Gay erotic story of wild fun with masseur: 5

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Telugu gay story: Hi all, I am back with the experience again, this is continuity for previous part. It was easy for me to control without meeting anyone for 5 years as I was not getting what I was looking for but it became very difficult to control for a day also after tasting it after 5 years. So I became too curious to meet him again and we meet already meet few times when ever place is available.

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One weekend I got place again. So, I have call him on that day night and was speaking about what we have done, how to do now again.

Praveen : Have u ever tried threesome or group until now. (Telugu: eppudina okesare ookari kana ekkuva mandi dengchukonnava?)

Me: No… you are so cheap (Telugu: ledu… cheiiii enti ala adigav?)

Praveen: You bitch, it would so sexy to have more than 1 dick (Telugu: Chala bhaga uttunde rendu bokkalu unte)

Me: No, I don’t like that idea. I prefer one (Telugu: Vadu, naku isham ledu ade ela uttundoo)

Praveen: Trust me bitch you will like it (Telugu: nanu nammu chala ante chala bhagauttunde)

Me: No please

Praveen: you just ask me for the new thrills and you want explore more (Telugu: eppude kada ra adigav kotha ga kavali , inka chala try cheddam annav)

Me: yes, I told about new thrills and excitements but those are fore new angles (Telugu: Avunu cheppa bava, kotha ga kavali and inka kavali kani avi kotha bhagimallu, kotha vidanalu anthe thappa evi kadu)

Praveen: Trust me bitch, you will be more thrilled and you will more enjoy rather than me (Telugu: Nanu namo lanja ga, na kana nuvu ekkuva istham padathav)

Me: Let’s think that later some other time. (Telugu: malli eppudina choodam le)

Praveen: hmm… it seems you not liking the idea and you are not trusting me (Telugu: artham ayindi le ra, nuvu nanu namadam ledu ani)

Me: Nothing like that, Not sure, whether I can manage. (Telugu: ala emi kadu bava, naku teliyadu nenu nyayam cheyagalana ani)

Praveen: you can bitch, I have already seen your sultry side (Telugu: nuvu cheyagavu ra, nuvu entha kasi lanja voo naku telusu kada and nenu choosa)

Me: Bava, why you are asking me about this? Do you have any one? (Bava, enduku ala aduguthunav, evarina unanra?)

Praveen: first tell me, whether you are ok or not? (Telugu: asallu nuvu cheppu, niku sare na kada ani?)

Me: Not sure, I am afraid and confused (Telugu: emoo, naku chala bhayam and chala gaji biji ga gandra golam ga undi)

Praveen: you bitch tell me truth, you really have that feeling of afraid? You directly scan me in reception on that day in first meeting? Without knowing about me? You have tempted me and now why are you afraid of? (Telugu: Nijam cheppu ra lanja, asallu nenu elati vadino kadu, asallu nenu abbayi tho chesthano ledu kuda teliyadu, alantidi nanu choopulatho ne tinnese laga choosav a roju manam kalise nappudu malli eppudu enduku bhayam paduthunav?)

Me: I was just silent without speaking anything (Telugu: nenu orrikine unna)

Praveen: Trust me dude, your safety, privacy are my responsibility and my priority as well (Telugu: nanu nammu ra. Nenu ani jagarathulu tesukonna, ni Bhadrata ni vivaralu gopyanga unchadam na badhyatha mariyu ade naku mukhyam)

Me: I am really confused Bava (Telugu: emoo naku artham kaledu)

Praveen: means now you are not afraid of? (Telugu: ante bhayam poyindi anamata)

Me: not sure (Telugu: emoo)

Praveen: I can see on your face. Tell me now, what is your confusion (Telugu: artham avuthunde niku eppudu bhayam poyindi, mare alochana deniki?)

Me: almost ok after you seeing your responsibility but (Telugu: bhayam poyindi ani cheppali nuvu atha jagarathallu tesukonnav ani cheputhunte, kani)

Praveen: Then again what? (Telugu: Malli enti?)

Me: Whether I can satisfy 2 tops (Telugu: nenu idarini thrupthi pracha galena?)

Praveen: You can do bitch, I know about your capabilities. Whenever we meet, you are always hungry for dick (Telugu: arey nuvu entha kasi lanjavo niku teliyada. Nuvu cheyagallu ra, naku ni guruchi telusu, nenu chala sarlu gamanicha ni kallalo korikanu nuvu entha kasi ga unntavo modda kosam)

Me: hmm… still not sure (Telugu: ade nijame, kani inka emoo naku artham kavadam ledu)

Praveen suddenly came to me and started smooching, I was in thinking what to tell him due to confusion but this sudden action has diverted me from the thoughts. I started reciprocating for his kiss, it’s like his upper lip has stick to my lower lip and it is squeezing all the juices from it. Our tongues started exploring each other’s.

Telugu gay story of sexy masseur having fun

I was mesmerized with his kissing techniques, it has be experienced cannot explain the feeling meanwhile he started playing with my hip and ears as well simultaneously and that kiss last for few minutes Praveen knows all the pressure points of his bitch. I am unable to tolerate the pleasure he is giving me. Praveen can see in my eyes how much I am enjoying his work.

Then he broke the kiss and ask me,

Praveen: tell me now whether you are OK for threesome. (Telugu: Sare ne mare?)

Me: I can feel the affection in your kiss and it seems you want to enjoy threesome with me (Telugu: ni mudu lo naku ni prema kanipisthunde, nuvu natho ade kavali anukotunava?)

Praveen: yes, I want to full fill my fantasies with you. (Telugu: Avunu ra naku netho na korikallu, na kallu terchukovali anu undi)

Me: yes, I told yes only for your sake (Telugu: Ni kosam sare anutuna)

Praveen: Thanks bitch, I know you will tell yes for me (Telugu: naku telusu lanja nuvu oppukontav ani)

Me: hmm… but who is that person? Did u already have anyone? (Telugu: sare gane mare evaru? already unnara?)

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