Gay sex erotica of innocent smiles and pervy gropes: 2

Desi Gay Brothers Story of a Wild Fantasy Fuck

Straight gay seduction story: Hi Guys! First of all, I want to thank all of you who wrote to me (you know who you are) and left comments on the first part (sorry I couldn’t figure out how to reply to them). It is because of you that I am here with part two. Hope you guys enjoy it just as much as you did part one here!

I know a lot of you said (politely complained) that the first one did not have enough sex. So, in this part, well that’s all there is. Enjoy!

“Aryan, this is not working. It seems all this contact with your crotch is making it worse. There’s only one thing we can do.”

“Do it! What is it? Do it; please help me!” he practically begged.

“We’ll have to make you cum.” I said, trying to sound very matter of fact.


“Dekh bahi, the more I am trying to wipe off the precum, the more turned on you get and the more precum you make. The best way to deal with this is to make you cum once and for all.” I tried to sound like this was the best course of action. “Trust me.”

“Okay…” He said still not sounding completely on board.

I waited for him to continue speaking, sensing that there was more. I hope he doesn’t make it too difficult…

“It makes sense. But I don’t think I’ll be able to do it here, in public, knowing that you know what I’m doing,” He said looking down and fidgeting with his t shirt.

What?! Arey yeh toh mera kaam aur bhi aasaan bana raha tha. I almost laughed out loud at his innocence.

Fuck it. I threw the towel aside, placed my hands on his waist and pulled down his pants in one swoop. There it was. I couldn’t stop staring as it bounced a little, once, twice and then finally settled, curving a little to the right.

Fuck! It was a sight! The foreskin was stretched taut over his swollen cock head, still slightly pulling back trying to free it. His balls were hanging low and looked just as swollen, probably waiting to bust a nut into a willing warm hole.

I could smell the sweat coming off his well-trimmed pubes and nearly hairless balls, but it was not too strong to reach me fully just yet. I appreciate a clean man.

I followed a thick vein jutting out the side of his cock back up to the tip of his cock where I noticed his piss slit was gaping open still leaking out copious amounts of precum, now falling free in a string.

I resisted the urge to catch it with my tongue and follow its trail all the way up to my prize- my big prize, all six inches of it (I think), just teasing me, asking to be devoured. It was hypnotising; I grabbed it, making him wince from the cold of my nervous palms coming into contact with his red hot lund.

“Do you trust me?” I asked, as I slowly and deliberately stroked his cock once.

He just let out a low grunt. So I stroked his cock again and this time made so that my thumb would graze against the head of his cock and lightly dip into his piss slit. He moaned out loud and grabbed my hand trying to pull away. I let him.

“What are you doing, Rihan? Stop.” He sounded embarrassed and turned on at the same time.

“Okay.” I said. “I’ll stop. I was just trying to help you.”

“Help me?” He asked confused and turned on. Damn how many emotions could this boy do while turned on?

“You said that you were too embarrassed to masturbate so I am doing it for you – helping you.” I started to get off my knees. “But whatever man, I don’t need to help you.” I said knowing this would sell it.


I felt his hands push down on my shoulders. “Please help me. I’m sorry. Please help me.”

I complied, but decided to mess with him a little more “What do you want me to do?” I asked, purposely trying to sound as innocent as he pretended to be.

“I don’t know” he whispered, like he was too scandalised to even say it out loud.

“Look Aryan, I want to help you man. Lekin tuje kya lagta hain? Jaise hi koi ladka yaha ata hain, main ghootno pe gir kar uska lund haat me leke aise hilata hoon?” I grabbed his cock and gave it a few more strokes to make my point.

“Ahhhh!” he moaned. “No, of course not! Main bas. Sorry. Do that. What you just did. Mera lund haath main le aur aise hila.” He placed his hand over mine and moved it up and down his cock.

I just kept looking at him and made no effort to move my hand.

“Please, yaar. Madat kar de.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I pressed down on his cock and began stroking it back and forth, pulling the foreskin up his swollen cock head and down. He pulled up his hand and let it dangle at his side.

I was so close to his cock that I could smell the musky pungent smell of his cum and sweat mixed in. It took all of my self-control and more not to bury my nose in his pubes and stick my tongue out to lick his sweaty ball sack.

Phir maine socha, sala agar main idhar iska muh main lene ko mar raha hoon toh yeh bhi chahta hoga na ki main haath ke alawa bhi kuch istamaal karu? I crept closer to him and gently fondled his ball sack with my free hand.

“Ooooh fuck”

I knew that would feel good. With that pretext, I looked up at him, making sure to drag my nose and lips along his cock shaft, and asked him. “Is that okay?”

He was too stunned to say anything. So I focussed on his balls again, taking each one in my hands aur unhe halke se sehelane laga.

He groaned again. And like clockwork, I looked up, once again dragging my lips and nose along his cock head. This time, I felt something warm on my lips, dripping down to my chin.

He looked stunned. I figured some of his precum had smeared onto my lips. I can use that. I continued to gaze up at him and asked him if it felt good. Pretending like I couldn’t feel the precum on my lips.

He reached down to my face and wiped the precum off my lips with his thumb, surprising me.

“Muh pe thoda…. Laga tha..” he trailed off, still looking pretty taken aback by seeing his cum on my lips.

I decided it was now or never. I quickly flicked my gaze down to his cock- it was hard as ever, in fact, it even bounced a little when I looked at it. He was still fucking horny.

I looked at him again, his eyes were still on me; I went for it: I pushed my tongue past my lips and tentatively swiped at the remainder of his precum on my lips.

“Thanks…” I said trying to make the action look innocent.

Straight gay seduction story of a horny stranger in the shop

I saw his pupils darken as he took in the sight of me tasting his precum. Suddenly, his thumb was near my lips, and I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth and took his thumb in. Sucking and licking off the precum from it.

It was salty and a little bitter, but licking it off his thumb made all the difference. We didn’t break eye contact through it. When I was done, I pulled off his thumb with a pop.

Before I could even breathe, his hard cock was in front of me. This time, I didn’t have to move closer, he did. He pushed it against my lips.

And I felt his warm precum again, and if I thought it tasted good when he fed it to me from his thumb, tasting it straight from his cock was heavenly! He pushed it against my lips once, twice, before I parted my lips and let the taste and feel of him fill my mouth.

To be continued…