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Seduction gay story: I grew up in. A somewhat posh colony. Surrounded by bungalows of the high and mighty who would have army or CRPF guards posted outside their housed in small tents or makeshift rooms.

I loved walking around in the colony in the early mornings or evenings when the shifts change and I could catch a glimpse of the guards either bathing or changing out of their uniforms for the night.

Of course, I preferred the long days of summer that prompted the uniformed hotties to walk around or sleep in their vests and sometimes just shorts.

The great thing was that not many of them stayed for over six months, but they were all youngish – in their late twenties or early thirties – fit and a bit bored. I was 18 and completely fascinated with the hot men in uniform wielding sticks and guns.

Since I lived there and walked about almost every day, I would nod to many of them and make polite conversation at times. Most of the thought of me as a sweet kid next door.. They’d call me baba or bhaiya and I’d call them bhaiya.

They were mostly from Rajasthan, UP or Haryana, always tall and well built and quite often good looking. I was young, horny all the time and had a knack for conjuring up the wildest and sexiest fantasies in my mind.. And most importantly, intent on making some of them come true…

There was one particular set of guards with whom I was quite friendly.. Two of them, Mukesh and Rajesh were from Haryana and had been there for a few months. They were both 28 and tall. But that’s where the similarities ended. Mukesh was a typical jat.. broad, shouldered, tall and fair.

From what I had seen he had a smooth and firm body, broad, but lean and muscular. He was a bit restrained when he saw me alone but quite sweet when we were in a group. He had dark hair and eyes and a manly and calm look. What I noticed about him was his sexy and round ass which was usually prominently on display in the synthetic tracks that he usually wore. Rajesh was darker and hairier.

And a bit more burly. He felt the heat more than the others and would often sit around in a gamcha or lungi. I was fascinated with his body.. Dark and inviting. He had big arms and a soft but muscular belly. Well build calves and from the occasional peep, I felt he had hot and hairless thighs.

What I loved about him though we’re his amazing puckered pecks. He had a somewhat hairy chest.. Hair in the middle and a fine line of dark hair disappearing down his torso into his lungi. Less around the nipples which was just as well..

He had the largest most juicy looking nipples I’d seen on anyone! Firm and protruding unashamedly. Dark and sexy. I wondered sometimes if he caught me staring at them because he seemed to be taking his shirt or vest off whenever I came.

Roop Singh was relatively new and the oldest at 33 and from Rajasthan. And also fabulously fitting his name. Tall and broad-shouldered, fair, a firm hairy chest and hot muscular shoulders and arms.

He was also the least inhibited and had a habit of exercising in tight shorts in the mornings. It was the best time to walk by and catch his hot, almost perfectly muscular body glistening with sweat against the sun.

He usually had a stubble of black shiny hair which added to his raw and masculine appeal. He had a sharp face and a range of expressions that could make him seem threatening, macho, and kind depending on his moods.

I had enrolled myself to learn exercises from him and within two months he became brutally frank, talking to me about the body, sex drive, women, his wife back home, the lack of sex, and the women he’d been with, in other places.

During the day, he would be immaculately dressed in full uniform and shoes, which made him look even sexier. Sometimes he got a bike from his friends and would give me a ride to the market and back.

I was young and could make my inexperience on a bike an excuse to hold him tight. Though sadly the thick uniform became a bit of a barrier to my fantasies.

Arif Khan was the newest among the lot. He was from a village close to Muzaffarpur in UP. He was shorter than the others but not short. Slightly balding at 30, but that gave him a kindly and mature look which worked for me.

He was dusky and had light eyes. He usually sat around in trousers and shirts, never giving me a chance to check out his body but he looked as fit as the others.

He was married and had a picture of his wife on the wall near his bed. The others often joked about this and what he did at night thinking about her, but I feigned ignorance.

Raj and Roop Singh were my obvious favorites. Both had a raw masculine thing about them and while Roop Singh was like a familiar mentor in no time, Raj had a sly and sexual side to him. He would keep making a lot of sexual jokes around me and sometimes ask me about my experience.

