Dad boy erotica of a horny guy with friend’s dad: 3

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Flashback: Mathew Uncle (friend’s dad) and I (Abhi) had sex. The next morning, Mathew uncle woke me up with a cup of tea. I was naked under the sheet. He came towards me and kissed me on my lips. Suddenly someone opened the door. It was Thomas Uncle. Duh!!!

The story continues…

Both of us startled seeing him there. He was shocked too but he managed to keep a straight face and told us breakfast is ready and he left.
After he left, Mathew Uncle told me to behave like nothing happened.

I got fresh and joined them for the breakfast. Greeted Thomas’s uncle and he greeted me back. The room was filled with ominous silence. Mathew uncle had some errands to run so he quickly finished the breakfast and headed out.

Now its just Thomas uncle and I at home. I was kind of scared to face Thomas Uncle because of what happened earlier. We both finished the breakfast together and as I was gathering the plates from the table to clean, he told me to keep them, he will clean it.

When I insisted on giving him a hand, he mockingly said that “you might be very tired since you were giving hands to Mathew the whole night, so lemme handle this!” I was embarrassed and numb after hearing this.

Seeing me standing there with guilt, he asked to me help him wipe the dishes after he washes them. I followed him to the kitchen.

In order to get the elephant out of the room and to make me feel comfortable from the shock he gave, he told me he was just joking earlier and he started some small talks. He asked me if Mathew uncle forced himself on me. I said no and it was with my full consent.

He nodded his head and asked me if I’m gay. I said yes. then we started getting comfortable. He asked me more questions related to being gay and I cleared all his doubts.

His last question was:
Thomas: what did you see in Mathews that made you to have sex with him.
Me: I’ve some daddy issues, I’m interested in matured guys.

Thomas: so, you might be interested in me too.

I didn’t answer that question but gave him a smile.

Suddenly he came near to me, kept his hands on my shoulder and repeated the question. “Are you interested in me as well?”

I took a second and said “Maybe”

He pulled me close and kissed on my lips.

Whispered in my ears, “I knew that you wanted both of us by the way you looked at us since you came here.”

I said “you’re right, I want both of you to fuck me as hard as you can.”

He pushed me to the kitchen wall and started kissing me vigorously. He removed my t-shirt and started biting my nipples. Uff! Hot! He was pinching my one nipple while sucking the other.

He then removed his t-shirt. And made me smell his armpit. The smell of a man! That smell made me hornier. I licked his sweaty armpits and then kissed him.

He sat on the counter of the kitchen and removed his t-shirt. I could see his hard on popping from his lungi as he was not wearing any undies. His dick was about 7.5 inch.

Without wasting any time, I put my head inside his lungi and started sucking his dick. He was moaning loudly. The fact that I was under his lungi made me hornier. I licked his balls and gaged myself on his dick.

He then removed his lungi so that he could see me sucking him. I maintained eye contact while sucking him. He then got up and took me to the hall and made me lie on the sofa. He kissed me, and went downwards and sucked my cock.

He, then spread my legs and licked my hole. Spat on it and rimmed it hard. he brought oil from the kitchen and applied it on his fingers and fingered me. He fingered my hole while sucking my nipples, almost for 15 minutes.

He then ln lied on the sofa and asked me to sit on his dick. I applied more oil on my ass and on his dick and sat on his dick. His dick went smoothly inside because of the oil and last nights sex.

I stated riding him slowly. He closed his eyes and moaned loudly. He then started stroking my dick. I was getting hornier. I started to ride him fast and hard. with each stroke his dick hit my spot. It went on for another 15 minutes and then we change position to missionary.

He inserted his dick inside and started to ride. He locked my lips. I asked him to fuck me harder. Harder! Harder! Harder! I kept my hands on his ass and pushed it more towards me. He was going very fast and hard. he told me he is about to cum.

Daddy boy sex story of horny guy with a mature man

I told him to cum inside. Within seconds he came. He then licked my ass full of his cum and then kissed me with his cum. I asked him to finger me so that I can reach the climax. He inserted three fingers and fingered me.

I came within 2 minutes and he drunk my cum. We kissed again. I slept on his chest. He told me not to mention this to Mathew Uncle as he wanted to give him a surprise.

To be continued
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