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Desi Gay Sex Story of Oral Seduction by Bro's Bud

School gay story: Hi, there this is Ajay(Fake name). I have been reading stories and confession of different people in this platform and it gave me some courage to share my story with you all too.

Today, I will share you my Gay experience. I am 22 years old today and this happened when I was 18-19 years old. I am fair skin, bit on the short side (5’5 feet) but healthy and fit. And may I Add I am curious person and call my self straight because I want family and children..other than that I am equally attracted to guys and girls.

And I will be mentioning two friends Rithvik and Abhinav who also consider themselves straight with multiple ex-gfs.

This happened when I was in Class XII. and classes used to be very boring. Me and my classmates were very mastizade , so we did different kinds of things to keep ourselves entertained during the class.

My friends were interested in girls and sex and they talked lot about sex like any other teenager who recently discovered porn. Thanks to my friends I got some knowledge into such stuff.

Rithvik(fake name) and Abhinav(fake name) were especially close to me regarding such stuff. Self teasing and for fun we used to act those sex moves and shout them to embarrass our friends whenever we could.

The fun starts here. We started to explore more ways to keep our banter going. And finally reached that point where we compared dicks. I saw that both Rithvik and Abhinav had big dicks and I was with the small dick. But they never made fun.

We used to be so horny during those times that we didn’t know what was gay or straight behaviours. When we used to be hard, we pushed our groins against each other ass in the assembly or in line for class. That was our way of teasing and bullying.

I never considered it to be gay. But both my friends had something else in mind. One day when I was having a hard dick during class I pressed my dick onto Abhinav(he was dark and had very big dick for his age and was tall and muscular) as a sign that I was hard. And to my surprise Abhinav responded, “want to fuck ?”

And I said “yes”. Next thing I know we went to school toilet and inside one of the compartment, Abhinav was sucking my dick.

He said , “chota lund chose ne meh alag hi maza hai.
And I said ,”iska matlab pehle bhi choosa huwa hai?”
And he said, “ha , Rithvik ka bhi chuus chuka hu.”

And then after sucking for couple of minutes he said, “mere andar dhal”. I was having trouble since there was no lube. After trying for some time I could get inside him.

Once I was inside him. He was like, ” Ahh ahh,.. chota lund aram se ghusta hai.”
I was like “tumhara hole bohut tight hai”

I fucked him for short duration since his ass was too tight without lube I was feeling pain and we just finished by cumming. Then I became more horny and started to think about having sex with Rithvik also.

During our Sanskrit classes, since the teacher was very boring and never moved from his chair only so.. Whatever we did at the back he did not see. Now, I was benchmate with Rithvik( he is dark and shorter than me but very assertive and had my gf before). Then one day it happened.

Our thighs were touching since both of us were sitting full spreading our legs. Next thing we did was to push each other legs and assert our dominance by using our hands. Sometimes our hands used to touch the inside of each others thighs that it became more and more normal to grab each others thighs and push it away.

Slowly and slowly, I got courage and slid my hands into his groin. To my surprise he did not stop me. So, I went even further. In no time I was opening his zip and touching his dick. His dick felt huge in my hands and grew even more. I took his hands and placed it on my dick.

He also reciprocated and started to give handjob. After the end of class we would stop and continue it every Sanskrit class. Then came the special day. That day we were given early chhutti due to some reason. And me and rithvik grabbed that opportunity and went to my house.

My parents were not at home so, we could do whatever we wanted to. I turned on the TV and music channel was playing Imran Hashmi songs… which suited our mood. I leaned onto Rithvik who was sitting on the couch. And asked him, “Can I suck your dick?”

He said,”Yes, please”

I took his thick black cock in my hands and started to jerk. After which I took his 7 inch cock into my mouth. I was overwhelmed. I had overcome my fantasy of sucking a cock. I changed position and he pulled me up and started to kiss me really hard.

He then grab my legs and picked me up and sat me on his lap. And started to finger my asshole while we kissed. He then said “do you have lube?”

I answered,”no, but vaseline will work”

Even though I had other plans he made it quite sure that it was going to be him who was going to be penetrating and I his victim. I moved over to the couch and bent over like doggy style and he started to thrust his dick inside me.

He managed to get little into me. That’s when I said , “ah, ahh..tu toh mera gand phata dega”
He was happy but I was worried because it was my first time and I didn’t wanted to poop on his dick.

He said,” kuch nahi hoga, bass tu aram kar” And started to fuck me like his bitch.

Few minutes had passed into our fucking and I was slowly getting pleasure. Then his phone rang and his sister called him. He had to run, since he needed to be with his sister for shopping.

Then he suddenly pulled out of me and I said , “what happened?Where are you going?, you can’t leave me like this.”

He said, “sorry, I really have to be with my sister .. me bhul gaya tha ”

I became angry and frustrated because I was thinking of fucking him too. He didn’t even suck my dick, so I was unhappy. He started to get dressed and I was there thinking what to do. I suddenly held him firmly and thrust my dick into his mouth before anything he knew.

He then tried to remove my dick but I said .., “sale , I sucked you, u fucked me and I don’t even get a blowjob? I am going to not spare you”

Then I fucked his mouth without mercy. I pulled him up and pushed him into the couch and started to finger his hole. He insisted that I can not do this to him and that I can fuck him another day. But no one could stop me now. I thrusted my hard dick inside him and started to fuck him.

“ah, ah, aareh, sale, ah ah, kya kar rha hai, mujhe Jane de, mat kar ye , oi ah aha aaaaaaa, ” he moaned.

What I understand was his hole was not tight at all. This meant that he was not virgin and that he had taken bigger dicks in his ass. I asked him,” kon kon tumko thok chuka hai”

School gay story of horny trio of straight friends

He said , “All of my other friends except the bookworms” had already been inside him and I was the last one to enjoy his loose hole. I was shocked since all my classmates act straight and Rithvik with many Gfs turned out to be a bitch.

That changed my perception about masculinity and strictly straight people. I was going to cum after I had fucked him for some time. Then I pulled out and cummed in his chest. He then ran out ..dressing himself on his way his sister was waiting.

I was left all alone with all the mess that now I had to clean up.

Thanks to these experiences with them it was a perfect farewell from high school because I never met them anymore and they are now studying in different city.

Thanks for reading thus far. It is based on my real life experience. I hope you like it.