He also often lunged at my crotch like men do and had a few times almost grabbed my balls.. Not one to be cowed down I grabbed right back but was embarrassed a few times when he made no attempt to stop me and I grabbed his semi-hard cock..

To my shock, it seemed like he did not wear underwear inside the lungi!! He followed that up by saying, dhyan rakhna akash baba, isko jaga diya to sulana bahut mushkil hoga, and laughed out loud as he watched me turn red in the face.

As for me, I was a young lad of 18 at that time. I had just started college and loved the freedom. I had a runner’s physique and some sports at school had given me a bit of muscle. I liked cycling, which meant I had a toned and nice ass and legs which I liked to flaunt in tight jeans or shorts.

I was fair and cute, with pink lips and a naughty smile. I mentioned my constant horniness.. Puberty also brought some fine hair on my crotch and chest, but it was fine and light coloured which meant I could pass off for hairless.

I was the only kid of my age in the colony and the guards were indulgent and sweet with me. In return, they got cold water in the summers and sometimes chai in the winters. And shared in the mithai’s which I took for them when we had some at home.

But now the more exciting part. That summer was particularly hot and while the neighbour whose guards I just described had gone away on vacation, the guards continued to be stationed there.

My parents would also travel for work, but that summer I took sports coaching and skipped spending the month-long holiday at my uncle or aunts’ houses. A relative expired which meant my parents had to go away for two weeks leaving me to myself that summer.

We had a domestic help who would come to clean and fix my meals and leave me to myself for the most of my time. With nothing to do, friends on vacation, and constant boredom, I took to visiting the guards often on the pretext of walking or getting exercise tips from roop Singh.

The heat was really coming down and all four of them felt it.. I started endearing myself to them by bringing cold water and the occasional bottle of Coke for them.

Sometimes one of them would come to my house to collect more water and I always wondered whether I should call them in some time.. and then it happened.. and obviously, it had to be Rajesh!

It was quite early in the morning when the bell rang… I was still sleeping and he had to ring a few times before I woke up and stepped out groggily in my shorts and vest.

I was expecting the newspaper guy or actually nothing at all when I saw Rajesh. I’m usually horny in the mornings.. and seeing him in his haunched up lungi and tight netted vest didn’t help my situation much!

I tucked my semi-hard cock into my shorts and pulled the vest on top.

Hi Raj bhaiya, kya hua? ..Ek madad chahiye thi akash baba, par dikkat ho ya theek na lage to bata dena.

This made me a bit nervous.. but I asked “arrey hua kya yeh to batao..”

With an irritated look he said “aaj wahan sab ne paani hi khatam kar diya! Main naha bhi nahi saka. aur tanker ab shaam ko ayega.” “waise dikkat nahi hai par garmi itni hai, aur main subah subah daud lagaane chala gaya.. wapas aaya to paani khatam” .. to kya aapse ek balti paani milegi.. paani sar par daal kar thora araam milega.”

My mind started working fast and I saw a great opportunity.. “arrey balti kahan lekar jaoge.. aap yahan naha lo.. ghar pe aur koi hai bhi nahi.”..

I could see a twinkle in his eyes, but he hesitated.. told me it would not be right and he is just a guard.. but I would have none of it. I told him that it’s perfectly ok and almost pulled him in by his hand.

He stood there in the hallway a bit hesitant but looking at the house and all the things that he may have aspired to have. Then he looked back at me.. I walked up to him with a glass of water.. “lo.. badi body bana rahe ho aaj kal.. daud lagate ho to mere saath chal liya karo.. subah subah.. 5 baje jaata hoon” ..

He touched my hand while taking the glass. “daudne se kya hota hai baba.. body ke liye to aur kasrat karni padti hai.. tabhi sab muscle tight hote hain..” he said.. flexing his biceps..

