Fantasy gay erotica of a horny and wild gay King: 4

Fantasy sex story: This is part 5 of King series of a king who was gay and his fantasies with his inner circle of people. This is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance will be purely coincidence.

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The King and Suhel slept in King’s chamber and in morning they woke up and went to see where all the guards were.

In Guard’s tent, all the guards were sleeping naked with their dicks either in someone’s mouth or ass. King ordered them to get ready for return.

At the Palace in King’s absence, all the ministers were enjoying their time as there was no one who would complain about them having sex in King’s absence.

All rest of the 11 ministers were got together in a secret chamber known only to the King and ministers and they were having sex since the time King left for Forest. Every minister wanted to satisfy their lust before King comes back.

The siren of King’s return ranged and all Ministers started finishing the last round and return to their respective chamber.

King and Suhel went to the King’s Chamber and the days started passing as usual. Suhel used to fuck King and when King is not in chamber to other twinks.

Suhel had a best time as he used to fuck almost twinks one after the other but was saving cum only for the King.

Now, the annual festival of selection was arriving. This is the festival where all the boys who have completed their age of puberty were going to get selected to serve King for next one year in his private chamber and the existing will be relived for their normal life.

Existing twinks may opt to continue to serve in the Palace.

During the annual festival, all the boys had to leave all their belongings and have to reach to the Palace main gate in just semi-transparent white undi on a designated date. All the boys were excited as they knew what was coming.

They love their king and they were happy to serve their king in all possible way. This is the time for which all ministers and junior ministers wait for.

This festival is fuck festival for them. This is time they can enjoy all these virgin young boys freely.

Lot of boys already had tent in their undies from the expectation of what was coming. Once all the boys were gathered for the Annual festival of selection, the door to take them inside the selection area was opened.

It was a large ground where all the boys were assemble. The announcement made to inform all of them informing the rules of the selection process:

There were divided into 12 groups each group headed by each Minister of the King. This year being total of 120 boys had come for the selection. So Each minister had given 10 boys to select.

Each boy had to clear three tests to get selected into top 36 boys who will give final test taken by King. King will shortlist top 12 who will replace existing twinks in his private chamber.

In this area of test everyone is naked no one wears anything. It is kind of big sex orgy except no fuck is going on as that is only reserved for the King.

First test was known as “The Lure”, each boy has to lure to each minister for three days to make sure he selects him for the next round. Boys can to any extent to lure each minister but no boy can get fucked.

Each minister is allotted one big room with all facilities of food and other arrangements for three days with those 10 boys. So, all ministers can enjoy these boys but cannot fuck them. So the boys were doing all the activities possible except fuck, suck and rim to lure the minister.

The boys has started dancing, licking nipples and body of ministers, seducing them, playing with their balls and licking it, kissing them and serving them foods. The boys can shag so some ministers were taking cum shower from all 10 boys.

As all the boys have just crossed puberty so they were full of cum. After the long 6 hours session each minister selected 8 boys and remaining 2 goes to each ministers private chamber to serve them. So even ministers were also happy.

After first test, two boys are eliminated and 8 goes to next round.

The second test was known as “Blindfold” in this round all the boys are shuffled between the ministers. All the ministers are blindfolded so they don’t know whose around them.

In this test, all the 8 boys need to suck and rimm the minister and he has to select without knowing whose serving him.

In this round 2 boys get eliminated.

Fantasy sex story of horny and wild royal men fucking men

Next day 2nd round started. In the big ground there were 12 ministerial thrones were kept and all the boys were standing together in the circle between these thrones.

Then the suck fest started. Boys got divided in the group of 8 and in this round 2 boys got eliminated which went to the guards personal chamber.

After second test, two boys are eliminated and 6 goes to next round.

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