second. I controlled myself and he moved on.

Once I entered the airport, I saw one profile just like 10 m away from me. I sent him a message with my pics. I again checked my phone after all immigration process is completed. I saw many messages from him.

But he did not share his photo. He asked about where I am flying etc. etc. We chatted and realised we both were on the same flight. He asked for my seat number.

I was scared but then I shared by seat number. After that he was lost. He did no reply. I got scared like hell.

While all this was going on, the announcement to board started and I was asking him to meet me. He said he will meet me inside flight. As mine was special class ticket, the seats were quite spacious.

I was worried, nervous and excited about who this guy could be. From his description, it seemed that he must be hunk. He told he has around 8’ dick. I was in my thoughts and was boarding my flight.

I entered the plane and settled on my seat. It was special class ticket so aircrew came and greeted me. He was damn hot too. He asked me if I was comfortable and if I need anything I can call him.

His name was Ronit. He was 6 ft gym built perfect fit guy clean shaven dude. Any girl may fall kind of personality. Once Ronit left, I checked my phone, there were msgs from that profile asking me if I have boarded and settled in plane.

I was damn scared now. He said to relax and told me that he is the pilot of the flight so chill and wait for him.

I got excited as I knew all pilots are damn hot. I was imagining someone fucking me with 8’ dick hard.

After flight took off and settle in air, Ronit came and asked me to follow him. He took me to the rest area for Air crew where the Pilot was waiting for me.

As Pilots cannot come to the general area except emergencies, I was taken to meet him. We greeted each other. His name was Samar Malhotra. I was stunned to see him. He was little dusky, tall gym fit lean body.

His shirt was tight to his chest and shoulders and biceps flaunting his body. I think Ronit knew why am I meeting Samar. He winked at me and left.

My flight was around 36 hours. I knew I am going to be on my four for these 36 hours now. I started talking with Samar and was observing his body all along.

He noticed it and asked me slowly I want to join him in his room. I nodded and followed him. Once I entered, he locked the room and pulled me towards him and kissed me.

Kiss lasted for a while and when I opened my eyes, I saw him without his shirt. He was a Greek god for me. He made me naked and started sucking my boobs and nipples. He was so good at it I was aroused to the next level.

He licked my whole body and turned me around and started rimming my hole. His tongue was doing the magic and I was leaking like hell. His 8’ tool was rock hard and he pushed the dick in me in one go.

I moaned and shouted. He had kept his hand on my mouth so that noise does not go out. He allowed my ass to settle with his long thick dick and started thumping. He told me he does not have long time.

So he was fast and was fucking hard. After a while, he was about to cum and shoot all load inside me. He was in a hurry to return to cockpit. He got ready and rushed to cockpit. I was still dressing up.

This was quicky. He told me that he will call me at around night hours when he has break at work for couple of hours. I agreed. In hurry to leave, he did no close the door.

While I was getting ready, someone held me from behind and started playing with my boobs.

I was damn scared and turned to see who he was, it was none other than Ronit. I pushed him and tried to hide myself with bedsheet. He told me to relax and told me that he knew why Samar called me and had told me to come to room once he leaves.

Ronit and Samar are friends with benefit and they fuck each other regularly. After that I also surrendered to Ronit and he removed his dick. His dick was also around 6.5’ but much thicker than Samar.

I started sucking him to the deep and Ronit started moaning. After long suck, he asked me to turn around and rimming me. He licked all of Samar’s cum from my ass hole. He was equally good at rimming.

After a long rimming session, he kept his dick at my hole entrance and slowly was pushing in. My hole was not that big and was painful to take such a thick dick. He was not gonna stop and I asked him to be gentle.

He slowly pushed it and I was in pain but still only the tip had gone in, he waited for a second and pushed it whole in one go and I shouted. His whole dick was in me and was burning like hell. He waited and started slow fucks.

Mile high club confession of horny twink boys

Pain turned to pleasure and he was equally awesome fucker. He fucked and room was buzzing with thap thap sounds. Anyone who passes by could hear our moans and fuck founds. He was enjoying so much that he was moaning too.

After fucking for some 15-20 minutes, he came in my ass and fell on me. I also came on bed. After that we cleaned ourselves, I went on my seat and he started working.

Within 3 hours of boarding my flight I was fucked twice by two hot hunks. Ronit told me we can have 3some at night. I was excited and he gave me food to eat and I slept.

To be continued…