Top to bottom story of horny Indian hunk at bathhouse: 1

Muscular Indian hunk showing huge dick & body

Top to bottom story: Story: I knew as soon as I felt his load, the first load I had ever taken, being unloaded deep inside my gut that I needed more and that my days as a total top were over.

I had come to the baths, an arrogant twenty four year old, with a tall, well-built body for which I had worked hard, short cropped black hair, a light tanned complexion due to my Indian roots that complimented with my dark body hair and the attitude of a no-nonsense seasoned breeder.

By no means was this my first trip to the baths. I frequently donned a skimpy towel and went in quest of a bottom to pound when the urge to empty my balls in a slut’s hole overwhelmed me. Ever since I had come out when I was fourteen told me I was a top, and that it was my duty to dump my load into every boy with whom I played, from my first boyfriend till that night.

It probably helped that I loved to see my thick, seven and a half inch member disappear inside a boy’s hole, his ass lips clinging to my shaft.

That night began like any of my other trips to the baths. I purchased a locker, stripped off, slung a towel around my trim waist making sure it was low enough to show off my ample pubes and then, with my key around my wrist, headed off in search of a bottom to breed.

I made my way to the sling room, the easiest place to find an open hole searching for some cock, my cock stiffening as I walked listening to the groans of men all around me and breathing in the smell of sex that lingered in the air.

The sling room was dimly lit, just well enough to make out where guys were but not well enough to really make out distinct faces. I dropped my towel off in a corner by the door and proceeded, my erect cock standing out in front of me, naked through the room.

Multiple slings hung from the ceiling, and were arranged in a circle so that the bottom’s asses all faced out towards the walls and the bottoms could watch themselves being bred in the mirrored ceiling.

After cruising past several of the bottoms I alighted upon a blonde boy about my age with his legs in the air and the slightly vacuous expression of someone who had just been fucked more than he thought possible. I walked up between his legs and started rubbing my cock head against his well fucked, dripping hole.

“How many loads you have in your hole, boy?” I asked.

“I lost count,” the blonde replied vaguely, suggesting “but, add yours to the mix. Give me you cock man. I need you inside of me.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement that that. I pressed my cock against his hole and easily slid inside. This boy was so loose and full of cum that I didn’t bother starting out slow letting him get used to my cock, but rather started pounding him as hard as I could grabbing hold of the chains that suspended the sling from the ceiling to pull him back and pound him harder.

With each deep penetrating thrust the blonde let out a little whimper and would occasionally continue begging me for my load and my cock.

Sweat began to run down my back as I hammered away. Just then I felt a presence behind me and then promptly two hands appeared on my hips guiding me how to plow the boy. Then a man pressed his body against my back, and leaning around me, looked at the bottom and asked “How ya doin kid? Feelin’ good?”

“Hell yeah,” was the bottom’s response.

I could feel the man’s chest hair against my back, and a considerable bulge nestling between my flexing ass cheeks, he kissed my neck. “Are you enjoying my boy’s hole?”

“He’s got a sweet ass,” I replied as I continued to pound the blonde mercilessly.

The man moved his hands from my hips to tweak my nipples as he whispered in my ear, “Two weeks ago this hot bottom was a condoms only bitch, now he’s begging for loads. You know what did that?”


“One thick load from my cock.” He pulled me tight to him and used his hand to turn my face to the side. I caught a glimpse of a strong handsome scruffy face before he planted a rough kiss on my lips.

I kissed him back. One of his hands remained at my chin, keeping my face turned to his as the other roved over my young furry body, and all the while I kept pounding my meat into the whimpering bottom before me.

Eventually his hands returned to my hips and he broke away from the kiss. I studied his dark eyes and strong jaw as best I could looking over my shoulder. “Don’t cum in him yet,” he commanded, “I want to make sure you give him a nice big load.”

With that he sunk to his knees behind me and his hands moved from my hips to my ass. As I continued to fuck his boy he spread my ass cheeks a little and licked up my crack.

