Kinky first fuck story of a man with a hot daddy: 2

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Slutty fun story: I licked the cum off his lips. He then said to me “It’s your turn to please daddy now.” and he lay down. 

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I came on top of him, wondering to myself what else can I do to please him cause he did so much better. I passionately kissed him once, locked lips and I pulled myself back.
I told him that I wanted to leave. The look on his face was admirable. I’ve always loved teasing men. A true KLPD moment it was. He then pushed me back and sat on top of me and said no you don’t. 

He put his crotch near me and removed his shorts. His precum soaked underwear was literally in my face. I could feel his balls on my lips. And that smell, oh god, the smell of pure manhood soaking from that underwear.

He was rubbing his balls on my face, while sitting on top of me. I was so helpless, couldn’t even move and in a way that was really hot. He took his underwear and vest off. I could see his thick cock.

That gorgeous thick 8 inch blessed cock was surely made on a Sunday. Fully erect it looked like a beast ready to explore the caves of your anus. 

He shoved that entire thing in my mouth and I was helpless. I couldn’t even take it, I was gagging and out of breath and he didn’t even seem to care. He was face fucking me at the moment, and when I was trying to breathe, each time I would smell his sweaty abdomen and balls.

He pulled me up, and made me sit on the sofa, he stood above me and started shoving his big cock down my throat. I felt so submissive I was holding his thighs trying to push them away so the thrusts would become bearable but my weak hands were of no comparison to that Greek god. 

After 10 minutes of face fucking me, he finally came. I couldn’t even taste his cum because his cock was so deep in my throat, it went directly inside. I choked a bit and tried to spit it out but he had already sowed his seeds deep inside me. 

I thought he’ll calm down for a while, but apparently he wanted more. 

He laid me down again and started kissing me. This time he started playing with my ass. He would grab my ass cheeks so hard. He was caressing my asshole with his finger. He kissed me and put that finger inside, it felt weird, it was so tight I could feel it.

And I was really scared of what was about to come. He fingered me for a while and then looked me in eye and licked his finger.

He got up and went to another room for a minute, I was laying there, naked waiting to be bred. He came back with a bottle of lube in his hand. I reluctantly told him that maybe we should do it another time.

But he was ardent and smiled at me, he assured me that he will be gentle. 

He put some lube his dick and then in my asshole by his fingers. He then came on top of my put my legs aside and kept kissing me. 

As good were the kisses, I was more scared about his giant rod entering me. I wasn’t really focusing on the kisses. 

Within few seconds, he passionately locked my lips and entered inside me slowly without stopping. I wanted to yell but he held me hostage with his lips. I could feel my eyes get teary and I was in a lot of pain.

I was trying to move but he was not letting me go. After 5 seconds, he let my lips go and I immediately started begging him to let me go. I was begging him to stop he was trying to assure me but I wouldn’t listen, I kept on crying and saying stuff like please let me go. 

He got infuriated and slapped me, it wasn’t a very harsh one, I think he just trying to make me listen he asked me to shut up and take it like a man. I was in pain but I had no choice. I surrendered myself to him. He kept kissing my lips and neck.

After 5 minutes, I think my ass loosened and he started thrusting me. At first it was painful and strange but after a while I started enjoying it.

I was thinking about this Greek god inside me with his 8 inch cock and how vulnerable he was, these all thoughts made me even more horny. I got super hard again. 

At first his thrusts were calm then he started doing them at a faster pace. He would almost take his dick out then shove it back in. 
He got so sweaty, he was literally dripping his sweat all over me.

I saw his nipples oozing out sweat and I wanted to lick the sweat off him. I closed my arms around his back, he also let go and laid fully over me.

It was so hot, just two men enjoying each other without a single worry of the world. I was euphoric. I wanted the time to stop forever.

He would adjust his thrusts accordingly.

His belly was touching my cock while he thrusted, and his cock was so deep inside me, he would tingle my g-spot, his sweat drenched all over me, his sexy nipples caressing my chest, him kissing me passionately, his strong biceps, it was all too much for me.

I came again without even touching my cock and him being still inside me. I’ve never felt something like this before. It felt so pure. I came so hard it got on both of our chests.

He wickedly smiled at me. After 25 minutes of seemingly passionate sex, he told me he was gonna cum. 

His thrusts started becoming intense, and he came inside me. I felt a warm sensation inside me, I knew he came a lot because that sensation was noticeable. His cock was throbbing like a heart inside my ass.

It was truly a euphoric moment. He then laid on top of me for a while, I was sniffing his shoulder and playing with his hair. The bedsheet was so wet with both of our sweats. 

Slutty fun story of first time with a hot daddy fucker

He was inside me until his cock softened, then he went over to my side and became my big spoon. He kissed me on the neck then my cheek, and whispered in my ear, “That was amazing, Did you enjoy it?”.

I looked him in the eye and said “I loved it”. And I truly did. 

Knowing that I had made this hot stud cum inside me, made me feel accomplished. I was so happy. We laid there and cuddled for a while. Then we both got up and took a shower together, I jerked him off again in the shower, I sucked his cock.

I was admirable of this man’s stamina. 

I then left his place at around 10:30pm. I wasn’t able to walk properly but it was one of the hottest and romantic moments of my life and I will never forget that. 

I thought about him all the way back home and whole night. 

I did meet him 2 or 3 times after that and one time I even took him out on a date 🙂 

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