Blackmail gay story of a bisexual guy on vacation: 2

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Bisexual sex erotica: This is a true story how a couple exploited me for sexual pleasure. A brief intro about myself, I’m Parth, I’m 25 years, from Hyderabad, Bisexual, 5’10 ft in height and average body built and manly looks, sexually very active and open for all types of adventures.

For those who didn’t read my pervious story, I was on an unplanned solo trip in March, reached Goa to end my trip (I work in Punjab), were this sexual adventure happened that literally scared the shit out of me.

On the day of arrival, I meet this handsome guy Karan on Baga beach and had an amazing one night stand, then next day at the hotel while I was eating my breakfast, a lady about 28 year old, let’s call her Rhea (name changed) came to my table, started playing the video of me fucking Karan and blacked mailed me to fuck her.

So let’s continue where we left.

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We both were walking towards my room, Rhea was walking ahead of me and I was still in the process of figuring out what had just happened.

Lot of questions were popping into my mind like “how did she get these videos?”, “what is she upto?”Etc. The scariest part was she knew my room.

No, this is the point I lost my mind, I was wondering was she following me the whole time?, but I just came to Goa yesterday and while going to hook up with Karan there was no one in the corridor.

With all these thoughts, my frustration levels were increasing and I wanted to know all the answers.

I opened the room door and we both entered, Rhea’s body language has completely changed, she has become even more open and wild. She went and sat on the couch, with a wicked smile on her face she called me to sit next to her.

I obliged and sat on the couch next to her with a question mark expression on my face wanting to try my luck one last time & was about to ask her, before that she directly went on to feel me, moving her hand all around my body, thighs and crotch area with a naughty smile on her beautiful & lusty face.

I was getting turned on by her actions and my inner devil was waking up and I couldn’t control any longer, I pulled her near me, directly went for her lips. It was a passionate smooch.

It continued for like 20 mins nonstop. I was a bit rough, I was biting her lips.

I was so madly kissing her to an extent where she couldn’t breathe and trying to push me back. We broke the kiss and she started to take deep breaths.

I, being who I am again, jumped on her lips even before she could barely recover. This time she again started to push but I didn’t let go of her and had a wild smooch for another 25 mins.

While I was kissing her madly, I was trying to push my hands under her top. Felt and pressed her melons over her bra. Those were one of the best firm, medium sized breasts I ever felt, they were well maintained, just the way I like.

I was also getting out of breath, so I let go of her and we both were taking long deep breaths.

Rhea was a bit mad and excited at the same time and started to abuse “You motherfucker, what were u doing?”

Me: You wanted it right?

Rhea: Of course I want but….

Before she even complete I pulled her closer and said

Me: do as I say you bitch, u will never forget this fuck.

Rhea: hmm, let’s see.

Rhea was still sitting on the couch, still trying to catch her breath back, I stood, went and sat on the same couch next to her.

She way saying something, to which I didn’t pay much attention, because there I was sitting next to a beautiful 28 year women in her off shoulder top wanting and waiting for me to fuck her.

Those thoughts made my hormones uncontrollable and I held her top and ripped it apart along with the bra, went on her like a mad bull and attacked her boobs.

I was rough, started to press her both boobs hard, and pinch her nipples. She shouted when I ripped her blouse, soon those turned into moans as I started to feed on them.

I took her left boob in my mouth, started to lick her nipple, bite it, simultaneously pinching her right boob with my hand. These actions are making her go wild and start making very loud sounds in the room.

I spent a good amount of 30 mins on each of her boobs making her leave in a very horny and venerable state and was begging me to fuck her hard.

I made her lay on the bed and I moved further down to her pink panty, there was a big stain of her pre cum on it. Looking at it I wanted to tease a bit more and make her beg for me, so I slowly rubbed my hard dick all around her pink pussy without entering it.

She was getting highly impatient and was asking me to go for her pussy. She was in a desperate state. I enjoyed what I was looking at.

I teased her bit more in the same manner, she was getting frustrated and started to shout, then I was like ask me properly “please sir please fuck my pussy”, she immediately surrendered herself and pleaded me to fuck her.

It was quite fun to look at her state. I removed her panty and smelled it, it had a nice fragrance of her pussy & turned me on like hell.

Without any further delay, I pulled her in missionary position, I started to push my dick in her tight pussy. I didn’t go, so I asked her to lubricate my dick and her hole with her saliva.

For few mins she did and said “My hole is ready drill me” I again aimed my dick in front of her hole and spit my saliva on her pussy and pushed hard, he screamed loud and only half my dick was in, I didn’t stop there, gave another hard push and my full dick was in her super tight pussy.

She shouted more loudly and inked my back with her nail marks. Gave some time so that she could adjust and slowly started to go in and out.

After a few mins she became comfortable and pleasure started to kick in. She asked to go harder, so I increased my speed.

TAP TAP TAP sounds were all around the road along with her moans and was continuously saying “please don’t stop, go further deeper” indicating she was thoroughly enjoying. I spanked her ass, boobs in between and even choked her neck.

After like 25 min I asked her to change position and tell her to go “doggy” one of my favourites. I was pounding her hard from the back like a bull. She was moaning loudly in pleasure. This continued for 10 min.

Then I heard a series of phone notifications popping and when I looked, it was on her phone. When I leaned a bit to see what it was while fucking, I was taken a back seat by shock.

I saw Karan’s photo along with her as a wallpaper. My mind was fucking lost. Suddenly I stopped fucking. She turned back and asked what happened.

My mind started to process all the information and tried to connect. Now I desperately want to know the relationship between Karan and Rhea. So I asked her again to lay in the missionary position on the corner of the bed.

I wide opened her legs and pushed my dick rough into her pussy. She shouted because of the pain. I fucked her hard, rough and wildly tell she was about to reach her orgasm and stopped fucking.

She was so pissed, so was I.

I again did the same thing. Now she was super annoyed and asked why the hell am I doing like that. Then finally with one hard push into her pussy with her neck chocked, I asked in that position “what’s the relation between you and Karan?”

She was so vulnerable in that stage, she was like…

SHE: Are you for real? Do you seriously want to know now?

ME: “YES” with my dick fully inside her pussy, hand choking her neck and other hand playing with her boobs.

SHE: KARAN IS MY HUSBAND you bastard, now fuck and make me come.

Me on the other hand understood the whole situation, started to fuck her hard and made her cum. She was so relieved, finally she orgasmed, but my dick is still inside her.

She tried to push me but of no use as I overpowered her and fucked her till I cum in her pussy.

After cumming I gave her one super wild kiss and moved aside laid by her side. After some time Rhea suddenly climbed on me, holding my neck, in an angry tone…


I hold her hands and took off from my neck and pushed her on bed and climbed on her, crushed her under my body and said:


SHE: are just chill, it was for just fun

And said all the details about them, how they do and stuff. So they are basically a couple, got married 2 years back but they were lovers before that and they both are very open minded and bisexual themselves.

Bisexual sex erotica of a slutty guy with husband and wife

Whenever they go on vacation they like to add some fun and excitement in their sex lives.

Then I was like “Okay, so are you guys done with having fun or wanna have more?” with a naughty smile. She understood my intentions, gave a steamy smooch and said fun is yet to start.

She called her husband to come to our room and asked me to pack up to check out and said we are going for a sex adventure. I was super excited. Then her husband came, I was still nude, he directly held my dick and cleaned it neatly and said “I hope my wife satisfied you like I did”.

I kissed him and said she did and we all checked out the room.

To know where we 3 went and what kind of fun Me, Karan and Rhea had, just stay tuned for the next part. Feel free to contact my for fun and write feedback to [email protected]