Though I was strictly a top at the time I had been rimmed a few times before and I knew that it felt amazing. Maybe that’s why I let him spread my ass and start working my hole open as only a top can, or perhaps it was because this man seemed to for some reason give off an air that made you want to please him.

I bottomed out on the boy and leaned forward allowing him to spread my cheeks a little further and as I rocked my cock on the bottom I felt his tongue for the first time slip past my asshole.

Nothing had ever been up my ass, not even my little finger, and so I gasped with astonishment as I felt this man’s tongue dart inside of me for a moment. I had always thought that it would hurt to have something inside of my ass but the tip of his tongue had felt like heaven, it was intoxicating.

I slowed down my fucking of the blonde still impaled on my cock and stuck my ass out a little further allowing the man behind me better access to my hole.

He gripped my ass cheeks tightly and spread my hole, his tongue making more and more regular forays into my hole. I whimpered. His tongue felt so good pressing into my hole, I acted on instinct not knowing the change that was coming over me as I let go of the sling chains and grabbed my own ass cheeks trying to give the mad kneeling behind me still better access.

The bottom I was now practically laying on top of with my cock still buried in his cum dripping hole smiled at me and leaned up a little bit to kiss me. “Tony eats ass better than anyone, doesn’t he?”

I just gasped in response as something new pressed against my hole. The bottom wrapped his arms around me pulling me tight to his smooth chest as I felt my hole being further invaded, the mad behind me was sliding his index finger inside of my virgin hole. The words “I’m a top,” formed in my head but died on my lips as his finger began to slide slowly in and out of my hole.

“He’s fingering you isn’t he?”

“Yes,” I gasped.

“Do you want him to stop?”


“Have you ever had anything inside your hole before?”

“No, I’m a virgin.”

“Do you want more?”


“Right answer boy,” Tony replied, pulling his mouth off my hole for a moment.

“You want Tony to stuff another finger in your hole?”

I paused for a moment relishing the feeling of his one finger sliding in and out of my hole but not sure if I could handle another, but as his finger slid back inside my cock gave a powerful throb and the blonde boy laughed a little.

“Your cock seems to have just answered for you. Stretch him out Tony, this boy’s not just a top any more.”

Without pulling his finger from my tight hole, Tony used his free hand to pull me to a standing position and pull me away from the blonde bottom till my cock slid from his wet hole with a soft squelching sound.

He guided me to the empty sling next to the blonde and in one swift movement pulled his fingers from my hole and tossed me into the sling.

Suddenly I found myself, a total top, naked staring down at myself in the mirrored ceiling of the sling room with my legs spread and a massively built gruff looking man sliding two of his spit slicked fingers into my hole.

I moaned as his two fingers made their way into my hole and again the phrase, “but I’m a top,” died on my lips in a whimper as my ass steadily stretched to accommodate Tony’s invading digits.

For a long while he worked those two fingers in and of my hole while he licked around them, swirling the thick dark hair that surrounded my pucker around with his tongue. I looked over at the blonde boy next to me a guy of around forty with powerful arms and legs and a bit of a beer gut was pounding the boy harder then I could ever have dreamed to fuck him. His eyes were steadily rolling back in his head with each thrust.

Top to bottom of sexy wild fuck in a bathhouse

A scream burst past my lips as a third finger was pressed inside my hole, but whether it was in pain or ecstasy even I wasn’t sure. As my hole stretched to allow for this new invasion I panted like a bitch in heat. A fire was growing within my hole, a fire that I felt certain could only be quenched by one thing, a cock.

I experienced a thought that I never had before: I wanted to get fucked. I wanted Tony to pull his cock out from his jockstrap and slam it into my hole. I wanted him to use my ass as I had used so many bottoms before myself.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

“What was that boy?”

“Fuck me,” I said a little louder.


“Fuck me, please,” I said louder still.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Fuck me! I want you to fuck me,” I practically screamed.

“You understand that once I get my cock inside of you I will not pull out? Once I start fucking your sweet furry boy hole I will breed you?”

“Fucking breed my hole!”

“Definitely not a top now.”

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