Gay anon story of a slutty guy with a stranger

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Gay anon story: Hello everyone, this is my first time writing for IGS.

Let me start by describing myself. I am Ankur (changed for the website) 19 year old slim tall guy, versatile(though I would love to take a big cock any day), fair skinned and with a cute bubble ass.

I never had any sexual attraction to women but whenever I saw a hunky hot man, I would quiver with desire. This incident is from two months back, when I lost my virginity.

One hot morning when I got up, I was very horny, so as usual I downloaded grindr and started chatting with people. I would talk to people but was always hesitant to invite them and was scared to show my pic.

I used to video call and see if any hot guys were there and if I found someone then only, I would show my face. So, after my uneventful morning chat, I jerked off and went to college.

There also, seeing so many hot guys, would make me want to gobble them. Anyway, when I came back in the evening, I opened grindr, and started scrolling.

Suddenly, a message popped up, from an id- “HEAVEN WRECKER” saying “hey ankur, why aren’t you replying?” … I was shocked beyond reason. I had never shared my name with anyone before, nor does anyone know that I am gay.

But how does this guy know who I am? I got so scared that I started shivering thinking what would happen. Then another message popped up, “I saw you on video call earlier and recognised you, actually I have seen you many times, but you don’t know me”

This scared the shit out of me. But I controlled myself and asked him who are you and how do you know me? Although he did not give me a straight answer and asked me to meet him directly.

I gave him my phone number, we chatted for some days, but he did not show me his pic nor told me who he was. This was growing out to be suspicious and I grew tired of waiting, so even though I was curious as to who he was, I blocked his number.

Few days later in college, there was an inter college football match, though I am not much into sports, I went along with my friends to watch (how can I miss on watching hot hunks play).

After the match was over, and the other college team won, when I was returning from the grounds, someone suddenly came running from the back and tapped on my shoulder and said “Hey dude, why did you block my number?”.

PS. I am a quiet and shy introverted guy, and don’t have many friends and after hearing that I almost peed. I suddenly realised that he was the “HEAVEN WRECKER”.

When I turned back, I saw a 6 feet tall hunk with huge biceps and quads standing there. He was sweating profusely and oh god what a handsome face he had. He was from the other college’s football team and his name was Aditya.

I was just standing there blank and staring at him, when he said “I didn’t know you were walking around college with a boner!”. I suddenly snapped and saw that I already got a boner seeing him.

I was ashamed and quite clueless, so I turned back and started moving fast. He caught up to me and said,” Hey, why are you scared, actually I wanted to meet you for a long time, I find you very cute, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you are gay. Trust me”.

He saw my boner again and with a wicked smile said” but we need to do something about your boner, it is quite ready to fall out.” He then asked me to the washroom, (internally I was extremely happy and excited but uh.umm…

I did not show it to him) and I followed him there. It was an empty one on the side of the college, no one used to visit there, so I was calm. We went inside and he locked the door.

He said, “Now, let’s see, what to do with you, you blocked my number and also thought of running away, I Am not gonna go easy on you. He came towards me and grabbed my butt and started kissing my ear.

This was the first time I got so close to anyone, I could smell sweat and heat from his body. Then he looked at me and without much thinking I kissed him (I just couldn’t resist) He smiled and kissed me back, he was just such a passionate kisser, with our tongues entwined we kissed for more than 10 minutes.

“Now I see what you wanted to do, wanna kiss somewhere else?” He pointed towards his cock. It was making such a big dent on his shorts, that I thought if he is carrying two dicks instead of one!

Slowly I removed his shorts and underwear which were drenched in sweat, and there popped up a 8 inch uncut thick white tool (when I say thick, it really was!!).

I was staring at it when he pushed me to my knees and pointed his cock at my mouth. I had always dreamt of taking a cock in my mouth and there he was standing there in all its glory.

I held the base of his dick and started licking the tip, it was a bit salty. Slowly I tried to take it deep but could only manage a bit less than half to go inside my mouth. He was growing impatient and after a minute he held my head and suddenly pushed his cock in my throat.

I gagged but I could feel his cock down to throat. Then he slowly started face fucking me. With his cock in my mouth and my nose touching his groin hair, I could smell his manly odour and it was driving me crazy.

He face fucked me for almost half an hour and then came all over my face (It was quite a lot of cum). I was shocked that he still had so much energy after such a tiring game.

But I still had a boner, so he took off my pants and started stroking my dick. He asked to turn around and suddenly inserted a finger in my ass. I almost screamed (Although I have fingered myself before, it is extremely different when someone else does it).

Gay anon story of a horny and wild slutty guy with a hot stranger

Then he spit on my ass and inserted a second finger. I was in seventh heaven. While watching him fingering and masturbating me, I got so excited that I came in seconds, but what an intense orgasm it was.

We then got up and wore our clothes back. He kissed me and said “Will you unblock me now or not”. He winked at me and left. I stood there for a few moments and then left. It was like a scene out a porn movie.

Later I came to find out that he was one of my friend’s brother, and that’s how he got to know me…but what happened after that is for another story.

If you enjoyed the story or wish to connect, do let me know at [email protected] . Until then, goodbye.