I knew where this was heading.. there had always been sexual tension between Raj and me.. but this was my turf and I wasn’t going to back down.. “haan, aapke to sare muscle bade tight hain”

I said, winking at him.. “mujhe aapse bahut kuch seekhna chahiye”.. “Achcha sabun wagehra sab bathroom mein hai..

we had two bathrooms and I could have told him t use the guest room, but we had recently installed a new fancy shower system in the other one and I knew he would need help to figure it out.. I sent him into that bathroom and waited. Just as i thought, in 5 minutes he walked out of the bathroom in just his lungi..

I was hanging around in the kitchen, pretending to do something.. when I saw him standing in the hallway.. he was looking at himself in the large mirror on the wall and flexing his biceps and pecks.. now I’ve always been fascinated with people who can flex their pecks and nipples.. and his nipples were particularly hot!

I watched him admiring himself.. as he checked out his chest, raising his arms and giving me a nice view of his armpits.. and slowly checking out his own torso lowered his lungi to expose his lower abs, almost down to his crotch. That’s when i got a little bold and walked towards him..

Just as he was adjusting his lungi, it being almost open, I grabbed him from behind him.. “haan haan, badi achchi body hai, mujhe bhi pata hai”.. I laughed.. he was clearly not expecting me to show up and seemed shocked. He almost dropped his lungi and I cursed myself for not shaking him harder!

But he laughed along.. “maine khud hi kabhi aise nahi dekhi.. itne bade sheeshe mein..” Suddenly I realised i was still holding him from his chest and awkwardly left was difficult to tear my arms away from the hot body I had admired from far so many times..

And to resist the urge to feel his nipples .. but alas.. “kya hua, aap nahaye nahi?” I asked.. “arrey woh ghusalkhana hai ki kya, mujhe to samajh hi nahi aa raha kya karoon..aur balti bhi nahi hai”

I pretended to be confused and then looked at him.”ooh.. haan.. woh thora badal gaya hai.. shower hai, balti nahi. chalo, dekhte hain” I walked nonchalantly to the bathroom.. asking him to follow me.. “aao”.. I walked into the shower stall.. and raj walked in behind me..

I was very aware of his hot, sweaty, and oh so sexy body close to mine in that small space. The door was automatic and shut us inside.. we both reached for the knobs, his arms almost around my body.. as he leaned forward, my back rubbing into his chest..

The thought of his hot, hard nipples rubbing on my back made me so horny and my erection difficult to control!” .. I was wearing flimsy boxer shorts and he was in a thin lungi.. as I back into him I could feel his cock against my ass.. and I knew he knew what I was doing.

But I wasn’t backing down today. “Umm.. haan, yeh garam paani ke liye hai, par woh to nahi chahiye.. is se paani aayega.. aapko shower pasand hai? ya balti chahiye?”

By this time he was resting his hand on my shoulder and I was intensely aware of his skin on mine. The bathroom was a bit humid and even I was beginning to sweat.. “Shower maane upar se paani ayega, fountain ki tarah.” i smiled.. “is nal se..”

Seduction gay story of a young boy with a hunk

He leaned forward and turned the knob starting the shower and drenching me in the process.”arrey.. I moved a bit surprised.. ab mere saath hi nahaoge kya!”.. and I turned off the knob, turning around.. he was standing very close to me despite the space behind him in the stall..

The smell of his sweat and body was overpowering my senses. I looked at his face and then at his chest.. he was looking directly at me.. “aapke kapde hi bheeg gaye baba..”.. “umm.. haan.. koi baat nahi.. main badal lunga”..

“To geele kapde to utaar do warna sab geela ho jayega” He tugged at my vest.. pulling it up. We both knew what was on the other’s mind but still hinted and played, not really doing anything. “aap naha lo, main doosri t shirt pehen lunga”

As I said this I rested my hand on his chest, my fingers just above the nipples that I found so irresistible. In a gesture to push him away but not really.. just keeping my hand on his chest.

To be continued…