Gay first sex story of a virgin twink boy

Gay sex story of fun with desi shop assistant: 1

Gay first sex story: This is my first time writing in… Hope you guys like it… Let me start by my introduction.

I live in a small village in Himachal pradesh I am 6 feet tall fair and a bit chubby as well before this experience I was a virgin my dick is 6 inches uncut and I just love sucking and fucking…

Let’s begin the story

I had turned 17 and I was fully aware that I was interested in both girls and boys more specifically in boys. So this happened during my summer vacations. I had a dog and I had to take him for a walk everyday at our local railway station and people also lived in close vicinity to the station so there were people exercising and walking around.

On the D day my eyes crossed a very manly figure probably in his late 20s. He was dark and muscular as you can see in the provided photo. He was so hot that while walking also I could see hi biceps flex and i could smell his manliness.

At that very moment I decided that i will lose my virginity to only this guy.

But how? I did not have a place. I even did not know if he was interested in men. So I decided to follow my routine of walking but aligned it with every time He (Aman for the story) came to walk around…

I always looked at him constantly so that his eyes could meet mine. And when they did i passed a smile and he returned it with a smile too. I was so exicted with that and i took it as a hint. So, finally the day came, I was alone sitting on the bench and he came over and sat beside me.

My heart was running 200 beats at a time and then Aman said “Hi do you live around?”. That was my biggest hint. I gave him my location and asked him the same. We talked for a while when he asked “do you have a girlfriend?” And I immediately replied “NO”.

I was so exicted that every time I spoke I lost or mixed some words. He then touched my hand and said “you are very cute though ” I thanked him and complimented him saying that “you are very hot, i wish i could see your body whole”.

I don’t know what made me say that but I was happy that now I was open with him about my feelings. He continued to say “okay, sure you can feel it now”. He took my hand and started to rub it against his sexy body.

I was on the seventh cloud and never mind what others were looking at because there were very few people at that day, the closest being a couple nearly across the platform, okay back to Aman, so he was rubbing my hand across his body, I could feel his broad chest and i just wanted to hug him so hard.

Then I felt his hard nipples which were so hot, that I could feel the warmth and could even see them through his tight t-shirt (as in the photo as well) that I felt he wore it on purpose, he then moved to his abs that were hard as rock and i wanted to lay down on them, finally he stopped on his dick….

Aaaahhhhhhh I cant even describe the adrenaline rush in my body, it was semi erect I can tell it was minimum of 7 inches. I was so happy of my decision to stalk this greek god and wanted to be fucked as soon as possible.

He rubbed my hand all over his crotch and asked if I liked it and I whispered to him in a horny tone that this was the best thing happened to me and i totally loved it.

I freed my hand from his grip and with my own help I slipped my hand through his pyjamas and onto his dick it was so thick that I could not even hold it properly as I started to stroke him his dick felt endless I could never grab whole of his tool in one go and this feeling took me to the 14th cloud.

The next thing that happened was that aman said me to follow him. I heart skipped a beat when he told me next to be his slave. I could not resist his macho smell and hugged him tight.

He got up and indicated me to follow him he entered the railway station’s bathroom and entered one of the stalls, I was behind him and entered the stall, to my surprise I saw the Man of My dreams half naked, his dick was out and pulled up his t-shirt,and yes I was wrong his dick was not 7 but a huge monstrous 9 inches.

I felt a bit scared but at the same time excited to have it all in… Aman gave a stroke to his huge dick and pulled me from my hair and on my knees and at once filled my mouth with the dick I will always remember as my first experience…

It was divine his precum was so tasty I licked it all not even wasting a drop it was like a dream come true I could only take half of his dick but suddenly he himself thrusted his dick deeper and faster…

He choked me like hell it was painful but on the same time it was all I wanted… he began pushing my head deeper and deeper.. untill my nose was touching hi pubic hair I loved that tickling effect and started to go deeper and deeper…

He was moaning and slapping me….. he maoned and gave a smirk. I knew what was about to happen. He came fully into my mouth… my mouth overflowed with his warm cum… I felt like it was the warmest feeling I could ever have…

Gay first sex story of a horny virgin twink guy

He pulled me up and started kissing me to take his share of cum slowly he pushed me against the wall rubbed his body onto mine and kissed me harder by each passing moment.

I could feel his dick rubbing my thighs and it slipped in between my legs to touch my ass.. I moaned while kissing and he commanded me to turn around.. I was very scared because my ass was tight and his dick could rip me apart… but again it was like my dream coming true….

He spanked my ass and pulled my neck I was ready for all the pain and pleasure he spat on my ass and started lickin it his tongue deep and rotating in my ass made me feel on the top. He licked it till his saliva started to flow out….

I was the king of the world… but suddenly the bathroom door opened and we froze in fear.

Stay tuned for the next part…

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